Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 15.01.2017

Doctor’s orders, for short 
Thomas of the N.B.A. 
Warning before lunging 
Women’s fashion magazine 
With 113-Down, product of flax 
Aquino, Time’s Woman of the Year in 1986 
Part of a postal address for a G.M. plant 
The Prada that one really wants? 
Short, for short 
Several CBS dramas 
Craggy peak 
Specimen, for example: Abbr. 
Fleet for many a commuter airline 
Home to Weber State University 
Obama’s signature health law, for short 
Scheduled to arrive 
Like shoppers worrying about getting the right gift? 
"I don’t reckon" 
Also-ran for the golden apple, in myth 
Result of a year-end review, maybe 
Uber-owned company that makes self-driving trucks 
Indiana Jones trademark 
Santa’s nieces and nephews? 
Common flower that’s poisonous to eat 
Workers in some labs, informally 
The "kid" in "Here’s looking at you, kid" 
Jacket material 
Signal meaning "no disease on this ship" 
Fashion guru Tim 
Bull’s urging 
"___ Must Die" (Claude McKay poem) 
"Village" newspaper that’s namby-pamby? 
Interminable task 
Hurt sharply 
Old tabloid fodder 
Budgetary excess 
Balsa or balsam 
Org. concerned with water quality 
Piece still under consideration for a magazine? 
Part of the Dept. of Transportation 
Brunch menu heading 
Packers’ grp.? 
Channel buildup 
Sources of stress for many modern workers 
Parts of college courses 
Product of evaporation 
Kind of kick 
Govt. org. that offers a monthly "Puzzle Periodical" 
Roll call response in une �cole 
Dutch financial giant 
Troop grp. 
Covered in frost 
Light cotton fabric 
Vehicle at a ski resort 
Amps, with "up" 
New York City’s ___ River 
Awkward time at family movie night 
Ghost story? 
Part of un jour 
"That deep, blue, bottomless soul," per Melville 
Distillery item 
Nickname for a Gilded Age businessman with a penchant for jewelry 
Sch. in Knoxville 
Blue Cross competitor 
Car company that owns SolarCity 
Muddy mixture 
Insect that spends its larval stage inside a fruit 
Non-prophet group? 
HBO political satire 
After ___ (to some extent) 
Part of a club selling clubs 
Chinese philosopher Mo-___ 
Source for "Book of the Marvels of the World," circa 1300 
"There it is!" 
Golfer’s need 
Set of principles 
Something set in a meeting 
Foe of the Cheyenne 
Kind of computing 
"Will ya look at that!" 
Boater’s wear 
Alphabet string 
And so on: Abbr. 
Time to go home 
Network standard for smartphones, for short 
W. Coast air hub 
Toddler garment 
Outback animal 
Hand-held dish that doesn’t crunch 
When tripled, symbol of evil 
First name in late-night 
Genre for TV’s "Stranger Things" 
Headed up 
Ochs Sulzberger pub. 
Bad check letters 
Like some gallery patrons 
Ambient quality 
Therapy subjects 
NASA lunar transports 
Sound of a blow 
Kind of D.A. 
Likely to talk back 
Italian bowling game 
Brooklyn crooner Vic 
Valuables holder 
NYC mayor after Beame 
"What’s the ___?" 
Subarctic and Mediterranean 
Lead that misleads 
Blue-green color 
Old Russian dynast 
"The Last of the Mohicans" sister 
Athos, for one 
Birth announcement words 
Cotton gin inventor Whitney 
"Whose woods these __ think … ": Frost 
East Asian capital 
Like some ATM withdrawals 
"My Name Is __ Lev": Potok novel 
Debugging pro 
Get close to 
Cheese factory supplies? 
Distinctive manner 
Brandy flavor 
Likely to experience 
Shepherd’s cry 
Plane features 
Stoker creation, briefly 
Forms into metallic waste 
Clampett portrayer 
Off-topic remark 
It’s often drawn through straws 
Key holder in much religious artwork 
Old Pontiac with a V8 engine 
Places staffed by vets 
Meyers of late-night TV 
First year of Claudius’ reign 
Cheese-growing plot? 
Paris pronoun
Language of Oslo, in Oslo 
North America’s highest peak 
Cheese-growing plot? 
"Alice’s Restaurant" arrestee 
Avg. newborn’s 7.5 
Channel with many branches 
Summa __ laude 
Classic Southern dessert 
Have a row 
Other, to Quixote 
Instrument featured in "Waltz of the Flowers" 
Percussion instrument 
Like missiles in a dogfight 
Goes out 
Muddy quarters 
Early depictor of today’s Santa Claus 
Prepare, as dough for zeppole 
Military encampment sight 
Packs, in a way 
Highland cheese? 
First name in desserts 
Like the talus 
Make hay? 
Title for Helen Mirren 
Syrian president 
Shell-shedding creature 
"Foolery … does walk about the __ like the sun": Shakespeare 
"__ been a puppet, a pauper … ": Sinatra lyric 
Word of enjoyment 
Bunch of clowns in a circus stunt, say 
Cheese graters? 
Diamond nickname 
Change the decor of 
"My 60 Memorable Games" author 
One-named "Skyfall" singer 
Raw bar selection 
Half a dance 
Catkin producer 
D.C. insider 
Abandoned buildings, say 
iPhone purchase 
Cheesehead’s accessory? 
Lever in a limo 
Strip stake? 
Queen Victoria’s toy, for short 
Coke by-product 
They may be good losers 
Looks at 
Dirt cake ingredient 
Real cheese? 
Partners’ phrase 
One-customer link 
Moray or conger 
Pastina relative 
Prepare for the prom 
Screwdriver component 
X-Men co-creator Lee 
Scientologist Hubbard 
Cheese tray displays? 
Heated dispute 
Avian water source 
Like much brandy 
Stagecoach shout 
Put away the leftovers? 
Go off, as a volcano 
Deer’s cousin 
Word derived from someone’s name 
Home with an incredible view? 
Min. fraction 
Certain beer mixture 
They go down the tubes 
Reptile that resembles a crocodile 
Some members of Indian royalty 
Exploits or abuses 
It gives you an out 
Radiant beauty, to the Queen of England 
The red of litmus tests 
Oft-quoted mysterious author 
Joe Flacco at work 
Tokyo’s old capital 
King Arthur’s cup 
It finishes Fond du in Wisconsin 
Tank for those about to dye 
People of action 
Large, in a fancy coffee shop 
Business tycoons 
Animal with bars or business? 
Country wholly within another 
June bug, for one 
"We ___ the Champions" 
Things checked by HR departments 
Greek "T" 
It can capture a monarch 
Raymond’s mom on TV 
Make lacework 
Wish some things undone 
Express one’s viewpoint 
Broccoli portion 
Brown with a tinge of red 
Type of snake that killed Cleopatra 
It can get intensive in a hospital 
Rock concert musts 
Attention-getter in court 
Gnawed around the edges 
Bean appreciated in Peru? 
It’s a green tail on a chick? 
Brinker, the dude with the silver skates 
What an NFL kicker needs to kick over 
Musical sound qualities 
Love very, very, very much 
Guy in a band with Micky, Peter and Michael 
Personal, invisible emanations 
Thing gripped by a jockey 
Artificial human of Jewish folklore 
Chagall or Maron 
First-rate or top-of-the-line 
Some informal grandmothers 
Severe, dreaded virus 
Decide not to continue 
Shows off an engine’s power 
"Weeny" go-with 
Dashes and vaults, among others 
An automatic "You’re welcome," for one 
Graceful sea eagle 
Newman of Hollywood 
Clunked upside the head, biblically 
Crete’s sea 
Smear tactic in psychology? 
Little photo? 
Smog measurers 
Boo-hoo activity 
Wed in secret 
Adler (Sherlock Holmes's paramour) 
Word before boss or bull 
Time for drinks
Time's 2006 Person of the Year
Taxonomic group between phylum and order
Tattoo artist's supply
Shakespearean villain
Seth's first son
Section of a race
Railway car with beds
Say 'hooray,' say
Rep. counterpart
Pronoun for a ship
Org. that promotes recycling
Middle-earth resident
Many an August baby
Malcolm Gladwell's field
Make rise, as bread
Low female voice
Lean to one side
Latin for 'work'
Large wooden boats
iPod predecessor 
Corvette roof option 
Grammy-winning cellist
In a coquettish manner
O’Hare’s airport code 
Hard to grab onto 
Salty seven 
Home improvement store chain
Sun Bowl school, for short 
"Beetle Bailey" dog 
Hard to please, in a way
Highly enthusiastic
"Hamlet" has five 
Fruits used to stave off scurvy
Eligible for welfare, perhaps
Boxing awards 
Bakery needs 
Former Eastern Europe principality
Plantain lily, by another name 
Fix, as an election
Poughkeepsie, N.Y. college 
Links alert 
Former amateur 
Lilly of pharmaceuticals 
Like a dirty fireplace 
Laugh-a-minute sort 
Penny in the pot, say 
Kindle download 
Payment to the Port Authority 
"SNL" alumna Gasteyer 
Speak with a forked tongue 
Senate output 
Boxing’s "Louisville Lip" 
London or Big Apple area 
Need calamine lotion 
Swimmer with a serrated snout 
PC support pro 
35mm film unit 
Rough-surfaced fabric 
Led Zeppelin’s "Whole ___ Love" 
Rudely self-assertive 
Droop, like old lettuce 
Penultimate fairy tale word 
Fairy-tale monster
Patchouli quality 
First word of 'Blowin' in the Wind'
Eurasian plain 
Marathoner’s concern 
Fateful day for Caesar
Lake touching four states 
Ernie’s Muppet pal 
Rock concert array 
Emulate a kangaroo
Yielded to gluttony 
Wandering sort 
"Uncle Tom’s Cabin" girl 
Sources of fries, slangily 
Make off with 
Manager of Jeter in four World Series 
Wile E. Coyote’s explosive 
Discoverer of radium
Didn't proceed as planned
Sen. Sam Ervin chaired one on Watergate 
Paint the town red 
Eager to listen
Dwyane of the Bulls
ROFLMAO, verbalized 
Bit of punch-card debris 
Shiite’s deity 
Bear sporting a ranger hat 
Creator of Finn and Sawyer 
Break one’s back, so to speak 
Thwarts, as a plot 
"Goodbye, Columbus" author Philip 
Island with an immigration museum 
Lea call 
Chest muscles, briefly
No-nos at many motels 
Northeast Italian port 
Make harder to climb 
Midtown Manhattan property, say 
Compete in a regatta 
Sour cream morsel
Caribbean island invaded in 1983
Reason for a raise 
Short-order order 
Boxing match division
Used a crosscut 
Supports in wrongdoing 
'The House of Mirth' author Wharton
Bit of gerbil food
Biggest-selling cookie brand in the U.S
1973 title role for Pacino
'Where the Wild Things Are' author
'Fighting' college team
Word from the Greek for ”hearth” 
With little consideration 
What Indonesia rejoined in 2016 
Turntable annoyance 
Toxic climber 
Tops in zip 
Ties-to-be, perhaps 
Specimen, slangily 
They have very short sleeves 
Term popularized by le Carré 
Start to squeak 
Soundtrack composer for the BBC’s ”The Celts” 
Sgt. or PFC 
Ryan’s ”Sleepless in Seattle” pal 
Reminiscent of caviar 
Rareza del desierto 
Person expressing praise 
Pay-one-price, at carnivals 
Nudge, maybe 
News crawl staple 
New York city in Vonnegut novels 
Mr. and Mrs. Hockey 
Minimally partitioned 
Metaphor for reticence 
Maria Callas signature role 
Make hash of 
Luau ovens 
Literary villain from Soho 
Kind of bowl 
Key to some fast exits 
Hand-drawn product 
Group communicating impulses 
Godzilla film regular 
Get the word out? 
German dessert named for its ”tree-ring” interior 
Genesis 4 name 
Frequent reality-show plot line 
Font named for its forwardness 
Farm crossing 
Fair-weather friend 
Ends of tubas 
Easy-on outfit 
Early-season 2015 hurricane 
Dog-tag shape 
Docent’s directive 
DNA, essentially 
Democratic opponent of yore 
Crowd inspirations 
Choppers’ achievements 
Cartoon Network sister channel 
Champion recognition org 
Certain sma’ bairn 
Campaigns far and wide 
Biter in Andy’s silkscreen ”The Kiss” 
Beneficiary of ill-gotten gains 
Apparel damage 
Alsace/Lorraine separator 
”Exister” synonym 
”. . . __ land and ocean without rest”: Milton 
Person on a quick vacation, maybe 
Bracket position 
Words before a business’s date of establishment 
Mock wedding setting in Shakespeare 
Davis of "The Accidental Tourist" 
Cousin of ibid. 
One of two in a tournament 
Mother of the wind gods 
"Either way works for me" 
Join the club, in Canterbury 
Bangkok banknotes 
Comic who was the 2012 presidential nominee of the Peace and Freedom Party 
Roast figures 
Part of a Guardian Angel’s attire 
Like some extreme diets 
1978 Nobel sharer 
With 26-Down, bit of winter fun 
Celebrity ex of Bruce and Ashton 
Very loud 
House flip, e.g. 
X factor? 
Fix permanently 
Same old 
Anchovy or sand eel 
Was lousy 
Roast figures 
Something that may help control the border? 
Kimchi solution 
Time Lords, e.g. 
Golf or tennis lesson topic 
Back in 
Put one over on 
N.B.A. coach Van Gundy 
What coastlines may do 
Coulomb per second 
Manure byproduct 
Ending with gun or mud 
Obviously Catholic person, in a snarky rhetorical question 
Bond seen in "Wayne’s World" 
Thrill during an excavation 
Initiation, e.g. 
Yoga class directive 
Org. concerned with some labs 
Parcel portion 
Topper for Chaplin’s Tramp 
See 29-Across 
Free from 
Like the upper half of Haiti’s flag 
Like bananas in banana splits 
They often turn knees green 
Warrant, e.g.: Abbr. 
Tools descended from alpenstocks 
It "paralyzes life," per Martin Luther King Jr. 
Game with an official called a stickman 
Like the lower half of Haiti’s flag 
50-50, e.g. 
Tiny orbiter 
Carpaccio, e.g. 

Ochs Sulzberger pub.
Bad check letters
Headed up
Like some gallery patrons
NASA lunar transports
Ambient quality
Sound of a blow
Acid __
Kind of D.A.
Likely to talk back
Italian bowling game
Brooklyn crooner Vic
Valuables holder
Therapy subjects
NYC mayor after Beame
'What's the ___?'
Subarctic and Mediterranean
Lead that misleads
Blue-green color
Old Russian dynast
'The Last of the Mohicans' sister
Athos, for one
Birth announcement words
'Whose woods these __ think … ': Frost
East Asian capital
Cotton gin inventor Whitney
Like some ATM withdrawals
'My Name Is __ Lev': Potok novel
Debugging pro
Get close to
Potpourri holders
Cheese factory supplies?
Distinctive manner
Brandy flavor
Batting stat
Likely to experience
Shepherd's cry
Plane features
Stoker creation, briefly
Forms into metallic waste
Clampett portrayer
It's often drawn through straws
Off-topic remark
Key holder in much religious artwork
Old Pontiac with a V8 engine
Places staffed by vets
Meyers of late-night TV
First year of Claudius' reign
Paris pronoun
Language of Oslo, in Oslo
North America's highest peak
Cheese-growing plot?
'Alice's Restaurant' arrestee
Avg. newborn's 7.5
Channel with many branches
__ Domingo
Lyft competitor
Summa __ laude
Classic Southern dessert
Have a row
Other, to Quixote
Instrument featured in 'Waltz of the Flowers'
Ring org.
Percussion instrument
Like missiles in a dogfight
Goes out
Muddy quarters
Early depictor of today's Santa Claus
Prepare, as dough for zeppole
Take it easy
Military encampment sight
Packs, in a way
Twilight times
Highland cheese?
Idée __
First name in desserts
Like the talus
Make hay?
Title for Helen Mirren
Syrian president
Shell-shedding creature
'Foolery … does walk about the __ like the sun': Shakespeare
'__ been a puppet, a pauper … ': Sinatra lyric
Wipe out
Word of enjoyment
Bunch of clowns in a circus stunt, say

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