Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 01.12.2016

Artist’s subject 
Ice fisherman’s hole-maker 
Country lodgings 
Gridiron fake 
Exaggerating Henry nearly fainted from … 
“La Bamba” actor Esai 
Blink of an eye 
Shows appreciation for good service 
“Come to think of it …” 
Possessive often written incorrectly 
Remove as chalk 
Exaggerating Henry reminisces about … 
Down the hatch 
Broad range of related objects 
Newt-born babe? 
Fergie’s real name 
Turns from white to gray 
Put away for storage 
Exaggerating Henry stays calm when he … 
Perfume with a lit stick 
Begrudger’s feeling 
Much more than chubby 
Burgundy’s black 
Washed oneself 
Ain’t written properly? 
Fashion hair into a bun e.g. 
Go free in prison-lingo 
A long time ago 
Drug-approving org. 
Former communist state 
Detail map often 
It’s often the last movement of a sonata 
Severe pain spasm 
Companion of silks sometimes 
Staples of many offices 
Attempting to locate 
Church official in charge of sacred objects 
Chain of Hawaiian islands? 
Mo. when “Boo” is heard 
Any landlord with turnover 
Announcement from the cockpit 
Government procurement org. 
Unchivalrous man 
Things on an agenda 
Adriatic for one 
Mama on the farm 
Plant with yellow flower clusters 
Sandra of “Gidget” 
One with a beat 
Norse goddess of love 
Nineteenth of a well-known 26 
First murder victim 
It causes delirium in cattle 
Soap opera fodder 
Puts the kibosh on 
Almanac contents briefly 
Calculator feature 
The 521 in a decade 
Thing pulled in an old voting booth 
Sleeper’s woe 
Snooped (around) 
“Once upon a midnight dreary” poet 
Ones following the nus? 
“You there!” 
Stuffed shirt 
Daydreamed with “out” 
Two-checker piece 
Crude smelting product 
New Orleans’ __ Street 
Tried to make it on one’s own 
Incredulous dying words 
Form a coalition 
Set-for-life set 
Like many a stray dog 
Groups with a piece-keeping strategy? 
Former Mideast ruler 
Hustle or shuffle 
Toronto Argonauts’ org. 
Personalized collection of love songs say 
What can help you avoid getting stuck changing diapers? 
Masonry-reinforcing rod 
Inland Asian sea 
Fish with vermilion fins 
NASA vehicles 
Places for seeing stars? 
Shakespearean barmaid 
Curry favor with with “to” 
Veers suddenly 
Like angel food cake 
Prefix with -gram 
“But __ got high hopes … “: song lyric 
Rare blood type briefly 
LPGA great Lopez 
In essence 
Part of the pelvis 
Elaborate costume parties 
“I used to be Snow White but I __”: Mae West 
“Blah blah blah” for short 
What makes a deal ideal? 
Additional information? 
Asset for Sherlock 
Timothy Leary’s hallucinogen 
Word before will or wind 
Simba’s father in “The Lion King” 
Wisely cautious 
Univ. aides 
Spill a secret 
Silent approval 
Tune also known as “Jimmy Crack Corn 
TD signalers 
Show scorn toward 
Shoo-__ (certain winners) 
Taker of shore leave 
Surpreme Court justices, at full length 
Still on the plate 
Slow-witted sort 
Risk-taking type 
Ralph Kramden’s job 
Response akin to “Oh yeah?” 
Reception problem 
Ramps up 
PC command under “Edit” 
Prospector’s pack animal 
Politico with a six-year term 
Plays boisterously 
Palm tree yield 
One of the Jenner girls 
Manage the cost of 
Lower in dignity 
Mr. Potato Head piece 
Musher’s ride 
Mineo of moviedom 
Men. In teenspeak 
London’s MetropolitanPolice Service headquarters 
Literary orphan Jane 
Jamboree-hosting org. 
Leave no doubt 
Kennel cry 
Honda’s luxury brand 
Homer’s mustachioed neighbor 
Beast-beating beast 
Christopher of “Taxi” 
Game with mallets and mounts 
Graphic on the Weather Channel 
Frozen fries brand 
Fashion albel founded in Milan 
Cowboy boot add-ons 
Cottage or cabin 
Columbia’s capital 
Captured via cassette 
Bruce of Laura of movies 
Brought in from the field 
Brand of plastic cups 
Become bloated 
Become an ex-bachelor 
Alternative to .tif or .jpg 
Ad-__ (go off-script) 
1980s new wave band __ Tuesday 
“Wrong!” on the playground 
“Now,” to a nurse 
Up in the air 
What might make a nose wrinkle 
Travelocity rival 
Thomas who wrote 'Buddenbrooks' 
Some mutterings 
Texas leaguer paths 
Season ticket holder, e.g 
Tamale wrapper 
Sloppy place 
What Pac-Man eats 
Shell mover 
Shaving scrapes 
So, so cute 
Scantron answers 
Salt is applied to it in the winter 
Scrap, with 'of' 
Roan remark 
Refer to, as a research paper 
Qui-Gon Jinn, notably 
Rings up? 
New whip from Apple? 
Scones go-with 
Masculine side 
Hoedown locale 
Prison division 
Pruning tools 
Preceder of Barbara or Clara 
Peter of “Young Frankenstein” 
Plenty angry, with 'off' 
Orwell's 'Animal Farm' and Kafka's 'The Metamorphosis,' for two 
New Guinea port from which Amelia Earhart left on her last flight 
Not looking good at all 
N.J town on the Hudson 
New tracking device from Apple? 
Mr. and Mrs. 
New sports equipment from Apple? 
New parachute from Apple? 
'Get. Out. Of. Here!' 
Many a time 
Jimmy Carter or Dwight Eisenhower 
New colander from Apple? 
New push-up bra from Apple? 
Having five sharps 
Have the sniffles 
Miners dig it 
Greek letter 
Money makers 
Massage joints 
List in movie credits 
1969 Bob Dylan son 
2004 Brad Pitt film 
Crack up 
Grammy winner from Ireland 
Former Chinese premier Zhou 
Magazine with a fold-in back cover 
Fitzgerald of jazz 
Like some cheeks and outlooks 
First family son 
Like some albums and skills 
Fictional Georgia plantation 
Leaves high and dry 
Like 49-Across 
Drops by a waterfall? 
Leather bag for wine 
Delhi royal 
It can help you get a leg up 
Iraq war danger, for short 
Kind of talk 
Leather bag for wine 
Broken mirror, to some 
Basket Weaving 101, say 
Barclays Center hoopsters 
Insides of coats 
Andy Murray, for one 
In good physical condition 
Having the least fat 
1980 David Bowie song 
Having a baby makes one 
1970 Blues Image song 
Ham on ___ 
Groovy things, for short? 
Great Dane? 
Golf goal 
Funny outtake 
Fanfare for the Common Man” composer Copland 
“It gets __ early out there” (Yogi Berra) 
“R.U.R.” playwright Capek 
That cracks me up! 
Friendly relationship 
Thw Wanderings of Oisin” poet 
What’s there to lose? 
1968 Beatles song 
First state to declare Christmas a legal holiday 
1966 Los Bravos song 
Eggs rich in omega-3 fatty acids 
Doctor's order for recuperation 
You didn’t fool me 
Contract add-on 
British P.M. between Churchill and Macmillan 
Ambrose who wrote 'The Devil's Dictionary' 
Acidity measures 
nova (Brazilian dance) 
Wine, in France 
Walk softly 
Update the décor 
Try for a job 
Tire-pressure meas 
Thinner, as clouds 
Stage production 
Spain's peninsula 
Significant difference 
Settle up in advance 
Roth plan, briefly 
Puts in the bank 
Play the horses 
Person from London 
Night sch. class 
New York lake 
New ''Sesame Street'' channel 
Neglecting one's duties 
Medium's claim 
McGregor of ''Star Wars'' movies 
Jeans and khakis 
Japanese money 
Italics feature 
Investor's cost calculation 
In the know 
Ice-cream parlor order 
Hard to find 
Good name, briefly 
Golf course standard 
Goes to a lot of trouble 
Glossy paints 
Fulton's power source 
From Israel or India 
Friend in battle 
Four-star review 
Fern leaves 
Electric car company 
Eagle's nail 
Dry as a desert 
Disney World shuttle 
Datebook entry: Abbr 
Cozy inn, for short 
Caterer's coffeepots 
Cartoonist's liquid 
Baseball great Ruth 
Astaire or Flintstone 
Annoying one 
2015 World Series team 
''__ we forget!'' 
''You've got mail'' service 
Moon vehicle for short 
Toledo native e.g. 
Longtime Letterman rival 
Chinese philosophical forces and a hint to what’s hidden in the starred answers 
Many a family car 
"Around the Horn" network 
Girl in a Beethoven opus 
Homes for squirrels 
1962 #1 hit for Shelley Fabares 
"Pas ___" (Dijon denial) 
Hiking trail display 
Justin Timberlake’s record label 
Combined into a complete system 
Word represented by its last letter in many songs 
Major corn producer 
Polygon calculation 
Peg for Pebble Beach 
"La La Land" star 
Its flag bears a condor 
Chain named for a Bing Crosby film 
All there in a way 
Greasy spoon offering 
Business interest 
Junkyard protector 
Data-mining gp. 
Schwarber of the Cubs 
Awfully long stretch 
"I win! I win!" 
Leaves at the altar 
Spinners in a blender 
Pokemon Go and the like 
Master of plot twists 
"Very well then!" 
Queens airport code 
Shapiro of "All Things Considered" 
Vaping product 
Greek-born instrumentalist 
Go back as on a contract 
Worker with a flashlight 
Ikura on a sushi menu 
It comes with no charge 
Lots and lots 
Baseball’s Felipe Matty Jesus or Moises 
"Bring on the weekend!" 
Corporate makeover for short 
Designer Pierre 
Place for pesos 
Passover ceremonies 
Cargo compartment 
Cause of a winter fender bender 
Where the Bulldogs play 
"Takin’ Care of Business" band for short 

Strong competitor
Org. established by the Manila Pact
His 'Around the Fish' is in MoMA
Donald's portrayer in 'SNL' skits
Ones going after wedding rings dropped down the drain?
Poet Dove
Frozen treats
New USNA grad
Message from Mao?
While the sun shines
Family division
Alberta hrs.
Author Seton
He dropped out of the Republican race in March 
Wine sold 'as is'?
Some signs
Assorted collection
Have a go
Fredric's 'Anna Karenina' co-star
'Can I have a go?'
Storage for Bolshevik brooms?
HHS subdivision
Ladybugs' prey
Pie chart dividers
Raquel's 'Fantastic Voyage' role
Words while indicating the starting line?
Rosemary Murphy's love in a 1922 play
Mint creation
Palate projection
Musician whose real middle name is Melville
In that case
Complained about a shearing perhaps
Urgent appeal
Tpk. kin
Previously called
Land in l'eau
'Calcium Light Night' composer
Break off
Image Awards org.
Brown then simmer
Fired up
Joust competitor
Aussie lass
Hill's hubby
Motion defeaters
Boehner's successor
Not get enough
Cleopatra's Needles e.g.
Gently pull
Instruction to a boxer
Make fast
'I am at once captain builder and engineer' speaker
Slicer setting
Producer's nightmare
Geometer's expanse
Cause of a shootout
Like some bakery aromas
Fan of feathers?
Marcel Tabuteau e.g.
Play without a break
Polite address for a man
Ancient divination manual
Bounce playfully
Lamb pseudonym
Potato preparation choice
Park in NYC
Rude address for a man

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