Mordo - Crossword clue|CROSSWORDPUZZLE ANSWERSPART A 16.01.2017

Sign of a beavers activity, maybe
Larsson who wrote "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"
Completely with a summation of 17-, 30- and 47-Across
Nut-bearing tree
Abbr. before an alias
Eye part with the iris
Intestinal fortitude, informally
Ancient Peruvian
Co-ops, maybe: Abbr.
Sheet on a mast
Prop for a golf ball
Rare occurrence on "Jeopardy!"
Something that may be hidden behind a framed picture
Play about Capote
"Ah, now its clear"
Have a mortgage, e.g.
Poet Robert who spoke at J.F.K.s inauguration
Common Core dept.
Duck-hunting attire, informally
Apparatus pulled by oxen
Nut popular in ice cream
Like four-leaf clovers, supposedly
___ Longstocking, girl of childrens literature
"Penny Dreadful" channel, for short
British ref. work
Freshly painted
Syringe, for short
Toy on a string
Lipton products
Most-wanted groups for parties
Thin but strong
"Hop to it!"
10 things in an Olympic swimming pool
Missouri river or tribe
"Goodnight" girl of song
Golfers gouge
Given to crying
Stomach woe
Cowboys workplace
1960s dance craze
"___ the night before Christmas "
Lavish party favors
Lebanese city that was once the center of Phoenician civilization
Sign of a well-worn trail
Daisies and dahlias
Romas country
Arrested suspect, informally
One who gives tips (and gets tips?) at a country club
Slippery, as winter roads
Alternative to bubble wrap
Grp. that includes Iraq and Qatar
Sharpen, as skills
Lightning catchers
Border lake or canal
Cheese type
Slow river boat
to the occasion
Pig-out party?
Mel who voiced Fudd
Jan. 1 song title word
Attractive male features, for many
Home of poles and hides
Dutch master Jan
One of 12 lengthy things
Where professors take shape?
Stories passed on through the ages
Barbecue accessory
Eastwood and Black
NBA strategy encouraged by Phil Jackson
"White Cliffs" city in England
With many decibels
Busy Midwest hub
Elegant lake swimmer
"Lovely" Beatles ticket writer
Teens facial blemishes
You may get a whiff of one
Marsh denizen
Watermelon cover
Picnic side dish
Former Russian rulers
Bay Area NFLers
Colossus island
Falls back at the beach?
"SNL" alum Kevin
Ice cube grabbers
Ladders partner in a kids board game
Belafonte or Lewis of entertainment
Provide with gear
Novelist Morrison
"Popstar!" and "Tiger Beat," casually
Aquatic slitherer
They can be wild on tables
Hit the road
Kuwait noble (var.)
BBC time traveling hero
get-out: to the utmost degree
Bird long extinct
Pleistocene period
Cable sports award
Rear end in a fall?
"Gimme a few __": "Be right there"
Stridex target
"Physician, ___ thyself"
"Little" deception
Christmas toy, sometimes
Vaulted church areas
Have a role to play
Maroon, as after a shipwreck
16 fluid ounces
Letters on tires
Fawcett who played one of Charlies Angels
Russian ruler until 1917
Where diners use dinars
Modelers handful, often
"Frequent" type of traveler
Tennis court feature
Tennis Hall of Famer Gibson
Down for the
Maternity ward VIP
"As seen on TV" record co.
ONeills "The Iceman __"
Detox program
Mgr.s underling
Half a picking-up tool
Peasant of yore
Showy perennial
Et __: and others
Three-layered cookie
Showy perennial
Get ___ of (obtain)
Down-yielding duck
Gil the Dodgers great
Letter after epsilon
Needing some color?
First to walk on the moon
Move it, old-style
Sound that turns some heads
Word before a birth name
Looney Tunes rooster with a Southern accent
Separate by percolation
Kings decree
Sunset direction
2007-14 E! comedy talk show host
Letterhead design
"All My Children" vixen
Hammerhead parts
Record-setting aviator of the 1930s
Sixth sense, for short
Old nuclear agcy.
Apr. is in it
Started to eat, with "into"
Opposite of stuffy, roomwise
Jazz trumpeter Al
Hercules types
Shabbat service site
Agreement to shake hands on
Go Fish request
Romeo: sports car
Car roof accessory
Woolen fabric
Synagogue worshiper
West African nation
Young equine
Traveler in boxcars
Too wild to tame
Wrap snugly
With 48 Down, Volcano star
What -saur means
Source of gin berries
Symbol of sturdiness
Tax-free bond, for short
Sushi bar eel
Surinames capital
See 93 Down
Solemn pact
Something comparable
Suffix meaning scenery
Stylish ones, in the Beatles era
State of irritation
Some tennis judges
Smallest sovereign state
Show to a seat, informally
Rowboat gear
Rite place
Puts on the brakes
Maugham character
Mars alias
Native Arizonan
Mead subject
Needing a drink
Not filled in
Pose to propose
Port of Pennsylvania
Parking lot posting
Out of port
Oscar actor Benicio del __
No longer sleeping
Meal for the humbled
Make sure of
John __ Lennon
Fails to be
Late hr. for breakfast
iPod Nano predecessors
Worshipper in a horror movie, perhaps
Wii forerunner, briefly
Wall Street figure
Unagi, at a sushi bar
They get what's coming to them
State bird where the state tree is the kukui
Spears on the waves?
Stashes out of sight
Spanish soap?
Something you're in when you're behind
Sleeveless cloaks
Sky, in Versailles
Skunk River city established to serve the Cedar Rapids and Missouri River Railroad
Pressed platters
Neighbor of Nor
Minecraft masters
Made public someone else's private info
Like some premium streaming services
Gradually substitute
Hyde, to Jekyll
Goldfish flavor, also known as 'original'
Goddess of witchcraft
Frozen treats at the movies
Early milestone
Cold pack application spot
Land once known as Upper Volta
Icy sports surface
Eating areas
French lace
Home of the NBA Spurs
Kelly of Chaplin
Large garages of a sort
Ill-gotten gains
Grilling utensil
Honduras capital
High point of Tanzania
Hardware experts
Hardness scale mineralogist
Genesis landing spot
Green Hornets partner
Grade school subj
Gobis locale
Gemstone weights
End of a fencing challenge
Fathers and sons
Founding Father nickname
First to portray Obi-Wan
Ethiopias capital
Equine fathers
Bus patron
Dog from China
Ed of crime fiction
Doubters comment
Distinctive flair
Did a blacksmiths job
Crime fiction characters
City on both banks of the Mississippi
Captains wheel
Black key near D
Let me answer the door
Between-meal snack
As good as it gets
Artists quarters, at times
Another: Sp
Afghanistan neighbor
Actress Delany
A quarter of tetra-
The Prince of Tides star
Brolin's 'Men in Black 3' role
Bovine disease, familiarly
Bedford Falls villain or Hogwarts hero
A little off the bottom
'___, My God, to Thee'
'Watch your step'
'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' actor Lee Van ___
'Slumdog Millionaire' actor Patel
'On the Road' narrator Paradise
'Leave that to me!'
'J'accuse' writer
one's time (was patient)
Worked, as clay
Word that can follow the first parts of 16- and 59-Across and 15- and 28-Down
TV antenna of old
Tiger who says "They're grrreat!"
Tatum with an Oscar
Songs on doorsteps
Ski resort manufacture, maybe
Showy bird's mate
Seoul-based automaker
Sell from a pushcart
Scotch-and-vermouth cocktail
Rural dance sites
Remove the rind from
Rickman in "Harry Potter" movies
Rap producer Gotti
Meal on a skewer
Much Groucho humor
Lose elasticity
Middle East expert
Long Island village near Sagamore Hill
Like a ghost town
Lerner and Loewe's Mr. 'iggins
Jesus, to John the Baptist
Jamaican cultist, informally
Insects with rear pincers
Heyerdahl's "___-Tiki"
Headed for overtime
Hat-tipper's polite response
Half gainer, e.g
FOX talent show winners
Football standings column
Dived-for gem
Flax-based fabric
Fallon's predecessor
Exile site of 1814-15
El ___ (Pacific current)
Editor's "leave it"
Double Stuf cookies
Disorderly bunch
Congregation call
Broccoli ___ (leafy vegetable)
Balaam's mount
All but one ABBA member, by birth
Airline name meaning "skyward"
Act lookout for, say
A natural in craps
2000 Subway Series stadium
"What's ___ for me?"
"Steppenwolf" novelist Hermann
"Mercury" coin until 1945
2011 Pan American Games host
70s missile pact
On the Waterfront director
In other words . . .
Arabian Nights name

___ Longstocking, girl of children's literature
W.W. II foe
Toy on a string
Thin but strong
Table tennis
Syringe, for short
Stomach woe
Something that may be hidden behind a framed picture
Slippery, as winter roads
Sign of a well-worn trail
Sign of a beaver's activity, maybe
Sheet on a mast
Sharpen, as skills
Scissor cut
Roma's country
Readily accept
Rare occurrence on 'Jeopardy!'
Prop for a golf ball
Polling bias
Poet Robert who spoke at J.F.K.'s inauguration
Play about Capote
Other: Sp
One who gives tips (and gets tips?) at a country club
Nut-bearing tree
Nut popular in ice cream
Most-wanted groups for parties
Missouri river or tribe
Lipton products
Like four-leaf clovers, supposedly
Lebanese city that was once the center of Phoenician civilization
Lavish party favors
Larsson who wrote 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'
Intestinal fortitude, informally
Highly classified
Have a mortgage, e.g
Grp. that includes Iraq and Qatar
Golfer's gouge
Given to crying
Freshly painted
French seasoning
Falafel bread
Eye part with the iris
Eight: Sp
Duck-hunting attire, informally
Dove's sound
Daisies and dahlias
Cowboy's workplace
Completely ... with a summation of 17-, 30- and 47-Across
Common Core dept
Co-ops, maybe: Abbr
British ref. work
Arrested suspect, informally
Apparatus pulled by oxen
Ancient Peruvian
Alternative to bubble wrap
Aide: Abbr
Abbr. before an alias
1960s dance craze
10 things in an Olympic swimming pool
'___ the night before Christmas ...'
'Penny Dreadful' channel, for short
'Hop to it!'
'Goodnight' girl of song
'Alas ...'
'Ah, now it's clear'- See more at:

___ about
Work through
Without help
With 4-Across, Razzie Award winner, say
Wide key on a keyboard
Valley that produces Riesling wines
Vail drink
Union foe
Tennis umpire's call
Symbol of justice
Storybook monster
Statistician's stuff
Special Forces cap
Spanish squiggle
Singer Neil suffering from a blow to the head?
Shakespeare, for one
Self-employed worker in the City of Light?
See 1-Across
Secret schemers
Russo of 'Get Shorty'
Religious image
Red Lobster choice
Reception room in a mansion
Quicken Loans, in Cleveland
Prison uprisings
Prez on a fin
Predatory fish hidden within 20-, 36-, and 47-Across
Plops down
Picnic annoyances
One with a burning desire?
On board
Nature calls?
Mötley ___
Monopoly square
Magic Mountain attraction
Junkyard dog
Jai ___
Jacqueline of 'Bullitt'
It's a thought that counts
In the past
He gave Luke his first lightsaber
Give a raspberry to Dan Rooney?
Gentleman's title
Former Israeli prime minister Golda
Fab Four drummer
Exploding star?
Estée Lauder or Max Factor
Early Atari video game
Dwight Eisenhower or Lyndon Johnson
Country singer Underwood
College setting where boys will be boys
Chicken ___ king
Cherbourg farewell
Cascade Range mountain
Cartoon skunk
Burkina Faso neighbor
Brazilian soccer legend
Big shot?
Best of the best
Basic principle
Barry, Robin, or Maurice
Barbershop sounds
Bank offering, briefly
'___ of Avalor' (Disney Channel TV series)
'___ Misérables'
'Way to go!'
'The ___ Patrol' ('60s TV series set in World War II)
'The Outcasts of Poker Flat' author Bret
'Dude, relax!'
'Cross my heart!'

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