Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 01.01.2017

Giraffe-like beast 
Washroom feature 
What might cost you an arm and a leg? 
Developer’s purchase 
Indra, to Hindus 
Fits snugly 
Actor with the line "Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!" 
Quinze quinze 
Magic Johnson, for one 
Passenger jet 
Mrs., in Montreux 
She, in Spanish 
Apothecary’s container 
Drone regulator, for short 
"That Latin Beat!" bandleader 
Like an unswept hearth 
Rap group inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016 
Post-op program 
Worked as a stockbroker 
Designer Saarinen 
One end of Paris’s Champs-�lys�es 
Calrissian of "The Empire Strikes Back" 
Vegan sandwich filler 
Vitamin Shoppe competitor 
Home of the Triple-A Mud Hens 
Samberg and Serkis 
Rural postal abbr. 
Kicks back 
Epic singers 
Players last produced in July 2016 
Running figure 
They may be sealed or broken 
Companion of Han in "The Force Awakens" 
Degree in math 
Marquee locale 
On the down-low 
One who knows all the shortcuts, maybe
Totally captivates
"Mind … blown!"
Left speechless 
Pope with the longest reign between St. Peter and Pius VI (A.D. 67-1799) 
Takes from page to screen, say 
Kind of fiber 
Card game cry 
Volunteer State sch. 
Glue trap brand
Venice-to-Trieste dir. 
Attach, as a patch 
Marching band? 
Tolkien meanie
Elephant pluckers of myth 
Hedge fund pro
They’re found in veins 
Beverage with a floral bouquet
Farmer’s market alternative
Candy known for its orange wrapping
Vital lines 
West Coast city known as the Track and Field Capital of the World
Brazilian supermodel B�ndchen 
Boy’s name that’s an Indiana city 
Build up, as interest 
Nag to death 
Show anxiety, in a way 
It lays out the lines of authority 
It comes in tubes 
Exclusive event before public availability 
Instruments played close to the chest, informally 
Immense spans 
Nautical sealer 
Something to tear into, informally? 
Results of treaties 
Imitates Sylvester the Cat 
"Still, after all this time …" 
Made peak calls? 
Hitching post? 
Quarters followers 
"Pretty please?" 
Sin of those in Dante’s fifth circle 
Japanese "thanks" 
Fighting tooth and nail 
Exam with a section known as "Logic Games," for short 
"Antigone" antagonist 
Attacks from above 
Hawaiian "thanks" 
Fog might push it back, briefly
Judge’s seat 
Like some salsa 
Resolutely supported 
Meteorological lead-in to stratus 
With 25-Down, financial regulator’s requirement 
Early explosive device 
John Glenn player in "The Right Stuff" 
"I didn’t know that!" 
"Swan Lake" role 
Weapon in some Call of Duty games 
Go-to choice, slangily 
University associated with the Carter Center 
Not stay on topic 
Wrap up around 
Tort basis 
Corporation’s head tech expert, for short 
Place for bows and strings 
George Eliot title surname 
Teapot tempests 
Road sign offering a caution 
Start a game of gin 
Lost color 
"Mater" lead-in 
As good a time as any, if tipsy? 
Really spooky 
Inquisition victim 
Didn’t play an instrument? 
Eve’s grandson who lived 905 years 
Baby’s time-out 
Preminger of movie fame 
Patriot Hale 
Ermine in its brown summer coat 
Skip past 
Landlord, often 
No matter what happens, to Porky Pig? 
Decidedly wicked 
Before, in poetry of old 
Handbag handles 
Work hard 
It was terrific in the ’90s 
Huge hunk of bacon 
Inexperienced one 
Large dark-red oval organs 
It’s all uphill from here 
What the football team drank at practice? 
Faux butter 
In a vertical direction, nautically 
From the mouth 
You might find the captain at it 
Makers of big heads 
Boots out of office 
Like seven, but not eight 
Gibson of Hollywood 
Word of division 
Orange leftover 
Formally hand over, as property 
Thompson of "Howards End" 
Feature of a putting green 
Mountain that Moses climbed 
Italian city where Columbus was born 
Send word 
From square one 
One who won’t keep off the grass? 
Pro ___ (in proportion) 
Light, delicate and airy 
Family origins 
Get some shut-eye 
Entree feature, often 
Ship of Columbus 
Slowly, in music scores 
Withdraw from office 
Smell that entices 
Military scouting mission 
End, in Cannes 
State of the Corn Belt 
Big-time public speaker 
Some turkey parts 
Bullish times 
"Joie de vivre" 
Domestic beer? 
Baseball infield covers 
Brief time spans, briefly 
Big goof 
What every good pilot must do 
Solo at the opera 
Burg relative 
2016 Conn Smythe Trophy recipient Sidney 
Dallas-to-Memphis dir. 
Slalom curve 
Tree squirrel’s drey, e.g. 
Kristoff’s pet reindeer in "Frozen" 
"__ in this together!" 
Fabled toy makers 
African capital 
Relative challenge for some 
Big name in beauty 
Like Beethoven’s Ninth 
Fielding error 
Brit. medal 
Key & Peele, e.g. 
Blue Bird vehicle 
El Cantar de mío __: Castilian epic poem 
Star of David displayer 
"I’m starving!" 
Diva’s reward 
Circles of light 
Traps during a storm, perhaps 
Change the price of 
Holiday sides 
David Bowie’s love 
Like some ale
String of engagements 
Software glitch 
Pays attention (to) 
Of __ : somewhat 
Rail stop 
Joey Votto’s team 
Musical with the song "The Gods Love Nubia" 
Table scrap 
Large group 
Lethal snake 
Clearasil competitor 
Athlete’s refreshment? 
Website with detailed instructions 
Looped in, briefly 
Common meal for a tight budget 
Restless folk? 
Tagged before reaching, as home 
Teleprompter’s job 
Only child, maybe 
Spice amts. 
Onetime Bahamian pirate base 
Yale nickname 
Dunkin’ Donuts order 
Online admins 
Dairy Queen Blizzard flavor 
Seriously injures 
"That’s terrible!" 
Shells from stands 
Code of conduct 
"O Come, __ Faithful" 
Grandma Moses subject 
Ready for publication 
Fairy tale heavies 
Column that’s beside the point? 
Sources of pliable wood 
Dry runs 
Full of chutzpah 
Like some ducks? 
Subject of an act passed in 1917 
Tantrum-prone one 
Stern with strings 
Crumbly English cheese 
Many antique radios 
Orphanage founded in 1917 
UPS Store customer 
Words of concern 
Prefix with fiction 
They may be checked at the door 
Letters in early dates 
America bought it from Denmark in 1917 
Starting on 
Serving two purposes 
Slow period 
Surgical knife 
Black box, e.g. 
Book with entries 
Gp. once led by Charles Mayo 
American citizenship grantee in 1917 
Column width unit 
Pile on 
Fabled thorn victim 
"Nice job!" reply 
"Fantastic Mr. Fox" director Anderson 
Some microbrews 
Modern problem solver 
Have choice words for 
Site with a Pill Identification Tool 
Bishop’s agent 
More than help with 
Hoppy brew, for short 
World Series winner in 1917 
She plays Watson in "Elementary" 
Bach’s east 
"I get it now!" 
Cpls., e.g. 
Frame of Elmer, e.g. 
Valencian rice dish 
Treats inspired by a coal miner in 1917 
Additional decision-making factors 
Fundraising items first sold in 1917 
Big do 
Goddess who saved infant Zeus from Cronus 
Big name in romance novels 
Baker/literacy advocate Wally who hosted "Learn to Read" 
Bad attention-getter in a crowded bar 
NBA center inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2016 
Vertical graph lines 
One of equal standing 
Native American leader 
Mythical Greek vessel 
The old man 
Duck prized for its down 
Goofy person 
Krispy ___ (doughnut place) 
Mideastern pilgrimage 
Not well-made 
Mello Yello competitor 
Pet rock e.g. 
Chinese leader who met with Nixon 
Moscow ballet company 
Subj. studied by Neil deGrasse Tyson 
Snake’s target perhaps 
Vatican A-lister 
Snake’s target perhaps 
Lump of goo 
Sportsman in some Hemingway novels 
Lead singer of the Pussycats 
Scientist Brahe who had part of his nose cut off in a duel 
Bad thing to draw 
"What’s up? 
diagram (logician’s tool) 
Where a merit badge might go 
"That’s so cool! 
Gershwin of note 
Test pilot’s realm 
Warren denizen 
Loses altitude 
Force on Earth briefly 
Bounce on the infield 
"Shoot over a message later!" 
Many an MIT undergrad 
Org. of school supporters 
Sum up 
Lone Star State battle site 
Golden Arches sandwich once in a while 
It might get you up a bunny hill 
Chanel fragrance for men 
Great ___ (Atlantic island) 
Phrase of gratitude often seen in abbreviated form 
Buildup in some mouths 
Nosebag tidbit 
Oater "Scram!" 
English class, for short 
Ear-related prefix 
Zapped with a stun gun 
Evening, in ads 
Store inventory (Abbr.) 
City on the Arno 
Fort ___ (area in California) 
Introduce to the mix 
First section of a form, perhaps 
Parental imperative 
Sound from a radiator 
San Antonio tourist draw
Pertaining to military chutists 
Gardens (London attraction) 
Many campaign ads 
Log-in name 
Realtor-hosted event 
Birds that preyed on elephants 
Caesar’s partner of early TV 
Oscar Madison, notably 
Parakeet’s meal 
Coin-in-a-fountain sound 
Unknown factors 
Farm equipment giant 
Overhead rails 
In need of a GPS, maybe 
"The King and I" setting 
Practically all Masters Tournament golfers 
Enjoy a bunny slope, say 
Character in many a tweet 
Place of pressure 
amandine (fish dish) 
Ancient written artifacts 
Disney classic starring Spike the dog 
"That’s the stuff!" 
Fail to keep pace 
Hosts briefly 
Lemonade vendor’s spot 
Prince William, as a student 
Uncle on "Seinfeld" 
Just lying around 
Finch family member 
Business letter abbr. 
Letters after a lawyer’s name 
Number on a sticker 
Caesar or Waldorf 
Word with etymology similar to ''feud'' 
Moviedom’s Dr. Zaius, e.g. 
Carried with effort 
Center (Atlanta tourist attraction) 
Holmes of "Batman Begins" 
You're instructed to ''beat it'' in ''Eat It'' 
Response to "Who’s there?" 
Awards for hit singles, perhaps 
Brillo alternative 
Fluoride-promoting org. 
Ship’s christening spot 
Prefix with physics 
Makes no changes 
Angle symbols, in trigonometry 
Word in an endocrine system diagram 
"Life of Pi" director Ang 
Swimmers’ repetitions 
Breakfast drinks, for short 
Word from the Greek from ''fine language'' 
Don’t just sit 
Can’t stomach 
Passbook holders’ investments 
Woman in white in 100+ ads 
Cinnabar, to mercury 
What Katharine Hepburn called herself 
Writer’s malady 
What clubs hit you with 
What Aqua Chem is made to remove 
Tools with circular cross-sections 
Tried to sell 
Added booze to 
They're cured for heroes 
Jan. 1 song word 
They might range from green to red 
Less than slim, as chances go 
Symbol for an object 
Rival of UPS and FedEx 
Classic construction toy 
Surfboard storage site 
Rubik’s Cube maker 
Square since the '80s 
Ain’t correct? 
Spot hiked by Twain in ''A Tramp Abroad'' 
French textile city 
Legendary turncoat knight 
Shopaholic’s binge 
Mexican progenitor 
Name of two ''Bridge of Spies'' co-writers 
Source of brilliant bands 
Some investment criteria 
Sarcastic shout of nonsuccess 
Sale announcement of a sort 
Program executors, for short 
Point (to) 
Oversee a port transfer 
Out now 
Name associated with honesty 
Orange sauce in French cuisine 
Metaphorical floor 
Italian progenitor 
Is swooning over 
Insincere agreement 
In public 
Ilsa, to Rick 
Harry Potter novels et al 
Gosling collaborator in ''The Big Short'' 
Golf attire staple 
Film often shot in stages 
Earliest-born Oscar actor (''Disraeli,'' 1929) 
Depict as innocent, say 
Choice to minimize clashing 
Check from an act 
Certain wind shield 
Caterer's discard 
Cast off 
Bulls' traditional rivals 
Bring pessimism into 
Banjo sequence 
Awarder of America's oldest pro-sports trophy 
Ankle tickler, maybe 
Angel's opposite 
American acquisition of 2001 
Activity for stunt coordinators 
''Take it away!'' 
''How often have I __ beneath rain'': Faulkner 
''Fire'' brigade? 
"Hardly a surprise" 
"To the best of my recollection …" 
"Golden Boy" writer 
Delivery of supplies by air, in a way 
Like evidence gathered in some stings 
Manhattan topper 
lab (place for an angiogram) 
Court coup 
Strips to pieces? 
Live-streaming problems 
Cosplay and fanfic are parts of it 
Some next of kin 
Peace Palace locale, with "The" 
Boy’s name that’s a hardware item 
Bad actor 
Oscar composition, mostly 
Exposed part of a deal 
Part of a basketball court 
Manatee’s order, whose name comes from Greek myth 
Says "But I don’t wanna!," say 
Vivaldi’s birthplace 
People on the wrong end of a landslide 
Preservers of plant specimens 
Join, as two pieces of metal by application of heat and pressure 
Classification system used in some banks 
One standing in an alley 
Dome light? 
Hopped up 
Removes as superfluous 
Gave it the old college try 
Stuck at a lodge, say 
Turn loose? 
The TV network in "Network" 
1997 adventure/horror film that takes place in the Amazon 
Circus ring? 
One of about 3,412 in a kW-h 
Website with "The Next Big Thing" videos 
Losing side in the Battle of Marathon, 490 B.C. 
Knowledge of fine arts 
A maverick doesn’t follow it 
Chain of seven countries 
An emoticon is a simple form of it 
Publishing order 
Not around the bend 
Analogues of circuit solicitors, informally 
Justin who directed "Star Trek Beyond" 
Part of a not-so-clean slate 
Enamel finish? 
Alternatives to rumps 
Noble Italian family name shared by three popes 
The "P" of P. G. Wodehouse 
Nice thing after getting the cold shoulder? 

Things always underfoot
Muss up
Candy known for its orange wrapping
Miles away
Mischievous sort
West Coast city known as the Track and Field Capital of the World
Farmer's market alternative
Hedge fund pro
Beverage with a floral bouquet
Tolkien meanie
Glue trap brand
'Mind … blown!'
Flaky minerals
Game box specification
Fill in for
One who knows all the shortcuts, maybe
Totally captivates
Washroom feature
What might cost you an arm and a leg?
Giraffe-like beast
Developer's purchase
Indra, to Hindus
Fits snugly
Actor with the line 'Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!'
Quinze quinze
Passenger jet
She, in Spanish
Apothecary's container
Magic Johnson, for one
Mrs., in Montreux
Drone regulator, for short
'That Latin Beat!' bandleader
Like an unswept hearth
Pulled off
Rap group inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016
Main stem
Post-op program
Designer Saarinen
Capitol group
Worked as a stockbroker
One end of Paris's Champs-�lys�es
Calrissian of 'The Empire Strikes Back'
Vegan sandwich filler
Vitamin Shoppe competitor
Gets bogged down
Home of the Triple-A Mud Hens
Samberg and Serkis
Rural postal abbr.
Kicks back
Epic singers
Players last produced in July 2016
Running figure
S�n�gal summers
H.O.V. ___
Companion of Han in 'The Force Awakens'
Degree in math
Marquee locale
They may be sealed or broken
On the down-low
Left speechless
Pope with the longest reign between St. Peter and Pius VI (A.D. 67-1799)
Takes from page to screen, say
Card game cry
Volunteer State sch.
___ Paulo
Venice-to-Trieste dir.
Marching band?
Elephant pluckers of myth
They're found in veins
Attach, as a patch
Kind of fiber
Slogs away
Vital lines
Brazilian supermodel B�ndchen
Boy's name that's an Indiana city

ëì äæëåéåú ìàúø ùîåøåú ìáòì äàúø åìå áìáã ,àí øàéúí çåîø ôåâò àðà ãååçå ìðå åðåøéãå , äàúø ðáðä òì éãé éå-éå áðééú àúøéí áçéðí ëðñå åáðå ìëí àúø áçéðí ùééê ìéå-éå àúø ôðàé ìéìãéí åðåòø äàúø ùéù áå äëì
ãéååç òì àúø
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