Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 12.02.2017

One with a lot of tweets 
Treat for a dog 
Editor's override 
Sobel who wrote the Pulitzer-nominated "Galileo's Daughter" 
Building's rain diverter 
Parliamentary support 
Fuel from a fen 
Having no room for more 
Gaming trailblazer 
Mystical doctrine 
Ad agency output 
Tool parts used for bending things 
What a cash-strapped beau might take you on 
High hairdos 
Group's basic beliefs 
A.A. or AAA 
"Grand Hotel" star, 1932 
Something easy, so they say 
Timeline sections 
Way to go: Abbr 
Exhibitor at 1863's Salon des Refusés 
Abductor of Persephone 
Steamed seafood dish 
1950s French president René 
Fleshy-leaved succulent 
London tea accessory 
Cap similar to a tam-o'-shanter 
Utah's ___ State University 
Pricey French fashion label 
Palmas (Spanish province) 
W. Hemisphere treaty of 1994 
Was a busybody 
Conveyance for soldiers 
Beatrix Potter's genre 
Traffic cone 
Those who need sound memories, per Montaigne 
Pacific island wrap 
Plunger alternative 
Dentist's directive 
Desiccated ___ Sea 
That villain in comics has sure gotta be sore 
Worry of stratospheric proportions 
With 42-Down, "Frosty the Snowman" singer 
It must turn over to start 
Some space vehicles 
With 34-Down, longtime public radio host 
Creature on the movie poster for "The Silence of the Lambs" 
Alito's Supreme Court predecessor 
Breakfast chain 
Tour grp. since 1950 
Spreadsheet contents 
Bad look 
Roker's appeal before gastric bypass surgery? 
"Waterloo" band 
Bit of cushioning 
Heart of the matter 
Old gang weapons 
March movement 
Entry on an I.R.S. form: Abbr 
Archives material 
It's a drain 
Sight at Tanzania's Gombe Stream National Park 
"My only love sprung from my only ___!": Juliet 
Scientist's dilemma regarding work vs. play? 
It may deliver a punch 
M, on a form 
Pens for hens 
Clean with a pressurized spray 
Weighty matters 
He can be seen at the western end of the National Mall, informally 
First name in daredevilry 
Hit one out 
Result of a serious wardrobe malfunction at the beach 
Horse for hire 
Book reviewer?: Abbr 
Having less heft 
Kids' TV character who refers to himself in the third person 
Greenhorn on the force 
35-nation alliance, briefly 
Swinging Ernie 
Suggestion to a bored short story writer 
Bearded animal 
Fabric from flax 
Remain undecided 
Gives an order 
For whom Nancy was first lady 
"A bit of talcum / Is always walcum" writer 
Like most "Quo Vadis" characters 
Berate some guy for getting too much sun? 
Major export of Florida 
Sound system? 
Reimbursed expense for a commuter, maybe 
Topic for Dr. Ruth 
Have a dull pain 
Former Spanish gold coin 
Fathered a foal 
Rosy part of the face 
Like slick roads 
Aromatic pouch 
Expression with a protruding lip 
Remove secure roping from 
Course commonly before calc 
"___ a high note" 
Cubic cordwood measure 
Found new tenants for 
Chanel and others 
River bank deposits 
Stand for an orator 
Work with patterns 
Like idyllic country life 
Remove all doubt 
Things to obey 
Museum’s offering 
Message spelled out in the sand, sometimes 
Word with "blitz" or "center" 
Lounge around 
Mixture or medley 
Spreads news of 
Lousy kids’ game? 
Egotist’s proclivity
Tie up for roasting
For quite a while 
Overseer of exec. branch funding
Controversial chemical in plastics for short
Gunky substances
Solo heard at Arlington National Cemetery
Tree hugger at times
Patch to attach maybe
What’s clear in the kitchen
Org. for a large party
Shoveler’s challenge
It’s all in Ecclesiastes
"___ it rich?" (start of "Send in the Clowns")
Sir Galahad’s dad
Walter Cronkite’s network
Activity for glider pilots
Org. whose workers get a good look at you
Paper read on the LIRR, perhaps 
Cardinal points, briefly? 
Potato source: Abbr. 
Hold closely (to)
Neurotic toon pooch 
Band accessory 
Dunham of "Girls" 
The great outdoors 
In short order, in verse 
Playbill listings 
Site of an ascent 
60-Down’s info source 
"No seats" letters 
Petroleum produced from rock fragments 
1984 Heisman Trophy winner Doug 
Performed a ballroom dance 
Virus first identified in Zaire 
Extend one’s Self? 
Jazz standard that became an LSU fight song 
Thick-furred primate 
Like court testimony 
Hard one to work with 
Livorno lady friend 
Ahmedabad address 
Templo Mayor builder 
Driven to act 
"It’s nobody __ business" 
Tablet buyer, usually 
Flutter by like a butterfly 
Serving convenience 
Subatomic particle 
Pedal problems 
Editors’ marks 
Schoolyard argument 
Any one of the NFL’s top 25 career scoring leaders 
They’re spoken in anger 
Transport for Chingachgook 
Bit of braggadocio 
Was beaten by 
Monte of Cooperstown 
Spot to spot Spot 
U-shaped river bend 
Provider of a bang-up job? (abbr.)
WWII British firearm 
Yellow Black or Red
Diminutive two-seater 
Spherical opening? 
"Pinball Wizard" opera 
2013 Johnny Depp role
Musical based on a Colette novella
Unit of heat 
Vince of "Wedding Crashers"
Golfing countryman of Player 
Classic Fender guitar, briefly 
Gothic novelist Radcliffe 
"Should __ acquaintance … " 
Withdrawal in 2016 headlines 
Ad-libber’s discard
Phil in the Hockey Hall of Fame
Take another look at
Line on a weather map
Nebraska city named for a Native American tribe 
Streakers in showers 
Loser’s ad word 
Fruit fly or gnat 
Bawled (out) 
Evidence of a past life
Time of one’s life 
Border maintainers 
Maine city on the Penobscot River
Rapper who costarred in "The Cookout" with Queen Latifah
Overcomes jet lag maybe
One ejected at a circus
Colored tee, perhaps 
"La Bamba" singer
Mozart’s "The Hunt," for one 
Kyrgyzstan range 
Happy hour sponsor 
Refrigerant trade name 
The littlest bit 
lepton: physics particle 
Like Jack and Jill, ultimately 
Teacher’s bane, at times 
Like the pope’s spring message
Undertakes energetically
Glacial expanses 
Trap that’s spun 
Suffix with Jumbo 
"Let me consider this"
Whoop-de-__: lively parties 
Some price changes 
Wriggler on a hook 
Insurance concern
Half of a record 
"Alas it’s true"
Canal through Oneida Lake 
Reach by schooner, say 
Shot with English 
Urban of country 
Gambling game 
Protest gone bad 
Concern for gardeners 
Tolkien monster 
TV exec Arledge 
Student of Socrates 
Sports org. with three major divisions 
Get online shopping help, say 
Voice of TV’s Fat Albert 
Shares an email with 
Descendant of the English Bulldog 
Result of losing two points, perhaps 
Julia of "Legends of the Fall" 
Bit of body art 
Sent messages, before faxes and email 
"Raging Bull" fighter 
Responds to an alarm 
Writer Morrison 
Without missing ___ (confidently) 
Valuable trump 
Union Elevator Works founder 
TV 'Science Guy' Bill 
Tribe in some logic puzzles 
Japan's prime minister
Join an exodus
Kennedy and Lincoln: Abbr
Top trump in skat 
They'll help you get your balance 
They're easy to catch 
They make the coffee 
They live in a hole in the wall 
They fall in fall 
Testimony preceder 
Tapenade ingredient 
Sustained popularity 
Stevedore's burden 
State to be the case 
Spot for a guest 
Smoothie ingredient 
Slalom course features 
Sharon's TV co-star 
Silent bids 
Send a Dear John letter 
Philosophical question 
Rivendell resident 
Rockets great Ming 
Revue segments 
Reduced-fare program 
Queen Anne's line 
Masterwork by a French painter? 
Proscription from a chef who can't stand eel? 
Holes in the head
Hardly wimpy
Prince Harry, in 2000 
Island with a population of about 100 million
Places for laces 
High-maintenance sort
Insignificant bit of prestige?
Munch subject 
Perfumed pouch for counteracting odors from outside? 
Owl utterances 
No-win situation 
Home of eight runways
Most common Vietnamese family name 
Mayflower mover 
Language family including Arabic and Hebrew 
Makes a choice 
Lauren Bacall's 'Key Largo' role 
Golda's defense minister
Kept in reserve 
Go from green to red, perhaps
Gloucester glassful
Geometric crescent
Gander gender
City on Utah Lake
"Deliciously Different" sloganeer 
From Machu Picchu
Baggage-screening org. 
Homer’s toon neighbor 
Dunkin' Donuts buy
Hoover’s agents, for short 
Diverse ecosystem
Twist the arm of 
Filmdom’s "Italian Stallion" 
Depicts in hieroglyphics, e.g
Porcine tusker 
Cup before the barista fills it?
Creed makeup
High-rise pants and horn-rimmed glasses, say 
Crusoe's profound companion?
City bond, for short 
Like good scotch or cheddar 
One of two party leaders 
Mental misstep 
Browns, in a way 
Craft services spread?
Colt, later
Sing like a sparrow 
"For gosh ___!" 
Comes into existence
Not easily moved 
Barrymore and more 
Answers, on "Jeopardy!" 
"Superfood" berry 
The end of Caesar? 
Co. in the Dow since 1979
Gets slippery, as a road 
Mideast’s ___ Strip 
Chiromancers study them
Puck or checker 
City east of San Diego
"Buy It Now" site 
Number of W’s in this diagram 
Capital on the River Lagan
1950s presidential campaign slogan 
Boxers Mayweather and Patterson
Email folder heading 
Authorization for the exterminator to employ rodenticide?
Printer’s blue hue 
Bad for growing
Cabalists’ plans 
Attack that brings the war to a close?
Becomes inedible, maybe 
Lobster eaters’ wear 
Consequence of oily skin 
10-point Arial bold, say 
In a poor manner 
Carried in a sack 
From square one 
Attack from all sides 
Iditarod team members 
Part of a Scroogian outburst 
"Harry Potter" reporter Skeeter 
Descartes’ "therefore" 
Vivian who played Ethel Mertz 
Admit to the priesthood 
"Lords a-leaping" count 
Tuxedo shirt accoutrement 
School attended by Prince Harry 
Cocoon occupant 
Emoticon arc, for short 
Nickname for 47-Down’s portrayer 
1973 Tony nominee for "A Little Night Music" 
Lovesickness, e.g. 
Challenge for a barber 
Power-packed engine 
Contractual problems? 
Banshees’ laments 
Blow the socks off 
Allen Telescope Array org
Displaying intense anger, maybe 
Anaphylaxis treatment, for short
Resident of the Corn State 
Picture on a PDA 
Baseball’s Martinez 
'The Blacklist' org
Adenauer epithet
"Her ___" ("Miss Saigon" song) 
Wharf workers’ grp. 
Word on a picketer’s sign 
Alight in an Asian island capital?
Alec Waugh's little brother
Like a doily 
Cardinal topper 
Language traditionally written without spaces between words 
Wiretapper’s plant 
Like a zebra’s mane 
Deducts from 
Left the sack 
2007 N.A.A.C.P. Image Award winner for "Inside Man" 
They’re on the books 
'Can't Fight the Moonlight' singer
"Git ___" (words to a 22-Across) 
Target of John Dillinger 
'...she loves ___'
MLB or NFL team 
Surfboard nicks 
Treat eaten with a spoon 
Short write-ups 
Participates in the rioting 
Flirting, in a way 
It’s way over your head 
Covers with some rolls 
Virginia willow’s genus 
Pres. Davis’ side 
Ship or plane part 
Unit of rain or ice 
Like some catches and crashes 
Name in lightweight metals 
Legendary cowboy ___ Bill 
"Tell me more" 
Keeper of the flame? 
Noble’s estate 
Figure in a sum 
Distinctive features of tamago gohan servings, in Japanese cuisine 
The FBI may have one on you 
Stray on the range 
Have no accomplice 
Response to "Not now," often 
". . . your point is?" 
Patrolling a neighborhood, say 
"Where did ___ wrong?" 
"How stupid am I!" 
Hot Wheels product 
Shouts heard at a rodeo 
Typeface similar to Helvetica 
Express verbally 
Wasn’t in the lineup 
Words that may be irregular 
"Rent" actor Diggs 
Sauce made with pine nuts 
Old map abbr. 
Key figure in saving New York City from bankruptcy 
Satiny quality 
Something needed to raise the bar? 
Squats strengthen them 
Just deserts for misconduct 
Salted away? 
USAF superintendents 
Part of many a submarine 
Word on the African nation list 
Veggie-burger alternative 
Turned about 
"You don’t say!" 
"___ a broken heart": Dickinson 
Treat with orange pieces 
"You don’t say!" 
GPS generation: Abbr. 
Sparkling white 
Total heat of a thermodynamic system
Netted, in a way 
Be a wannabe 
They take things in 
They have to be docked 
Term often applied to Hemingway 
Suitcase part 
Sports laughers 
Some Softsoap stuff 
Skeptic-stunning success 
React to a riot 
Pouty pose 
Original Soft Spread purveyor 
Perform perfunctorily 
Pressing to the max 
Restraining order 
Samurai hairstyle 
Revealing ritual 
Primordial blame-shifter 
Popular college course? 
Moved items on a page 
Northern Cyprus money 
One-on-one request 
Often-squelched thing 
New Age reading material? 
Mountains or heaps 
Make a bed that you’ll soon lie in 
Jacks, for example 
It has a Candy Corn limited edition for Halloween 
Iroquois copter, to soldiers 
Group with the ”Our Wild America” campaign 
Groom at a 2009 Kardashian wedding 
Governorate across the gulf from Somalia 
Go for 
Advantageous jumps 
Compact contract 
Competitor of St. Pauli N.A 
Give wise remarks 
Get out of bonds 
Fumbles (for) 
Extended period, hyperbolically 
Ella Fitzgerald Award recipient of 2014 
Drum heard in Shankar recordings 
Dom Pérignon’s winery 
Dispose of 
Cutting-a-rug figure 
Clothing store suffix 
Botanical extension 
Bodies, in biology 
Beverage bought in Britain 
Arabic word for ”friend” 
Alternatives to handlebars 
All-time top-selling trio 
A newspaper might open one to the public 
’80s Portfolio designer 
A Visit From the Goon Squad” Pulitzer winner 

Spreadsheet contents
Bad look
Turn aside
Roker's appeal before gastric bypass surgery?
'Waterloo' band
Bit of cushioning
Heart of the matter?
Old gang weapons
Photographer Arbus
What's right in front of the tee?
Dismaying announcement about disaster aid?
Entry on an I.R.S. form: Abbr.
It's a drain
Sight at Tanzania's Gombe Stream National Park
Archives material
Wild revelry
'My only love sprung from my only ___!': Juliet
Scientist's dilemma regarding work vs. play?
It may deliver a punch
March movement
M, on a form
Toast word
Pens for hens
He can be seen at the western end of the National Mall, informally
Weighty matters?
First name in daredevilry
Clean with a pressurized spray
Hit one out
Result of a serious wardrobe malfunction at the beach?
Horse for hire
Greenhorn on the force
Kids' TV character who refers to himself in the third person
35-nation alliance, briefly
Swinging Ernie
Having less heft
Book reviewer?: Abbr.
Suggestion to a bored short story writer?
Bearded animal
Fabric from flax
Remain undecided
Gives an order
For whom Nancy was first lady
'A bit of talcum / Is always walcum' writer
Altar spot
Like most 'Quo Vadis' characters
Berate some guy for getting too much sun?
Blue hue
Major export of Florida
Sound system?
As yet
Reimbursed expense for a commuter, maybe
Topic for Dr. Ruth
Corp. bigwig
Parliamentary support
Treat for a dog
One with a lot of tweets
Editor's override
Sobel who wrote the Pulitzer-nominated 'Galileo's Daughter'
Building's rain diverter
Fuel from a fen
Having no room for mo

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