Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 03.02.2017

Large coffee container 
Brought the curtain down on 
Capital city on the Aare (var.) 
Joplin piece "Maple Leaf ___" 
Appraisal determination 
Covered with greenery, as some walls 
Like one cracking knuckles before playing the piano? 
Mask of death 
Mosquito relative 
Hiding places for wild game 
An authoritative command 
Good for tilling 
One with top billing 
Meaty thing at a barbecue 
Certain bridge players 
Soft, moist parts of fruit 
Word that frequently follows me? 
"Seinfeld" character Braun 
Victims of many triple slaps 
Be human, according to a saying 
Having scruples 
Naval lockup 
Put a pharaoh on layaway? 
Definitely not as nice 
Travolta musical 
Victorian, historically 
How the worst pros play? 
Pamphlet relative 
Type of committee 
Misery resulting from affliction 
Place for pigs 
Serve papers on 
Made a choice 
Does more than whimpers 
Leg entangler of cattle 
It beats an ace high 
One of the first to inhabit Eden 
Vital port of Yemen 
Bonnie’s partner in crime 
Participate in Darwin’s theory? 
Certain astrological sign 
Love at the foot of Mount Etna 
Area or throw, e.g. 
Toothpaste container 
Arranges into various piles 
Flash ___ (sudden gathering) 
Prize (award for a "bold wish to spark global change") 
Davis who played the US President on TV 
"Silence is golden when you can’t think of a good answer" speaker 
NCAA basketball powerhouse 
Math’s four color ___ theorem 
Like an old pro 
First middle or last name of a "Catch-22" character 
Negative conjunction 
Astronomical bursts 
"Mon ___!" (French exclamation) 
Do a smash and grab for example 
Many Geek Squad employees 
Mel who voiced Yosemite Sam 
Cheer squad cheer 
"Ghostbusters" costar 
Purchase at an antique shop 
Greek known for his paradoxes 
Decided in a random manner 
Maker of toy dump trucks 
The old heave-ho 
Big family name in baseball 
Soapmaking solution 
State with a panhandle 
Stat important to many websites 
Some presidential appointees 
Musician in some Fourth of July parades 
Palindromic exclamation 
Take down a notch 
"Mind … blown!" 
AP Bio subject 
It might be raised in a bar 
Beethoven’s birthplace 
Periods of anticipation 
Archer whose third shot in this puzzle hit his target 
Writer Zora ___ Hurston 
Laze on deck 
Christmas quaffs 
It’s in a pina colada
Put in the crosshairs 
Cry from some camo-wearing toons 
Title often gained at an altar 
Potpourri containers 
Dominate in slang 
Dickens title name 
Brow-wiping occasion (miss!) 
Alternate universe for Superman (hit!) 
When a tense NBA situation might occur 
"It’s not too late / To whip it / Whip it good" singers 
One of a "Macbeth" trio 
Super-G gear 
Where the Met Gala is held for short 
Brazil or cashew 
Midriff protuberance 
Tesla or watt 
"You might just have a point …" 
Places that might transfer people to CCUs 
Noted Spanish muralist 
Way out there 
Ingredient in some "meatless meats" 
Field day event for pairs (miss!) 
College picnic? 
"Rebel Yell" singer 
Spark of energy 
"And … voila!" 
It’s hot stuff 
Nasser’s successor 
Natural resource 
Physics units 
Mozart’s birthplace, now: Abbr. 
Like some court motions 
Iconic Rio carnival activity 
"Feel the __": 2016 campaign slogan 
Runner’s woe 
Run away to marry
Swelling on an eyelid
SEC powerhouse, familiarly 
Barber’s job?
Bit of Christmas morning detritus 
Chip shot path 
Irish poet William Butler
British beer with a little sugar?
Pantry stack 
Civil rights icon Parks 
Picks a fight (with) 
Bat mitzvah reading source
Come-hither quality 
One unlikely to experiment 
Clothing or textiles merchandise
In a way, in a way 
Cakes go-with 
It can be electric
Common animal kingdom tattoo subject 
"Not only that …"
"Now, without further ___ …"
Part of a Breathalyzer
Like rationing candidates
Christchurch native 
Sleeping accommodations
"Horton Hears a ___"
Two of the three founders of the Distilleria Nazionale di Spirito di Vino 
Food buyers’ concerns 
English hunters 
Unable to increase 
Polynesian catch 
“I’m on board” 
Brown family shade 
One may be broken 
Word with hole or holder 
Northwest Passage explorer 
Afghanistan’s national airline 
Uses Blue Apron say 
Nation SE of Cyprus 
Electrical backup supplies 
Item on a chain perhaps 
Clearly presented 
Deborah’s “The King and I” co-star 
“Ghostbusters” actor 
Does really well 
“I don’t believe a word!” … or the truth about this puzzle’s circles 
U.S. intelligence org. 
German : Kopf :: French : __ 
Shanghai-born ex-NBA center 
Like some cheddar 
Baseball family name 
Presidential nickname 
Lady Gaga’s “__ It Happens to You” 
Space bar neighbor 
Suggests with “of” 
Wagner’s “__ Rheingold” 
Cashbox feature 
YouTube clip, for short
Wind-formed hill
Totally lose it
Tearoom serving
Takes advantage of
Stunt plane maneuver
Street edges, often
Single-masted boat
Shriner hat adornments
Seemingly endless
Red Cross offering
Put a stop to
Pursuer of Capone
Potions professor at Hogwarts
Places to leave cars
Pasta recipe phrase
One of a brainy bunch
Place for pampering
Parts of orbital paths
On ___ (without assurance)
Office staff, e.g
Missouri River tributary
Maze-running rodent
Items next to sofas
Item in a buffet stack
In the matter of
Image on an Android
Home in the wild
Holed, as a putt
Give up, as rights
Fairy tale meanies
Core muscles, for short
Construction site markers
Colorado ski resort
Commuter's diversion
Code-cracking org
Close-knit group
Cardiologist's insert
Bradbury of science fiction
Bath powder mineral
Automaker based in Hesse
Assault on the Alamo
Arriving after the bell
Antarctic coastline phenomena
Alto or soprano
72, for many courses
"White Wedding" rocker Billy
"The Hunger Games" setting
"The Addams Family" cousin
"Oliver Twist" villain
"That makes sense"
"Jump the shark" is one
Slalom aids forgo bullfight cheering? 
Hubcaps and fenders featuring paintings of goldfish? 
Fertility clinic specimens 
Arabic for "submission" 
Hallway stands’ canned laughter recordings? 
Put on a show 
1970 song by the Kinks 
Goddess with an apple 
Novel idea? 
Some butterflies 
From years past 
Headlining boxer’s tirade about Bar Harbor? 
Wooden projection 
Dennings of "2 Broke Girls" 
Jah praiser 
Play casually 
They may be taken from sticks 
1994 title role for Jodie Foster 
Either of two in this answer 
A.G.’s domain 
Grain (Kellogg’s brand) 
Really wow an archery fan? 
"Tausend und ___ Nacht" (Johann Strauss II waltz) 
Where you might catch a large-mouthed bass 
Dish’s-reflection- really-highlights-a- certain-facial-feature state? 
Take the role of 
Carnaby Street setting 
Buyer be where? 
Members of a race? 
Something you saw while sleeping? 
Videoconference need 
Particle accelerator bit 
Org. that recovers black boxes 
Lively in mus. 
Blowout e.g. 
Appeal to 
Brit’s secondary school exam 
Store hours word 
Cover loosely 
Subject of many Renaissance paintings 
Wordsworth Coleridge or Southey 
Karlsson of the Ottawa Senators 
Eponymous brewer Bernhard 
Rub component 
January 1968 launch 
They come three rows to a package 
Source of Toughskins clothing 
A long time 
See 18-Down 
Place where people 22-Down 
What "I" and "is" don’t do 
Roman fountain locale 
Diner eye-opener 
Kaiser’s kin 
Erstwhile Ritz rival 
Quakers or Shakers 
Boxer Lennox 
Bone in a wing or arm 
Like some moussed hair 
Stretchers may touch them 
Mr. Bean portrayer Atkinson 
Some line cutters, in brief 
Kind of bike 
Treatment for a sprain 
Crime film genre 
February 13, e.g. 
Part of a flower 
Become clumped 
Ready to leave the garage [here we go again!] 
How people are usually listed in photo captions [phew, all done!] 
Really long time 
Clear, as a printer 
Part of a bomb 
Zellweger of "Chicago" 
Wagon train cry [you can relax …] 
Showed, as in a showroom 
Language in which "hello" is "annyeonghaseyo" 
How a book in Hebrew is read [watch out now!] 
Grp. that promised Trump "We’ll see you in court" 
Animal that resembles a raccoon 
Lyra’s brightest star 
Cause of some poisoning 
Idle laughter source? 
Echoing sound in a hallway, maybe 
Very: Fr. 
Trail activity 
Egg on 
Shares held by a shareholder 
James Parkinson or Alois Alzheimer 
Leak fixer 
Aspiring band’s goal 
Boardroom fig. 
Plant with spores 
Mendes of "2 Fast 2 Furious" 
Rhineland refusal 
Attack with a sword 
Some baitfish 
Grp. that has added 12 members since the end of the Cold War 
Divine water 
Port with lots of lake-effect snow 
Perfume container 
High school athletic awards 
Southwest terminal? 
"Vitruvian Man" artist 
Switch words 
Its sound in old westerns was often simulated by a coconut 
Food label listing 
Bygone Winter Palace resident 
Brand of cooler 
Janowitz who wrote "Slaves of New York" 
Kind of membrane
Vulture cousin 
Umbrella parts 
What acoustic tile should reduce 
eyed (naive) 
Word after wiggle or war 
Venerable kids’ cereal 
Unexplainable, in a way 
Uncommon Monopoly rolls 
Tough opponents 
Suffix for stock 
Strong wishes 
Spot on CBS 
Spire attachment 
Sort of yarn 
Remover of 13 Down 
Radar measurement 
Prod with flattery 
Poe specialty 
Name on the cover of ”I, Robot” 
Many a lounge act 
Leak out 
On guard 
Mass arrival 
Made known 
Looked like a villain 
Leave quickly 
Kid-gloves treatment 
iPhone talker 
Home-improvement chain founder 
Here: Lat 
Helical toy brand 
Hand-raising ritual 
Had down 
Gulf War missile 
Added highlights to 
Barefoot discipline 
Communion, for instance 
Font like Helvetica 
Dressage demonstrations 
Disney lion 
Diner listing 
Country on the Caspian 
Circular flow 
Cheating device 
Cartoon screech 
Cartel’s creation, perhaps 
Bit of progress 
A Penn State campus city 
”Toy Story” dinosaur 
”North by Northwest” name 
”East of Eden” brother 
Search field in an online library catalog 
Gulf War code name 
Homeric exclamation? 
Writer Susan who had a close relationship with Annie Leibovitz 
Plum species used in gin 
One of Archie Manning’s boys 
Gives free rein to 
Compendium of Kodak moments 
Groundbreaking items? 
London park 
You can find one in the bleachers 
Wren’s "Beau ___" of literature 
What batting avgs. are, essentially 
Belted out a song 
"Chestnuts roasting ___ open fire" 
Solo in "Tosca," e.g. 
They go with thees 
Old Henry Fonda film with advice for a "friend" 
Get it to go 
Tomei film that’s a favorite of "mine" 
Aware of the real nature of 
"America the Beautiful" waterway 
Crockett and Jones 
Land of Dublin 
Far from more 
Merits, as compensation 
False or graven object 
They stand tall in the salty air 
"… best-___ plans …" 
Paying for a hard workout? 
Girl in a barn? 
Common city-name starter in California 
Old sitcom for "us" 
Sound made with fist-to-mouth 
Game in which you rack ’em up 
Bonheur or Parks 
River that rises in French Flanders 
Anti-flooding embankment 
Arranged fight 
Palindromic band of Swedes 
Build up, as a fortune 
Bit of sun 
"Evil Dead" hero 
Thurmond of the NBA 
"Meet Me ___ Louis" 
It’s "a terrible thing to waste" 
Police car’s noisemaker 
Lay waste to 
Exhibits improper posture, in a way 
Hippie’s "peace"-ful display 
Boy band of the ’90s 
Words before "doctor" or "ghost" 
"Have a pleasant cruise!" 
Tip to one side, at sea 
Tennille and Braxton 
One Bolivian capital 
Political Robert and Elizabeth 
Musical composition evoking rural life (var.) 
George W.’s first lady 
On ___ to nowhere 
Legendary soul singer Marvin 
"___ as directed" 
Speak to a crowd 
Slowpoke that just creeps along 
Flat Scottish hat 
Aahs’ partners 
Friction-creating car part 
Bursting magnificently into flower 
Unmannerly ones 
Amorphous shape 
"Tune in for the conclusion" story 
"What ___ to be the problem?" 
It comes down on a computer 
"Wait, there’s more!" 
Trattoria’s “in the style of” 
Half a cosmic whole 
Firebird roof option 
Rathskeller fare 
Where some large schools may be found 
Card table request 
Biological map subject 
Amazing in dudespeak 
Couple’s break from the kids 
Genteel gatherings 
Shaft with bushings 
Badlands landform 
Before poetically 
Farmer’s possible reply to “What beans are you planting this year?”? 
Deserving a slap maybe 
“Rule Britannia” composer 
Artist Jasper during his tropical period? 
Unloaded a burden 
Seemingly eternal burden 
Former NASCAR Cup sponsor 
Joint ailment 
Abbr. in car ads 
Eatery often named for its owner 
Punjabi monotheists 
County bordering Sonoma 
Barn-raising sect 
Peach or orange 
Collector of some Spanish art? 
Profession casually 
Picture of health? 
Possible reason for an empty seat 
West Coast pro 
“Challenge accepted!” 
Had too much 
Casual parting … and a hint to this puzzle’s four longest answers 
Corner office fig. 
“This feels familiar” feeling 
Tolkien villain 
Go over again 
Rental duration 
Scrubland succulent 
Headline during an African wildfire season? 
Settled on the tarmac 
“__ something I said?” 
Skate park protection 
Actor who won five Emmys for his portrayal of Lou Grant 
More soiled 
Like a schlemiel 
ABC’s Washington-based political drama 
Thaw in the Cold War 
Spelunking site that requires very warm clothing 
K2 and K1 but not B12 (abbr.) 
Bar mitzvahs and baptisms 
Dunham and Horne 
One of the Kardashian sisters 
Museum guide 
Buckeyes’ alma mater for short 
Backup singer for Gladys Knight 
Result of a liquid’s vaporization 
Confidently mastered 
Gambling parlor letters 
Numero to look out for 
Woolly moms 
Jack’s platform? 
Match parts 
Scepter’s regal counterpart 
Jolly green veggie hawker 
"An Inconvenient Truth" author 
Borden’s spokescow 
Greek letter that looks like "H" 
What a Vulcan suppresses 
Some members of the Iroquois Federation 
Board game with a Shakespearean-sounding name 
Went up the river 
"Don’t throw bouquets ___ …" (song lyric from "Oklahoma!") 
School support gp. 

Brought the curtain down on
Capital city on the Aare (var.)
Joplin piece 'Maple Leaf ___'
Appraisal determination
Covered with greenery, as some walls
Large coffee container
Like one cracking knuckles before playing the piano?
Asian tie
Mask of death
Mosquito relative
Hiding places for wild game
An authoritative command
Good for tilling
One with top billing
Soft, moist parts of fruit
A little gob
Word that frequently follows me?
Victims of many triple slaps
Be human, according to a saying
'___ only a game'
'Seinfeld' character Braun
Naval lockup
Put a pharaoh on layaway?
Definitely not as nice
Certain bridge players
Having scruples
Travolta musical
Victorian, historically
How the worst pros play?
Misery resulting from affliction
Pamphlet relative
Type of committee
Place for pigs
Made a choice
Does more than whimpers
Danson of TV 
Serve papers on
One of the first to inhabit Eden
Vital port of Yemen
It beats an ace high
Bonnie's partner in crime
Certain astrological sign
Love at the foot of Mount Etna
Participate in Darwin's theory?
Leg entangler of cattle
Area or throw, e.g.
Tank type
Toothpaste container
Meaty thing at a barbecue
Arranges into various piles
Breakfast staple
Laze on deck

ëì äæëåéåú ìàúø ùîåøåú ìáòì äàúø åìå áìáã ,àí øàéúí çåîø ôåâò àðà ãååçå ìðå åðåøéãå , äàúø ðáðä òì éãé éå-éå áðééú àúøéí áçéðí ëðñå åáðå ìëí àúø áçéðí ùééê ìéå-éå àúø ôðàé ìéìãéí åðåòø äàúø ùéù áå äëì
ãéååç òì àúø
îùç÷éí | àúøéí ìáðåú | îùôèéí ìôééñáå÷ | ñøèåðéí îöçé÷éí | ø÷òéí | áãéçåú | îùç÷éí éôéí | îùç÷é áðåú | îùç÷éí ìàééôåï | îùç÷éí çéðí | çéôåù îùç÷éí | îùç÷éí åéøèåàìéí |
îùç÷é ãôãôï | ãôé öáéòä | òåìí äãåâîðéåú | ÷åðèø ñèøéé÷ | àúøéí ìéìãéí | 250 îùç÷éí | òåìí äîùç÷éí | áàáìñ | úîåðåú îöçé÷åú | ñèèåñéí ìôééñáå÷ | èøéååéä | ÷èðèðéí | 200 îùç÷éí | èéôå îùç÷éí - 365 îùç÷éí |