Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 19.01.2017

European football
Geisha sash
Nursery moppet
Where the strike zone begins
It plugs a port
Yodeler's range?
Valley known for wine 
Stick with a blade - See more at:


Big affairs
Juillet's season
Dennings of '2 Broke Girls'
One-half base times height, for a triangle
Movie trailer unit
Bishop John for whom a Georgia university was named
Nice thoughts?
'The Good Wife' wife
Rose garden pests
ICU worker
Stud, e.g.
Weight allowance
Short rests
Youngest Brontë
German industrial region
Creole vegetable
'Too true!'
Cake with a kick
Something in the air
1980 Chrysler debut
Wall Street figures
Gad about
Wax-coated cheese
Result of a messy breakup?
Rampart topper
Actor Baldwin
Study, e.g.
Morning fare since 1952
More than just edgy
Bit of work
Sheltered side
Guns N' Roses' Rose
'Business @ the Speed of Thought' co-author
Quick on one's feet
Fresh answers
Like some warnings
Come & Get It! pet food maker
Cold drink brand
Device found in this puzzle's three other longest answers
It can follow directions
Miss an easy grounder, say
Travel org. freebie
'Peter Pan' pooch
Swiss river
Forensic analyst's discovery
Gold units: Abbr.
Wild bunch
Longtime Labor Day telethon org.
Stamina-testing ballroom event
Pigs out (on), briefly
Start of a hands-off declaration?
Holed a five-footer, say
Ice cream maker Joseph
Decorative globe
Protective charm often adorned with feathers
Site of Shah Jahan's tomb
Action figure?
Not shady
Green-skinned 'Return of the Jedi' girl
Ricoh competitor
Documentary divisions
Naproxen brand - See more at:


Marquis de —
Genesis garden
Toy block name
Cash drawer
Duel tool
Berth place
That guy
'— the ramparts …'
Takes forcibly
Male turkey
Shad product
Clint of 'Gran Torino'
Creative flair
Rowing tool
Tax pro
Karaoke prop, for short
'People' rival
Legendary loch
Curved molding
Get the better of
Big bash
Mamie's man
Kilted musician
Jazzy Fitzgerald
Theater box
Border on
Jailer's janglers
On in years
Zodiac feline
Birth doc.
Sacred Hindu text
— Jima
Makes a choice
'Citizen Kane' director
Gobi or Mojave
Goblet feature
Museum pieces
Kanga's kid
Mound stat
Circle graph
'— was saying …'
Partner (with)
Numbered rds.
Hybrid fruit
Alias abbr.
Weevil's target
Animated figure
Sir Guinness - See more at:


Abbr. after a telephone no.
Oval Office honcho
What farmers might harvest
Szyslak on 'The Simpsons'
PC key
Six-pack components
*'Slumdog Millionaire' studio [37]
Tiny dining spot
1980s attorney general
Check line
Makeup of some flakes
Fall site
Sibelius e.g.
Alamo alternative
Her 38-Down was 'Springtime'
Inits. for a tax pro
*Chew toy material [40]
Iceland-to-Ireland dir.
States frankly
Soap opera
Addition column
DNA carrier
Rearranged wd.
Stock for bodybuilders and sunbathers
2016 film '___ Land'
*Ski slope bump [45]
On the ___ (carousing)
*Bill Walton in the 1970s [43]
Fawn e.g.
Union Pacific's headquarters
Title Druid priestess of opera
Bring into play
Huanaco Pampa people
John Landis Mason's creation
Financially secure
Alibaba event of 
Indy 500 unit
Via informally
Defunct home theater components
Pound picks
'I'm decidedly uninterested'
They're rounded by runners
Milky Way component
'What's My Line' colleague of Bennett and Dorothy
Kegger quaff
Had a secondary study
Prince Harry's aunt
Place for a stadium scribe
65-Across ID employed by the Secret Service and what each starred answer is
Not a single woman
Valhalla VIP
Eon divisions
Wilson of 'Zoolander'
Wee weight
Son of Jacob
Angels' home
Half of XOXOXO
It may be strapless
Long-eared lopers
Some pasta
Any of nine won by Madonna
Hippolyta's people
Granada greeting
Mule in an old song
Brest friend
Rocking site
'A Doll's House' heroine
Big producer of chips
*1979 Styx hit [44]
Thrown in say

Those with upturned noses
Fish-eating diving duck
June 6, 1944
Lira's replacement
Attachment to a snaffle-bit
Admirable achievements
Dumpling of India
Montevideo's place
Weasel family member
Festive, luxurious affairs
Resting on the highest point
Clothing of a distinctive style
City in Texas
Spoiled, as food
One in the business of cultivating soil
Pals or compadres
Land and its buildings
'Sesame Street' resident
Stat for Zach Britton
Brief conflict
Be a generous kid
Proverbially wealthy man
Easter container
Train times?
Bird of prey around a shore
Woodwind with a conical bore
Weapon for a hawk
It may come out of a trunk
Throw lightly
Put down some chips?
Fat farm creature
Intense anger
Killers along the Nile

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