Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 05.02.2017

Catches off base 
Apologia pro vita 
60 minuti 
Slice for a hearty appetite 
1941 chart-topper Maria 
for Nobel laureates 
Desert NE of the Sinai Peninsula 
"___ little silhouetto of a man" (Queen lyric) 
Factor in area calculation 
Puts forward, as effort 
Che Guevara's real first name 
Ranger's station 
for Best Directors 
Altar constellation 
Rule by governing board 
Rip off, informally 
"Don't be so dumb!" 
for secretaries of state 
Yapping dog, for short 
West Coast air hub 
Two-___ (smallish car) 
Fictional spacecraft created by the Time Lords 
Hillary Clinton in 1969 or Bill Clinton in 1970 
Certain conservative skirt 
Ending with teen 
Hit record? 
Org. with a travel ban? 
Emphatic agreement 
Letters of "pride" 
Alternative to a pound 
Aid for the handy, informally 
Kennedy who was the mother of Maria Shriver 
What boats shouldn't do 
Best Foreign Film of 2005 set in South Africa 
Gay (W.W. II plane) 
Loo, for short 
Enter, as data 
Hmm, guess so 
Guido who painted "Massacre of the Innocents 
Cousin of "OMG!" 
Anchor's place 
Zac of "Neighbors" 
Texting while driving, e.g. 
Most-wanted invitees 
for British prime ministers 
Reading material for a Hollywood agent 
Professors answer to them 
After deductions 
"J to ___ L-O!" (Jennifer Lopez album) 
"Victory is yours" 
Mexican president Enrique Peña 
Like over four billion people 
for astronauts 
Hurriedly showed oneself out 
Gift shop item 
Emphatic refusal 
One who 64-Acrossed for Supreme Court justices 
Superfluous part of an essay 
Participate in deciding 
Caramel candies from Hershey 
Took care of 
Getting ready to swing 
Opposite of standing 
Remove fat from, as a soup 
Cubs' home 
Less safe for a plane landing, in a way 
Drop a bit 
Poetic preposition
Change from black-and-white 
Arthurian princess 
Geometric toy whose sides change depending on how it's folded 
Cab destination 
Fix, as an election 
Pub vessel 
Classical musician with a Presidential Medal of Freedom 
Move hastily 
Easy-to-carry telescope 
Send elsewhere for the night, as a roommate, in modern lingo 
Gray squirrel, in slang 
Also-ran in 2000 
"Same with me" 
Heavy weight 
Overcome a certain career barrier ... or what the answers to the starred clues do? 
Mosaic pieces 
"How's it hangin'?" 
Click "Going" on a Facebook event, e.g. 
Part of a stock exchange? 
Running a bit behind 
Spanish she-bear 
Pokey's pal on TV 
Pennsylvania vacation locale, with "the" 
2013 best seller by Sheryl Sandberg 
Question after a photo finish 
Aid after a computer crash, say 
Reply to "No offense" 
Highlighter shades 
It helps you achieve balance 
"No worries" 
Sheena who sang "U Got the Look" with Prince 
Geneticist's study 
They're measured by pluviometers 
When soap operas first flourished 
Performs, biblically 
Moretz of "Carrie" 
Sidney Poitier's 1980 autobiography 
Primitive timer 
Material commonly used during cathedral construction 
16-ounce container 
Braces (oneself) 
Pipe smoker’s gadget 
Employment org. created in 1935 
Govt. lawyer 
Hurdle for srs. 
Spunkmeyer of cookie fame 
Large seaweed 
Media player command 
Tab target 
Weightlifting units
Paving stone shaped like a brick
Source of linseed oil
It wears a brown coat in summer
Common lab animals
Galaxy Note accessory 
Shiny craft store supply 
Overdo the flattery 
Return from searching? 
Farrier’s tool 
Small outgrowths, on many plants
Ducks, on ESPN crawls 
Warning to a passing driver
Give the once-over, plus
Provide with the wherewithal
Warning to a passing driver
Longtime Wyoming senator Mike 
The Skatalites music genre 
Be on the disabled list, say 
Indian lentil stew 
Brian who has coached two Olympic skating gold medalists 
Automatic accessories?
Stevedore’s org. 
Gets ready to operate 
Liqueur order type
Question in Matthew 
Transitional state 
Reasons to toss hosiery
She played Buffy 
Blue __: German wine brand 
Not paying proper respect to, in slang
Socially improper
Seemed less important, by comparison
Ipecac, for one 
October Revolution figure 
Period of distinction
Enterprise rival 
Yelp contributor 
One with lasting merit
Pool triangle 
The one that blew the ballgame
Den focal point 
It can cause quite a "depression"
Woe for some newborns
Whiskey base, often
Like some post-grad exams
Prefix with -lexic 
I-beam relative 
Voice of the difficult homeowner in "Up" 
Physical building location
Positive ID maker
Generic nickname for a cowpoke
Scout’s find, ideally 
Jennifer of "Zero Dark Thirty" 
Take out one’s yacht
Held at the station 
Former "Weekend Today" co-host Hill 
"Take ___ Train" (Duke Ellington)
Suggested subtly 
Klemperer of Germany
2008 bailout beneficiary 
Palindromic church dogma
Get out of a pickle 
One was issued at Nantes
Market before building 
One of Donald Duck’s nephews
Ill-advised move 
Some legal business entities
Rent-a-car choice 
Seed used in smoothies 
Cautious and conscious
Or ___ (bully’s words)
Uses Facebook Chat, briefly 
Group on a mission 
"Blithe Spirit" author Coward
Kiddie’s coat fastener
Halloween projectiles
Thrusting fencing maneuver
Dr. Seuss title ender 
Swimmer’s bane 
Moves like a monarch 
Sherpas’ language 
August birthstone 
Common boot feature 
Playful crib liner? 
"The game didn’t go well" 
Former world power, briefly
"Top Hat" studio 
Posting that periodically reposts itself? 
Sailors or old salts
Card game with tricks 
Gets to the bottom line?
Fishy breathing organ
Thai currency
Indian nannies
Application word
Part of iOS 
Make a move 
Vogue rackmate 
Type of counter seen in kitchens? 
Some rubylike gems
Model X maker 
Sound reflection
’70s jazz band Spyro __ 
Thing Santa checks
Gold Coast port
Bobbing on the Adriatic
2014 "Cosmos" presenter __ deGrasse Tyson
Like many amusement parks
Conceptual artist Yoko 
Did pre-heist planning at 
Excitement about the producer of the original "Charlie’s Angels"? 
Schubert’s "The __ King" 
You can have a stroke with it
Prime meridian abbr.
Ritz alternative 
Island of New York
See eye to eye 
How some goods are quickly sold 
One in the Gulf War
Scattered over earth
Sounded displeased 
Register, as a sale 
15-member sports org. 
Hard golf club to swing? 
Anti-bullying ad, e.g. 
Sch. in Tempe 
"Ahooga!" producer? 
Pet Shop Boys label 
Bottled surprise 
Restless desire 
"Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat" author 
Make more attractive 
Pampas birds 
Irish brew 
Some float in place with the tide 
Dorm room, perhaps 
One way to learn 
Like the viva voce part of some exams 
Landscaping mulch specialists? 
Number for a pair 
Flexible pronoun substitute 
Org. that dropped "Lawn" from its name in 1975 
Clump on a lawn 
Plant with edible leaf sheaths 
Inhospitable medical fraud? 
Bucket list items, say 
Iowa’s state tree 
Sign of a lawn tractor problem? 
Independent African nation since 1993 
With alarming suddenness 
Woods on a tee 
Sulky-pulling horse 
"McMillan & Wife" actress 
NRG Stadium for Super Bowl LI 
Whopper toppers 
Take five 
Grabs a bite 
Online discussion 
Stump the audience? 
Blanket material 
Have a sneaking suspicion 
Managing with "out" 
Like a boxer’s hands 
Mel who was the voice of Bugs Bunny 
"Look what I found!" 
Roll call response 
Feed bag fill 
Havana highballs 
Greenish blue 
Roman wrap 
Spur-of-the-moment decision 
Bahrain resident 
Detox locale 
Military command 
Holly’s role in "The Piano" 
Prepare for a marathon with "up" 
Two in Tijuana 
Gujarat garb 
"Land sakes alive!" 
"Not in a million years!" 
Warren of the Supreme Court 
160 square rods 
Housewife Vanderpump of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"
Hill of "Hail Caesar!" 
Throw from Tom Brady 
Stunning trio? 
Luis Obispo California 
British Open for one 
Display at the Getty 
Engage in political damage control 
Small scratches 
Melville’s megalomaniacal mariner 
Former PayPal owner 
Attempts to curb expansion? 
Story spanning millennia 
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame architect 
5-Down x 5-Down x 5-Down 
"The ___ of Man" (opening sequence in "2001: A Space Odyssey") 
Exam for a future atty. 
Halloween goody 
Took the train 
Richard Nixon’s running mate in 1960 
Borat Sagdiyev portrayer 
Diamond flaw 
Any of the theme entries in this puzzle 
Hematite or galena 
New York or New Jersey but not New England 
"McMillan & Wife" actress 
"On the shelf" Christmas figure 
Prehistoric paintings 
More than enough 
1984 Yankovic parody of a Jackson hit 
Eulogist of Julius 
Trample underfoot 
Place for a stud 
Many a GED earner 
"Beetle Bailey" dog 
Windsor’s prov. 
1967 Sam & Dave hit 
Neck of the woods 
Call off, at Canaveral 
"Gone With the Wind" studio 
Work of homage 
Moe’s, on "The Simpsons" 
Gen-___ (boomers’ kids) 
Lo-cal salad dressing phrase 
Creator of Yertle the Turtle 
Signs up to serve 
Curiosity victim, in a saying 
Common salad ingredient 
nut (stimulant source) 
Four (The Beatles) 
Become narrower 
"Ran" director Kurosawa 
Long basket, in basketball lingo 
Eight-ball or nine-ball need 
Faberge collectible 
Former name of Ben Gurion airport 
Politician son of Ron Paul 
DNA part 
TV alien from Ork 
Mountain climber’s goal 
Didn’t sit by 
Restaurant rater’s unit 
Name in bathroom scales 
Delivered viva voce 
One opposed to immigration 
"To" on a memo 
"Aqualung" band Jethro ___ 
___ Park (Edison lab site) 
Mercury ___ (old U.S. coin) 
Electrical power unit 
Let up, as a storm 
Dastardly sort 
"At Wit’s End" author Bombeck 
Cricket rival of Harrow 
Exactas or perfectas 
Market research panel 
Pee Wee of Ebbets Field 
More, on a score 
"A Bug’s Life" bug 
1990s victims of the Hutu 
Variety of licorice candies 
Worker with petroleum or sugar 
Like an eagle’s vision 
Having the know-how 
Hot drink at a ski lodge 
Neatened, as a lawn 
"Goosebumps" author R.L. 
Fashion magazine since 1892 
Drop a brick 
One is parked at the starts of 17- and 38-Across and 11- and 28-Down 
Prehistoric paintings 
1984 Yankovic parody of a Jackson hit 
Eulogist of Julius 
"On the shelf" Christmas figure 
Place for a stud 
Many a GED earner 
"Beetle Bailey" dog 
Windsor’s prov. 
1967 Sam & Dave hit 
"Iron Man" Ripken Jr. 
Neck of the woods 
Bed choice 
Call off, at Canaveral 
"Gone With the Wind" studio 
Work of homage 
Moe’s, on "The Simpsons" 
Gen-___ (boomers’ kids) 
Lo-cal salad dressing phrase 
Creator of Yertle the Turtle 
Signs up to serve 
Curiosity victim, in a saying 
Common salad ingredient 
Grand ___ Opry 
Become one 
___ nut (stimulant source) 
___ Four (The Beatles) 
"Ran" director Kurosawa 
Work with dough, perhaps 
Word from the Latin for ”let it be done” 
What will be done 
What offers advice on 
US audio syndicator 
Thanksgiving Day Parade regular 
Tarleton twins hangout 
Sports website with an Eligibility Center 
Snacks ”To Be Eaten. Not Thrown.” 
Shakespearean septet 
Poetic initials 
Scam Alert emailer 
Rugged wheels 
Robbie’s farmer 
Red state 
Product of river erosion 
Peak-performance state 
PC switching short-cut 
Order from the boss 
Norway’s patron saint 
Nickname of Tiberius’ successor 
Naturally deep-rooted 
Nation named for a tree 
Name on Turtle Crème Pie boxes 
Musical with ”Find Your Grail” 
Major influence for Shaw and Wilde 
Landscapist’s mishap 
Ladder alternatives for ceiling painters 
Job interview, sort of 
Ion of a sort 
Indy Speedway’s Turn 2 Suite, e.g 
How horoscopes are cast 
His home is the setting for ”The Mikado” 
End of many British businesses’ URLs 
Henna product 
Hear clearly 
Golfer’s nervousness 
Finals preceders 
Far from scintillating 
Dolls at the Bedrock City gift shop 
Disorganization declaration 
Diner favorites 
Dance best known by half its name 
Continue unimpeded 
Concierge in ”The Grand Budapest Hotel” 
Comics foster family 
City near Gulfport 
Cars in some secure lots 
”Wizard of Oz” sound effect 
Bit of Hawaiian pizza 
Big bucks 
Banff Nat’l Park setting, at the moment 
Attacks for 
Akihito affirmative 
About 40% of insect species 
”__: Duets” (2007 country album) 
”That’s so wrong!” 
Common baby food 
Helped someone move into an office, say 
They’re known as "Viennese bread" in Scandinavia 
Parlor fixture 
Onetime White House family 
Tops of the Mounties 
Medieval invader of Spain 
Gas in an ion thruster 
Completes the purchase of 
What bugs are found in 
Physicist who formulated the two laws of electrolysis 
Stock market events 
Inflexible, as rules 
Fish ladder site 
A little cleaner 
Estadio cheer 
Final car built in Buick City before its shutdown 
Ben-___ (N.F.L. cheerleading squad) 
Sitcom set in Lanford, Ill. 
Nissan model discontinued in 2015 
Answer rudely 
Something work-related 
Best-selling celebrity tell-all book of 1978 
You’ll see things in them you can’t handle 
National Grandparents’ Day mo. 
Along with 
Noted writer who married his first cousin when she was 13 
Hebrew letter on a dreidel 
Name on a bottle of Pleasures perfume 
Statistical calculations 
Repair shop amenity 
Permanent magnet metal 
Inseparable duo 
Over-the-counter product? 
Parson’s residence 
Makes up (for) 
Stood for 
More south of the border? 
Old Roman coins 
Cannonball’s path 
Company that bought (and later sold) Skype 
Eminent scholar 
Back-to-back moves 
Spica’s constellation 
Post box’s contents 
Item worn by the Count on "Sesame Street" 
Changes back 
Slip away 
Gradually become noticeable 
"Bacchus and ___" (Titian painting) 
___ Bill Weedles (Land of Oz character) 
One rolling dough 
"___ vobiscum" ("the Lord be with you") 

Employment org. created in 1935
Govt. lawyer
Hurdle for srs.
Spunkmeyer of cookie fame
Large seaweed
Media player command
Brewery unit
Tab target
Pipe smoker's gadget
'All My Children' Emmy winner on her 19th try
The same
It's good in Quebec
Shiny craft store supply
Overdo the flattery
Farrier's tool
Ducks, on ESPN crawls
Spoils recipient
Longtime Wyoming senator Mike
Chip flavoring
Indian lentil stew
Brian who has coached two Olympic skating gold medalists
Return from searching?
Braces (oneself)
Gets ready to operate
Stevedore's org.
__ cavity
Day break?
Question in Matthew
She played Buffy
Blue __: German wine brand
Local branch
Transitional state
Galaxy Note accessory
Be on the disabled list, say
Ipecac, for one
The Skatalites music genre
October Revolution figure
Enterprise rival
Yelp contributor
Voice of the difficult homeowner in 'Up'
Prefix with -lexic
Poland neighbor
Ovine sign
Takes in
Every partner
I-beam relative
Den focal point
One with lasting merit
Genesis vessel
Old Fords
Scout's find, ideally
Starting with
Jennifer of 'Zero Dark Thirty'
Pool triangle
Former 'Weekend Today' co-host Hill
Suggested subtly
Held at the station
__ wrench
Get out of a pickle
Obama __
Shaq's pos.
2008 bailout beneficiary

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