Mordo - Crossword clue|CROSSWORDPUZZLE ANSWERSPART B 19.01.2017

Where "Tallyho!" may be heard
Zamboni's milieu
Where originally placed
Warehouse customers
Where Bowie fell
What candles may indicate
Whale's blowhole, e.g
Way around London, once
Wallpaper pattern, say
Upper limit, for short
Turn sharply
Texter's "I believe"
Test for freshness, in a way
Sonic the Hedgehog's company
Satchel in Cooperstown
River in a Strauss waltz
Raise, as curiosity
President of Israel, 1993-2000
Prefix with hazard
Pelted on Halloween
One of two in 52-Across
PC storage medium of old
Office dupes
Nook's partner
Nonlearner, in a proverb
New Mexico city
Mythical man-goat's instrument
Look upon with disdain
Like Splenda or Equal
Legendary loch
Legal drama with Susan Dey
Language of Vientiane
Korean War jet
Jolly Roger, e.g
Igloo's shape
Jersey or Capri
Hounds' quarries
Hole-punching tool
Hill climbers of rhyme
Gin-flavoring fruits
Grant of "To Catch a Thief"
Compass doodle
Crime lab evidence
Australian outlaw Kelly
Common chess ending
"You're fired!" speaker, 2004-2015
Applies sloppily
"That'll do it for me"
"Spider-Man" director Sam
"Cabaret" director Bob
"Buyer beware" phrase
"Be silent," on a score
"Any day now . . ."
Was ready for the heat, for short
When to include a tilde or cedilla?
Will Smith title role
Like some R-rated movies
Mook, Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign manager
You might empty it into a bucket
Worked (up)
Waits for the catch before advancing, in baseball
Travel sci-fi style
Uses, as a credit card
Satirist ___ Baron Cohen
Source of the Amazon
Public relations effort
Top secrets?
The former Formosa
Title that anagrams to another title
Word before or after Alexander
Spots for shots
Sandwich shop offering
Source of Popeye's strength
Sounds of hesitation
They present hurdles
Roosevelt predecessor?
They bring speakers into classrooms, briefly
Stretch (out)
Put a move on
Protection during a joust
Sister company of Applebee's
School basics, informally
Poker player, at times
Player whose motto might be 'the puck stops here'
Part of a geometry assignment?
Plant with fragrant leaves
Part of a car's exhaust system
Nation founded in 1948
Planes, old-style
Liability for a political candidate ... as depicted four times in this puzzle?
Musical chairs objective
Move, to a real estate broker
Meeting at a changing table?
Like some handshakes
Italian wine region
It's played by a visiting team
Hockey's Phil, to fans
Former Cub slugger Sammy
He played Shoeless Joe Jackson in 'Field of Dreams'
Have ___ of good luck
Looks for ganders, e.g.: Abbr
Harmonious place to swim?
Lottery ball containers
Leader targeted in 1989's Operation Nifty Package
German chancellor Merkel
Greek section of campus, familiarly
Modifier on a dessert menu

Asiago alternative
Actress Susan
Actress Hagen
Ability of some of the heroes on NBC's 'Heroes'
'___ the Voice of the Lobster' ('Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' poem)
'True Detective' airer
'The most unexpected of all things that happen to a man,' per Leon Trotsky
'Count me in!'
'Coronation ___' (Elgar composition)

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