Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 25.01.2017

Big name in big rigs 
Shutter piece 
Salon offerings 
Outmoded object 
Enjoy immensely 
Granny’s daughters 
Rocky and Conker making some fair food? 
First Amendment advocacy gp. 
Angst-ridden genre 
Collection agency? 
Classroom temp 
Trails used for immersing vegetables in boiling water? 
Yvette’s yes 
Whole grain component
Petting setting 
Snow White’s doughnut-making helpers? 
Chase competitor familiarly 
"A Wrinkle in Time" heroine 
Cashmere source 
United selection 
Swahili or Zulu e.g. 
Cowboy contraptions for making stew on the go? 
Sydney’s state: Abbr. 
Thin mushroom 
Mother of Castor and Pollux 
Inauguration Day event 
Jeopardy category? 
"Tess of the d’Urbervilles" rake 
He preceded Jack 
Surreptitious signal 
Radius companion 
Turquoise kin 
Diamond count 
"Antony and Cleopatra" props 
Turquoise kin 
"Coal Miner’s Daughter" subject 
"Red White & ___" (2005 heavy metal album) 
Beyond the horizon 
Violinist Leopold 
Actually existing 
French West Indies resort familiarly 
Like a master bathroom 
A bit of work 
Fare poorly at the comedy club 
Fellow from Fife 
First of 22 letters 
Yuletide libation 
With 5-Down boxer with 24 wins and no losses 
Old-timey orphanage offering 
Egyptian megaproject site 
These clues e.g. 
Candy shaped like a conical frustum 
Chain founded by Ingvar Kamprad 
Mate’s lead-in 
Walker on signs 
Melon with a long shelf life 
Iris neighbor 
"Leaves of Grass" poet 
Words with angle or impasse 
Croft of "Tomb Raider" 
He had a .367 career batting average 
Symbols of poverty 
Untouchable Eliot 
Clothesline alternative 
Fish-eating sea bird 
Abridge or add to 
Clear a blackboard 
Kristofferson of music 
Thomas who founded Wendy’s 
What texted bits of gibberish are? 
Twist in agony 
Special Forces headwear 
Wise old counselor to the Greeks at Troy 
Type of ballroom dance 
When showers are abundant (abbr.) 
Electrically charged particles 
What the PR rep wanted to do with Hamilton and Graham Bell 
Unit in physics class 
___ out a living (barely gets by) 
Protective seed coat 
You, once 
Eggs, to a scientist 
Discreet and diplomatic 
Scenic views 
Strikes through 
Blanc heard but not seen 
Steam open 
Trendy boot brand 
John of The Red Piano Tour 
Stockholder’s assets? 
Shop talk for sewer workers? 
"Pay attention, man!" … and, in a different way, what the end of each answer to a starred clue refers to 
Was the father to 
Milo of "Barbarella" 
Thompson of films 
Parishioner’s pledge 
Not that much 
Nasal spray brand 
Young pig (Var.) 
Cat dish tidbit 
Landed on a branch 
Sha ___ of music 
It borders the Fla. panhandle 
Medit. country 
First responder 
Bad thing to fall for 
Boy in "Star Wars" prequel films 
"I wish I could" 
Act human, proverbially 
"So THAT’s what’s going on here!" 
Bit of band gear 
Where many retire 
Big rental car agency 
Family nickname 
Uttered, as a farewell 
Garden featured in Genesis 
What you’ll find a lot of in Mississippi 
Making haste (var.) 
"Close, but no cigar" 
Comic book artist 
Vocalist James 
Those right here 
Stack under a tarp 
Plopped down next to 
Babies that give a hoot 
Bottom-of-the-page insert 
Pony Express concern 
One-named singer portrayed by Jennifer Lopez in a 1997 film 
Prefix with "glycerine" 
Roman fountain 
Enhance with decorations 
Gun, as a V8 
Source of dietary fiber in cereals 
Maker of ColorQube printers 
Old name for Tokyo 
Bun topping? 
Sees red 
Sister of Calliope 
"Major Crimes" network 
Figure of speech 
Philadelphia pro 
Branch quarters 
Chip and Joanna Gaines’ show, "___ Upper" 
Shy person’s note? 
River through Nottingham 
"Science of Logic" author Georg 
Bygone muscle car 
Flower section 
General principle 
Feisty backtalk 
Declares with confidence 
Soft palate attachment 
Sign of something to come 
Market measure 
Was a guide 
French president Hollande 
Salt Lake City player 
Supermodel Banks 
Supporters of the American Revolution 
Low in fat 
Attack with vigor 
"Ready are you? What know you of ready?" speaker 
Orchard trees 
Deer fellow? 
Water nymph 
Trace the shape of 
Elementary bit 
Spanish seafood dish 
Word of passione 
"Star Wars" extras 
Photo option 
Blue dyes obtained from plants 
*"C’mon, loosen up!" 
Longtime "At the Movies" co-host 
Do penance 
Small house in the woods 
Place for lefts and rights 
Certain string musician’s need 
Big, messy mix-up 
Arizona landforms 
Organizes from best to worst, say 
Put a spell on 
Percé (Western tribe)
Kristen of 'One Life To Live'
Without a letup
William of 'Broadcast News'
They're frequently scanned
Very fine, in slang
Tree that's popular with squirrels
They have arches
The ___ & the Papas (1960s group)
Sermon's basis, often
Sound of an excited crowd
Singer Buddy or dancer José
Slimming surgery, briefly
River into the North Sea
Seek to scam online
Returning, in a way
Proves helpful to
Projecting window type
Prepared, as a pineapple
Pleasant city on the Riviera?
Oscar winner Marisa
One of the Kramdens
NASDAQ setting
Mustache maker?
Martian's craft, say
It often gets dunked
Former Mississippi senator Trent
Fizzling-out sound
Endangered African antelope
Lynx or Cougar, for short
Ice dancing teams, e.g
Frosh's tormentors
French for 'here'
Don Juan's mother
Demon eradicator
Decorates in Cottonelle, for short
Deborah of 'The King and I'
Coolidge or Roosevelt
Conclusion of the bumper sticker message
Common Seattle forecast
Common 30-yr. debts
Coal unit in one's stocking, say
Cliques or subgroups
Certain foreign approvals
Bumper sticker message, part 2
Botch something up
Bumper sticker message, part 1
'Squawk Box' network
Blood component
Black Sabbath name
Being, in Bordeaux
Bad dancer's victim
'Then again,' in tweets
Annual Alaskan race
'J'accuse' writer Émile
'It's ___!' (quitter's lament)
sail (leave port)
Wagering site: Abbr
View from the shore
Vends used goods
Vanilla/chocolate ice cream
Vanilla/nut ice cream
Valentine decoration
Tugboat sound
Sprints and marathons
Puts in the mail
Rebuke harshly
Radiate, as light
Parts of pogo sticks
Extinct bird
Part of PTA: Abbr
Pampering treatment, for short
Newborn cow
Mornings, for short
Maple syrup source
Knocks loudly
Lobster relative
Joe Biden and predecessors
Island near Maui
Historical period
Have high hopes
Get ready, briefly
Green ice cream
Go off like a volcano
Egotist's top priority
Four-door car
Flops on stage
Emphatic agreement
Disney Florida theme park
Crime lab evidence
Count in a quartet
Come to a halt
Ambulance destinations: Abbr
''That makes sense''
Christmas Eve aviator
Almond/marshmallow ice cream
Blueprint detail, for short
Baseball arbiter
Assemble, as troops
Not tainted 
Equestrian’s handful 
Of the same ___ (similar) 
Mention as a source 
English horn’s cousin 
Futurist of sorts 
Beyond recovery 
Tin Pan ___ 
Senegal’s capital 
Tara surname 
Drive home, as a run 
Tough spot 
Food preparers’ headgear 
Lone Star Stater’s moniker 
Attaches, as a feedbag 
Gas ubiquitous in Vegas 
Result of overexercising, maybe 
Paper measures 
Wordplay in the Jumble 
"Live Free or Die" is one 
Breezing through, as a test 
"Robinson Crusoe" author 
Blows one’s stack 
"M*A*S*H" R&R city 
"Life of Pi" director Lee 
Brinker of kid-lit 
CBS crime drama for 10 seasons 
American in Ajijic, Mexico, e.g. 
Slaving away 
Elbow-to-wrist bone 
Gridiron "Hail Mary" 
Do a banker’s job 
Spartan serf 
2015 nuclear deal participant 
Interpreting loosely, as with a script 
Good-sized suburban lot 
It’s crude, at first 
Ring official, for short 
Wrestler’s takedown 
Mattel offering 
One of three in a 3-D graph 
Ten-percenter, briefly 
Timer filler 
"Michael Collins" actor Stephen 
French philosopher Bergson 
Hearts player’s coup 
Bossa nova relative 
Prettifies, as a cake 
Madeline of "Young Frankenstein" 
Hannah Montana, to Miley Stewart 
Arm muscle, briefly 
Deep bows 
Reacting to smelling salts, maybe 
Chrysler Building style, for short 
Not so nutty 
Michael’s "Family Ties" role 
Noted rib donor 
Scene employing stunt drivers 
"O death, where is thy ___?": I Corinthians 
Room with an easy chair 
Namely, in Latin 
Work of Horace 
People eaters, maybe 
Right-hand page of an open book 
Masterpiece waiting to be found … or a hint to the words in the circled letters 
Florida senator Rubio 
Cardinal’s insignia 
Add punch to, as the punch 
Purchase payment plan 
Like Baroque architecture 
Input for 
Bowling venue 
Something that might be thrown behind a teacher’s back 
How Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic 
Former Nevada senator Harry 
Affectedly polite 
Former G.M. compact 
Dennis the Menace, for one 
Skin abnormalities 
Place to pay the going rate? 
"Too rich for my blood" 
Emulate Picasso or Pollock 
Plains tribe name 
Like Vatican affairs 
Assume the role of 
Harley-Davidson bike, in slang 
"Dr." who co-founded Beats Electronics 
Tricked but good 
Guru’s title 
___ Verde National Park 
Singer Mary J. ___ 
One of the Three Musketeers 
Guards at Buckingham Palace 
Give in (to) 
Mars, for example 
King of comedy 
Letters on many ambulances 
Cut (off) 
The "thing," to Hamlet 
Restaurant freebie 
The "them" in "Let them eat cake" 
"The Vampire Chronicles" author 
Repeated word for word 
Double-___ recession 
1974 top 10 foreign-language hit 
Cincinnati-to-Philadelphia dir. 
"I’m not kidding!" 
"On the Waterfront" director Kazan 
Rocket launch site 
Capts.’ inferiors 
Big name in car parts 
Neptune’s Greek counterpart 
Part of the brain believed to control emotion 
Polaroid, e.g. 
Philatelist’s buy 
W.W. II Allied landing site in Italy 
"Silent" prez 
iPad downloads 
Peter with eight Academy Award nominations (and, sadly, zero wins) 
"Oh, goody!" 
Exams for srs. 
Gloria Gaynor genre 
Clickable word perhaps 
"Hedda Gabler" playwright 
Oscar winner Guinness 
Brooks Brothers buy 
Eucalyptus muncher 
Auditor’s agcy. 
More frequently than desired 
Kept out of sight 
Initial order at a diner? 
Unwelcome attic denizen 
Frequent soap opera affliction 
Runners at Pamplona 
Former AAA club that played in Honolulu Stadium 
Home to the Himalayas 
Claire Dunphy or Rainbow Johnson e.g. 
Lengthy swimmer 
A question of method 
Flamenco cry 
Bay or bight 
"Presumed Innocent" writer 
Investigative account of 
"Wanna bet?" 
"It’s only ___!" 
Hemmed and ___ 
Lanchester of "Witness for the Prosecution" 
Convention-mocking art movement 
"Hang on just ___!" 
Stable youngsters 
Brandish a baton 
They might be considered off-course 
Inquisitive person 
Cutter’s cousin 
Swift or Crane 
Would very much rather not 
Punk offshoot 
Drops in the end zone? 
Pacific greetings 
Reformers’ targets 
Like male fig wasps 
Declines the offer 
Janis’s partner in the funnies 
Take charge of 
Wyo. is on it 
They come and go 
"The Time Machine" race 
Roman fountain locale 
2011 Spielberg movie 
Director Jean-___ Godard 
Keep from scratching 
Org. with a five-ring logo 
Belfast-born actor Stephen 
McCartney’s title 
Golf Hall of Famer Ernie 
All-hrs. cash source 
Chain famous for breakfasts 
Puzzles with dead-end paths 
Romantic rendezvous 
River of Florence 
Music majors’ degs. 
Vintage cars named with the initials of their company’s founder 
Clutter-averse type 
"Neener neener!" 
Historic educational center of Paris’ Latin Quarter 
Abbr. on a cornerstone 
Dried chili pepper 
City in northern Iraq 
Critic’s harsh words 
Roach spray brand 
Cultivated violet 
"Wish me luck!" 
Treatment facility 
Short life story? 
Part of DOE: Abbr. 
First sign of a shark 
Sun Devils sch. 
Oft-poached fruit 
Recent returnees to Los Angeles 
Longtime NBC newsman Roger 
Poker pot starter 
Lakota chief at Little Bighorn, and what’s literally found in this puzzle’s circles 
Hit the runway 
Digital library contents
Rainbow flag letters
Napoleon or Nero: Abbr.
Skippers on ponds
In an unfriendly way
Softens, with "down"
John of England
Tire-inflating aid
Canadian Thanksgiving mo.
Irritated incessantly
Jerry of "Law & Order"
Apple mobile platform
"The Simpsons" creator Groening
Homes of blue-plate specials
Remarkable times
Golf stroke played from sand
Helen of Troy’s mother
Tag sale condition
Indian or Iranian
Pork or lamb cut
Blue ox of folklore
Foot-in-mouth incident
Like an overused oven? 
Some pass catchers 
Fertilizer from bats 
Answered all test questions perfectly 
When Mr. Tebow is hopeful, he feels … 
Guitarist for Michael Jackson, once 
When planes are expected to land, informally 
Most fit for the draft 
Eggy Christmas drink 
Stickler for perfection 
Part of a teapot 
Nursery school enrollee 
Suitable for the job 
Wharton degree 
Tai ___ (martial art type) 
Big-time tire maker 
Cinders container 
"Well, ___-di-dah" 
Sharpie tip, e.g. 
Horizontal graph line 
Scientific Sir Isaac 
Seat in a cathedral 
___ out a living (gets by) 
Use the bow, to a cellist 
Athlete’s lasting power 
Gambler’s giveaway 
When Lil Wayne is happy, he feels … 
As ___ (letter closing) 
Turn over, as land 
Monopoly phrase with "Jail" 
Surprising way to be taken? 
Playing hard-to-get 
The write stuff 
Way of the East 
Fits with sails 
This plus that 
Diamond or ruby 
New York city 
Rose piece 
Critter that plays dead 
Gave generously 
TV show unit 
One sporting dreadlocks 
"Devil With ___ Dress On" 
Like 1, 37 or 199 
"___ in a million years!" 
Thing screamed at a villain or blind ump 
They come marching in, in song 
They deserve respect 
When Donald Trump won the election, he felt … 
Buckwheat cereal 
With no need for an estimation 
Light hit 
Fabric from DuPont 
Verizon is one 
When Buzz Aldrin is elated, he is … 
Brief vacation 
Car with legroom 
Eve slept here 
Thing for an English barrister 
Like the best old-school rock 
The only thing in an empty bottle 
Woman from the barrio, most likely
Without prior inspection
Tender strokes
Upside-down sleepers
Where swine dine
Winding downhill course
Typography option
Trevi Fountain coin, once
Those folks
Tex-Mex dips
Symbol of gloom, in comics
Switchboard staffers
Stop on a movie studio tour
Stone for some Scorpios
Steinway string material
Steep-roofed house style
SpongeBob's milieu
Standard reply
Spike Lee's "She's ___ Have It"
Ready to pluck
Rugged, as a cliff
Rotund desert plant
Rock band Blink 182, for one
Razor brand introduced in 1977
Quick to learn
Pooh's "hunny" holder
Playground plank
Pitch-checking gadget
Phone-to-phone message
Overly permissive
Online pop-up producer
One who's no pro
More like a milquetoast

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