Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 22.01.2017

Speakers’ spots 
Pulls on, as heartstrings 
Give a new tournament ranking 
Gently show the door 
Like Serbia and Croatia 
Quiz bowl fodder 
Keeps in the loop, in a way 
Ability to score at Madison Square Garden, e.g.? 
Piano dueler with Donald in 1988’s "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" 
Title at Topkapi Palace 
Mouse’s resting place 
Consider anew, as a decision 
Game for the goal-oriented? 
Week, on Martinique 
1990s Indian P.M.
Page (through) 
Grant a girl permission to dis Drake? 
What Cubs fans get carried away by? 
Theological inst. 
Hindi word for "spice mix" 
Sound investments, in more ways than one
Language akin to Thai 
Girl with a ball 
"One of the most civilized things in the world," per Hemingway 
Julie of TV’s "Big Brother" 
Ortiz of "Ugly Betty" 
Property inheritor, legally speaking 
Chapter in early 20th-century history: Abbr. 
World’s most voluminous river 
"Mr. Blue Sky" band, for short 
School chum, say 
Three-legged race, e.g.? 
Site of Spaceship Earth 
Perform a full-body scan? 
Yost, 2015 World Series-winning manager 
Witty British judge? 
Baseball-like game 
Copies, informally 
It shows who’s who or what’s what 
Stream, as of revenue 
Inconceivably vast 
Education support grp. 
Start of the Lord’s Prayer 
Poland’s main airline 
Common thing to lie about 
Mrs., abroad 
Fig. on a periodic table 
Racer Yarborough 
Certain steel beam 
Secure spots 
Like cats, typically 
Informal measures of popularity 
Hard to tell apart 
Guitar Hero activity 
Measly amount 
Relative of "Aargh!" 
Await resolution 
"Don’t worry about me!" 
Salmon roe, by another name 
Showy in a cheap way 
It lies between Cleveland, O., and Buffalo, N.Y. 
They’re dubbed 
Mullally of "Will & Grace" 
Think tank product 
Diesel in movies 
Manhattan, e.g.: Abbr. 
They’ll take your measure 
Key locale: Abbr. 
Shivering fit 
Place to hang tools 
Jet measure 
One lifting spirits? 
Leave a good impression? 
Atheist’s lack 
Take responsibility for something 
"That’ll be the day!" 
Alternative to Cinemax 
Half of a swinging couple? 
Don’t work too hard 
N.L. Central squad, on scorecards 
Bus. card info 
Thyroid need 
Opposite of ruddy 
Lorna of literature 
Grammy-winning drummer ___ Lyne Carrington 
Kind of history 
From one side to the other 
1960s sitcom set in the 1860s 
Word for a name-dropper? 
I, to Izaak 
Grist for analysts 
Lateral opening? 
Farm females 
H.O.V. lane user 
Drink commonly served with a spoon-straw 
Darn things 
Only woman to sing lead vocals on a Beatles song 
Candy shape 
Aid in choosing starters 
St. ave. or blvd. 
Tomato option
Modern-day name of Christiania 
"Well shut my mouth!" 
Couldn’t hide one’s wonder 
Word heard at a New Year’s Eve party
Undergarment with spaghetti straps briefly
Leading man? 
Letters in an address window
Holiday that may fall near Valentine’s Day 
"The plot thickens!" 
Obsolete means of communication
Gladiators’ bashing weapons
1979 TV debut 
Bygone Ford 
Conclusion of a dean’s address
Ovid’s "I love"
Mammals with liquid diets
Needing more salt say
Alpine transport
Did one’s darnedest
Publisher’s reference 
Wolf modifier
Any minute now 
Olympian who punished Echo 
Popular kitchen color of the ’70s
Keeps from running
Bowie’s "Berlin Trilogy" collaborator
Persian’s pupil at times
Kung fu movie staple
"Night Moves" rocker Bob
Trade secrets say
Weekly speaker 
"What the problem is …" 
Opportunity to take notes
Nancy Drew for one 
Cocreator of Professor X and Magneto
River on the Illinois/Indiana border 
Barbecue receptacles
Cardigan and leotard e.g.
Sucrose source
Imported wheels
Unfortunate outbreak
Greek gratuity perhaps
Use a stiletto on
Emanuel of Chicago politics
Crater feature
Amarillo’s area
Oreo alternative
At pique’s peak
Jumper that misses everything
Flub as a grounder
Peak’s opposite
Actor Cenac of "People of Earth"
Michael of "Saturday Night Live"
Extra action
WNBA team that plays its home games inside a casino
Lincoln’s place: Abbr. 
Bug and Golf 
Abbr. on old Eurasian maps 
Normandy department 
"Paula’s Home Cooking" host 
Crossword cross-referencing word
Switzerland’s capital (var.)
St. with a panhandle 
Slyly nasty
Indy 500 family name 
They play during bathroom breaks?
It’s after sigma
Dress size 
Finger Lakes locale: Abbr. 
She might blast a Homer
Has the stage 
Symphonic strings 
"Give it the old college ___"
Dik Browne dog 
Oscar-winning actress Mercedes __ 
Beaucoup, with "a" 
Common title word
Throws for a loop
Chinese government offices
User’s service 
Big name in little blocks
Enlarges a family, in a way
Get snuggly 
Appliance with a pilot 
Butcher shop hacker
Become a splinter group
Mountain climber’s guide
Lithe 1960s supermodel
Diner host’s stack 
"Wait, there’s more … " 
Bush and Gore: Abbr. 
Sparks or Beatty
Input data anew
Hereditary code carrier 
Uncle of a yank
Cinque e uno 
Steadfastly devout
Detailed analysis 
Astro companion
Game that sells consoles, say 
Dik Browne dog 
Genealogy abbr. 
Cries from sties 
Mini successors 
Utah ski resort 
Bros, say 
Canon offering, briefly 
Candidate’s handout 
Like the pre-Easter season 
Nahuatl speaker 
Priest’s fashion consultant? 
Occasions for cake, briefly 
Arab federation rich in oil
Classic Cadillac 
Quaint store adjective 
Ford model of old
Hosp. administration 
Change with the scenery
Canberra school 
Center of Ashe Stadium?
Not do, maybe 
"Bed-In for Peace" participant
Close examination of past and present English? 
Golf great, to his "army" 
Polite word to call a gentleman
Liquor from currants 
Emmy-winning scientist 
Arp’s art movement
Herman’s Hermits frontman Peter 
How prancing is done 
What an unproductive worker might get 
Flimflammed, as a fireman?
Passable publicity? 
Shun, as responsibility
"__ Land": 2016 Stone/Gosling film 
Software test versions
Diamondlike shapes
NFL’s Oilers, since 1999 
Shameful fictional symbol entries 
Some Jutland natives 
Frigid-climate seabird
Officially transferring property
Creepy street of horror
’70s-’80s Pakistani president 
Ones in distress, in old movies
Ill-gotten treasure
They may clash in debates 
Not letting things slide, briefly 
White alternative 
"Clickbait" was added to it in Sep. 2016 
Poetic blacks
Côtes du __: wine region 
Vote for 
Short-lived Egypt-Syr. alliance 
ome kind of nerve
Couldn’t get enough of
Word from Wally or Beaver
Atlantic pan-sized porgies
Cook with high heat 
Metallic hybrids 
Quicken product 
Put (on) hastily 
Information for a waiter 
Where geese learn the ABCs of Vs? 
Up to one’s ears
Statistician’s aid 
Ominous ending 
His pal is "real" Goofy
Canonized ones: Abbr. 
Certain Fender electric guitar, informally
Destroys totally 
One and only 
Lawrence and Bishop
Comedy club reactions
Snidely Whiplash, infamously
Discourage from proceeding
Give in shares 
Brownish-gray color
Vessel for the corporate lake outing? 
Word with "black" or "photo"
Worst. Football holder. Ever.
St. Louis bridge architect 
Like all fingerprints
Goya’s "Duchess of __" 
"Friendly Skies" co. 
Considerable amount
Land of the banshee 
Pretentious poseur
Songwriter Sands 
Fair instrument 
Submerged ridge 
One of the Gilmore girls 
Energy pricing unit 
Playing (with), as a cat with a mouse
Immobilize at sea, in a way 
Many a stray 
Indian dish with stewed legumes
Circle lines
Not your typical pilot
"I Am the Walrus" was one 
Knowing one makes the best moonshine? 
Groups on its covers included ‘N Sync and Hanson 
East Lansing sch. 
Harder to see 
William Donovan's WWII org 
What one taking a flight doesn't use? 
Toll road convenience 
They may leave prints 
Sources of remote power 
Terrier type 
Sweeping stories 
Some summer homes 
Some breaks in the NFL action 
Site of Napoleon's last exile 
Slugger who began and ended his career as a Texas Ranger 
Shakespearean title word 
Robin on '60s TV 
Power eponym 
Pollo partner 
Participates in a camp activity 
One of a cube's dozen 
Office quantity 
Mischievous kids 
More than familiar with 
More affected, in a way 
Marshland waders 
Liquid diet component 
Longtime "Sexually Speaking" host 
Library exchanges 
Jethro Tull frontman Anderson 
Great spell 
Hybrid hatchback 
Grace closing 
Goes wild 
Exodus pronoun 
Fruity chip go-with 
Hardboard brand 
Dreaded figure? 
Dropped jaws 
Drea de Matteo's role on "The Sopranos" 
Dark personification 
Engine with a lot of juice 
Contemporary "Be yourself" 
Computer media 
Catching flies, so to speak 
Common soccer result 
Coach Eric Taylor's wife on "Friday Night Lights" 
Brown of publishing 
Biting criticism 
Big name in printers 
Base command 
Arrive copiously 
"__ e Leandro": Handel cantata 
"We __ Start the Fire": Billy Joel 
"Think Like a Man Too," e.g 
"The Time Machine" race 
"Star Trek" rank: Abbr 
"Look, amigo!" 
"Are we there yet?" reply 
Sociology subdivisions 
Strive for currency acquisition 
Temp's field 
rock (Springsteen, Santana, etc.) 
Lit (English class) 
Word from the Latin for ''little grandfather'' 
What surrounds Canada's southernmost land 
Trackless trains 
They're on many concert T-shirt backs 
Thanksgiving cookie shapes 
Target for driverless cars 
Symbol in a Tolkien alphabet 
Standard units for ship-hull depth 
Softest known mineral 
Opposite of ''Shoot away'' 
Pac-Man maze marker 
Preceder of rate and time 
Render ineffectual 
Saw what there was to see 
Smart __ (targeted-therapy component) 
Set forth 
Section of 
Seat sharer with Berlin 
Scheduler, e.g 
Royal Albert Hall topper 
Rarely used backup 
Poet with a 1909 Harvard BA 
PETA's 2014 ''Best Vegan-Friendly Chain'' 
Part of 47 Down blueprints 
Org. cofounded by Babe Zaharias 
Offers minimal help 
Ocarina material 
Hail Mary source 
Hogwarts Divination class topic 
Even once 
Many florists' orchids 
Ocarina material 
Much of pulp fiction 
Model project for science class 
Metaphors for uncertainties 
Many motels, ostensibly 
Kid's bedtime complaint 
Josiah Wedgwood contemporary 
Interfaith forum speaker, perhaps 
''The same old __ that I knew'' (Billy Joel lyric) 
''Planted'' player 
Beast associated with Palm Sunday 
Data provider for the Uber driver app 
Down-to-earth sound 
Determine in favor of 
Curry-house stack 
Cuisine favoring chilies 
Cloud-atlas entries 
Class Notes subject 
Certain sales course 
Camera's diaphragm 
Behold, of old 
Basketball was invented in one 
Army rescue team 
Animal cam view, often 
American Legion __ (vet cyclists' group) 
Adjective in optical navigation 
Our ancestors, hypothetically 
Gooey mass 
W.C. Fields expletive 
"Sign up to drive" company 
"Roll Tide" team, for short 
French site of Roman ruins 
Speak from the rostrum 
Dorothy Lamour’s trademark garment 
Feature of marbled meat 
Sikh leader 
Any of 10 won by "Seinfeld" ;
Many Stephen Foster songs 
Sing the praises of 
___ Kettering Institute 
Homage in meter 
Irritant in one’s side, so to speak 
Lay church officials, perhaps 
Where one lives (Abbr.) 
Sets as a price 
Time co-founder Henry 
Code broken by mob informers 
"The Taming of the Shrew" city 
Movie queen voiced by Idina Menzel 
Diamond theft 
On a paraglider, say 
2016 opponent of Hillary 
Overly studious sort 
Super 8 alternative 
Like a peacock, in a saying 
Taco Bell condiment 
Alexander or Cookie Bumstead 
Many microbrews 
It may be upped 
Black cats, to some 
In ___ land (dazed) 
Travel far and wide 
French-speaking African nation 
Focus of Poe’s "The Gold-Bug" 
Restaurant pickup 
Covert ___ (spy doings) 
Activate, as an alarm 
Sparkling wine town 
Dominate, in sports lingo 
Makes a patsy of 
Before the bell 
Sam with 82 PGA Tour wins 
Toupee, slangily 
Certain Andy Warhol creation 
Nonstick cooking spray 
Mild cigar 
Johnny B. of song 
Big Apple tennis stadium 
___-Blo (fuse brand) 
Boater or bowler 
Reason for a facelift 
Sends to the canvas 
Antarctica’s ___ Sea 
Bird on a Canadian dollar 
Tickle the fancy of 
Carrier to Ben Gurion 
With the bow, on a score 
Like either of two extremes 
One "in the woods" 
Eject, as lava 
Movie-archiving org. 
Warm, inviting facial feature 
He wrote "Lust’s passion will be served; it demands, it militates, it tyrannizes" 
Share confidences with 
Letter closing 
Politician’s accessory 
Home to the Zapotec people 
Tourist haven with the capital Denpasar 
What small cranes may produce 
Partner of 9-Down 
Women’s issue? 
Bulbous perennial 
Prepare, as some Mexican food 
Betraying extreme embarrassment 
Come out on top 
He played Ant-Man in 2015’s "Ant-Man" 
Prized game fish 
Charles who starred in the 1938 drama "Algiers" 
"Dear ___" ("Double Fantasy" song) 
Looks down 
Violinist Kavafian 
Permanent marker 
City in Central Macedonia 
Producer of boxing rings 
Remarkably rapid 
"Oh yeah!" 
News source with a "For the Record" feature 
Pacific demonstrations 
Popular playground pastime 
Appropriate answer for this clue 
Seat of Missouri’s Douglas County 
Looped in, in a way 
"Dumb and Dumber" drive destination 
United base 
"How ya holdin’ up?" 
Restaurant with a "playful" name 
French motto part 
2013 World Series M.V.P., to fans 
Software event 
Install, as software before shipping 
It may be labeled "XXX" 
First name in infamy 
Xmas, for Jimmy Buffett 
Imported wheels? 
Works of a lifetime 
Common beach policy 
"Far less than that" 
"Nice going, jerk!" 
College just north of New York City 
Partner of 50-Across 
Oration location 
Knocked senseless 
Seller of TV and magazine spots, informally 
Reaction from a tough crowd 
"Superhits of the Superstars" label
They result in very fast response times 
Words of understanding 
Camp classic 

Speakers' spots
Pulls on, as heartstrings
Give a new tournament ranking
Gently show the door
Diving disaster?
Like Serbia and Croatia
Quiz bowl fodder
Piano dueler with Donald in 1988's 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'
Religious image
Egg container
Title at Topkapi Palace
French ___
Take a timeout
Mouse's resting place
Ability to score at Madison Square Garden, e.g.?
Worn out
Keeps in the loop, in a way
Game for the goal-oriented?
Alias inits.
Week, on Martinique
1990s Indian P.M.
Page (through)
Grant a girl permission to dis Drake?
What Cubs fans get carried away by?
Theological inst.
___ generis
Brief second?
Hindi word for 'spice mix'
___ Minor
Sound investments, in more ways than one
Girl with a ball
Consider anew, as a decision
'One of the most civilized things in the world,' per Hemingway
Julie of TV's 'Big Brother'
On point
Property inheritor, legally speaking
Chapter in early 20th-century history: Abbr.
World's most voluminous river
'Mr. Blue Sky' band, for short
School chum, say
Three-legged race, e.g.?
Language akin to Thai
Site of Spaceship Earth
Ortiz of 'Ugly

ëì äæëåéåú ìàúø ùîåøåú ìáòì äàúø åìå áìáã ,àí øàéúí çåîø ôåâò àðà ãååçå ìðå åðåøéãå , äàúø ðáðä òì éãé éå-éå áðééú àúøéí áçéðí ëðñå åáðå ìëí àúø áçéðí ùééê ìéå-éå àúø ôðàé ìéìãéí åðåòø äàúø ùéù áå äëì
ãéååç òì àúø
îùç÷éí | àúøéí ìáðåú | îùôèéí ìôééñáå÷ | ñøèåðéí îöçé÷éí | ø÷òéí | áãéçåú | îùç÷éí éôéí | îùç÷é áðåú | îùç÷éí ìàééôåï | îùç÷éí çéðí | çéôåù îùç÷éí | îùç÷éí åéøèåàìéí |
îùç÷é ãôãôï | ãôé öáéòä | òåìí äãåâîðéåú | ÷åðèø ñèøéé÷ | àúøéí ìéìãéí | 250 îùç÷éí | òåìí äîùç÷éí | áàáìñ | úîåðåú îöçé÷åú | ñèèåñéí ìôééñáå÷ | èøéååéä | ÷èðèðéí | 200 îùç÷éí | èéôå îùç÷éí - 365 îùç÷éí |