Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 06.03.2017

No. after a main telephone no.
Rat or roach
Chinese leader with a Little Red Book
___ lily
Gold standards
Bird that gives a hoot
Article of outerwear for a General Motors employee?
Newspapers, collectively
___ Harbour, Fla.
Lee who directed 'Life of Pi'
Article of outerwear for a housekeeper?
Removes the rind from
Classic muscle car
'Grand' women
Entree that may be slathered in barbecue sauce
___-rock (music genre)
Potato chips, to Brits
Article of outerwear for a candy lover?
Ankle-high work shoe
Common weather phenomenon in San Francisco
Leave full
Justice Sotomayor
Warm greeting
Having a ho-hum attitude
Done: Fr.
Article of outerwear for a champagne drinker?
Component of a science course
Bunny's movement
Too many of them 'spoil the broth'
Article of outerwear for an urbanite?
Paving goo
Quick look
Opera melody
Rainbow shape
Awards in the ad biz
Wine barrel
Medicine-approving org.
Auction grouping
Middle of Arizona?
Nile viper
Kilmer of 'Top Gun'
Memory unit
Some computer picture files
Painters' touches
Caged talker
Shorebird with a distinctive shriek
Retired jet, for short
Honeycomb product
Descriptive language
Headgear for a drizzly day
Holders of some music collections
Thicken, as blood
Alternative to FedEx
N.F.L. three-pointers: Abbr.
Madrid Mrs.
200- or 400-meter run, e.g.
Rambunctious little kids
Command spoken while pulling the reins
Small ammo
Thinks, thinks, thinks (about)
Carpet variety
Unappetizing food that might be served with a ladle
Belgrade native
Easter Island locale
Faintest idea
Fond du ___, Wis.
Bit from a movie
Mary ___ cosmetics
Command to a dog
Crop up
Witch's laugh
Circus tumbler
Count with fangs
What the 'Gras' of Mardi Gras means - See more at:

Poem with quotations
TV award
Card of ownership, in Monopoly
Accept as one's own
Jet type
Bulky grayish-brown eagle
factor for players in big games
Loud summer bug
Growth near the tonsil
Internet message
Drink, kitty-style
Allergic outbreak, sometimes
Famous canal
Hail Mary
Angel's outfit?
Lawrence's place
Like many kitchen appliances
Sentence part
Zilch in Mexico
Like pretentious museumgoers
Gothenburg native
Thin decorative layers
Smaller sofa
Home for a British super, perhaps
Ancient Cuzco citizen
Way off base
Inuit's domed home
Daffy Duck has one
Sounds of good cheer?
Baby zebras
Let it all out, in a way
'60s war site, informally
Certain sax
Accounting or sales, e.g. (Abbr.)
The Bard of ___ (Shakespeare)
Relinquish, as land
Eric of 'Monty Python'
Purple flower
Winter hazard
Polynesian food staple
Kind of pasta
Love to pieces
Secured, as a sneaker
Use, as coupons
Pigmented eye layer
Baby's nurse, in China
'The Black Prince' writer Murdoch
Said twice, an island near Tahiti
Where the wise men came from
It's the crime center?
Audible, unhealthy chest sound
Television listings abbr.
Cause of ruin
Dell or Lenovo rival
Lucy's sitcom partner
Gain ___ on (lead but good)
Bird bills
Orate passionately
Good's opposite
Genetic letters
Morning moisture
Easy scapegoat
Surgery reminders
Place to moor
One with a run-on sentence?
___ gin fizz
Dam or president
Shoemaker's puncher
WWII flying group
Loudness units
Much more than some
Especially cruel boss
Newton's fruit? - See more at:

Doctor on 'Star Trek'
Indicates assent
Marsh plant
Short distances
Peaceful protest (hyph.)
Penn or Connery
Cotton machines
At rest
Roof overhangs
Pub missile
A sense
Discussion group
Astronomer Carl ____
Brief sleep
Not pos.
Above in verse
Distinctive time
Thick soup
Belonging to them
Skunk feature
Be ambitious
Corn spikes
Watch over
More docile
Clairvoyant person
500 sheets
Sorrowful sound
Norwegian capital
Not ashore
Lamenting cry
Social insect
Certain dashes
Audition tape
Army division
Cobra's comment
Thickly populated
Talked back
Treat for kitty
L. ____ Hubbard
UN member
Oinking animal
National bird
Commit (a crime)
Make up for
More sharply inclined
Cloth measure
Ellen DeGeneres e.g.
Moon feature
Wrestler's pad
Property claims
City buried by Mt. Vesuvius
Grand ____
Dictionary entry - See more at:

Leftover morsel
Egg cells
'Just __ moment'
Gym units
'The __ of the Ancient Mariner'
'Laugh-In' segment
'__ I care!'
Hawaiian food staple
Eye rudely
Airport luggage checker
Sides of an issue
What muzzled dogs can't do
Cry hard
Fertilizer ingredient
Landlocked African country
Numbered musical works
José's 8-Down
Pole tossed in Highlands competitions
Sidewalk eatery
Mountain climber
Brings forward for inspection
Canceled at 6-Down
Test version
Uncle's mate
Word after greater or less
Electric eye, e.g.
I problem?
Eve's mate
Skylab org.
Equitably divided
__ juice: milk
How experts do their jobs
Losing casino roll
Back talk
Eye sores
Again and again, to bards
'Lady and the __'
Blacksmith's block
2016 Olympics city
How to ask journalist Roberts if she'd like an Oreo?
__ Wednesday
Hockey great Bobby
High-tech rte. finder
Hawaiian strings
Farmer's wake-up duty list?
Problem during sleep
Dust __: tiny house critter
Taps instrument
Final notice?
Singer Edith known as 'The Little Sparrow'
Pago Pago's place
Storage solution for Disney?
James Watt, by birth
'You're it!' game
'Ho ho ho' holiday guy
Be itinerant
James Bond is one
Tiny six-footer
Place for a haircut and a whiskey?
'Haste makes waste,' e.g.
Ann __, Michigan
Folder identifier
Barber's razor targets, at times

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