Mordo - Crossword clue|CROSSWORDPUZZLE ANSWERSPART A29.03.2017

College transcript stat.
Legal representative: Abbr.
Good fortune
Turn suddenly
Midmorning hr.
Prefix for violet
Supply food for
Cruise vessels
Small bill
Fourscore and ten
Window installer
Goof off
Quaint hotel
Thin and muscular
Suffix for poll or prank
Coal dust
Tent anchor
Secret meeting
Genealogical chart
Underground home for bats
Top poker cards
Some clock batteries
Does an ushers job
Em preceder
Northwest Canadian region
Overly bossy fiancée
Pickle herb
Tiny bits
Built, as a skyscraper
__ and crafts
__ road (ice-cream flavor)
Land-based military force
Enter, as data
Women from Spain: Abbr.
__ moss (gardeners material)
On or earlier (than)
Disreputable, informally
Basic unit of heredity
Suffice __ say . . .
Nation in northern South America
Reduce by 50%
Deserve to receive
Spherical map
Very young plant
Awkward person
Utilize, as power
Sports venues
Make level
Keyboard players
Was compassionate
From __ (completely)
Woman on the silver screen
IDs on luggage
__ blame you
Mideast artificial waterway
Swedish furniture chain
__ never work!
Small sample of food
Brief farewells
__ dish (fries or onion rings)
Start of The Alphabet Song
Abbr. on some street signs
Word after press or mess
Manicure sound
Numbered part of a freeway
Change the decor of
Maker of Aspire laptops
Pulled a swindle on, slangily
Tablelike elevations
Type of shooting marble
Pole tossed by Scots
Many Craigslist users
Drives away
On the house
Krypton or Vulcan, in sci-fi
Keep tabs on
Give the heave-ho to
Reacts to a bad call
Dead-end jobs
Impish expression
Drink with a polar bear mascot
Leaf-turning time
Woodstock-era wear
Gestures to generals
"Cut-throat" blades
Slogs across a stream
Gossips tidbit
Places for book titles
Device on some drones, for short
Almanac entry
Almanac entry
Its about 1 percent argon
Moving line on a weather map
On the verge of fainting
SRO part
1981 Warren Beatty drama
Sits for a spell
Under any circumstances
Market online
Cart-drawing pair
Emotional wreck
Raw bar offerings
Potpie morsel
Carbon dating estimate
Switch to another track
New Jersey city near Pennsylvania
Gave the heave-ho to
Sponge out
"Ghosts" playwright Henrik
Drawn straws or cast pebbles
Libraries do it
Tackle box item
Wears a long face
Place to stack bales
Captive of Jabba the Hutt
Image of a speeding Road Runner
Cornfield divisions
Came to prominence
Golden Gloves events
Some Serengeti grazers
Knave of Hearts theft
Bill with an Eye of Providence
Color similar to camel
Pacific storm
Like Roy Orbisons glasses
Roto-Rooter target
"Straight Up" singer Abdul
Cheese with an edible rind
Way off
Paddock newborn
Zero, in soccer
Works to get
Word said three times before What have we here?!
With 62-Down, sci-fi weapon
What stars are in the night sky
Unit of bacon
Truman and others
Treasure holders
Tom who coached the Dallas Cowboys for 29 years
Three, in Berlin
Thing that exists
The Great Tempter
Shirt that might have a crew neck, informally
Sauce with pine nuts
Rice wine
Rule laid down by a commission: Abbr
Revered Star Wars figure
Request for a hand
Prefix with galactic and spatial
Prefix with -versal
Palindromic boys name
Pacific ___
One-named singer who won the 2016 Album of the Year
Not stand completely straight
On the double
Not connected to a computer network
Nile predator, briefly
Nick at ___
Next in line
Nervousness that causes a golfer to miss an easy putt, with the
Measuring cup material
Munch on
Material in strands
Logicians chart
Lions prey
Letter after sigma
Lager relative
Inspiring 1993 movie about a Notre Dame football team walk-on
Inner part of a racetrack
Illegal pitching motion
Harvest, as crops
Gravestone letters
Govt. org. with a drone registry program
Golden State sch
Even trade
Easily fooled
Drying oven
Drug whose generic name is naproxen
DiCaprio, to fans
Comical Brooks
Class with masks?
Carpet style
18th-century mathematician who introduced the function
What should I ___?
The Raven writers monogram
Right to the point: Youre beautiful, its true, said ___
Gotta run, pop concert calls, said ___
It gets better spot, e.g., in brief
Dont interrupt me on my radio show, said ___
All we ___ saying is give peace a chance
A man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin, per H. L. Mencken

NYPD rank
Hoppy quaff
Repeated number in the Fibonacci sequence
___ buco
Campus figure
Literary governess
Superfood seeds
Clinging, say
A bit naughty
Penalty box, in hockey slang
The rite answer?
Collection of funny flubs
Car named from its creator's initials
'Argo' setting
Online news aggregator
Many a post-grad degree
It might be medically induced
Instruction sheet unit
Pacemaker parts
Animals impacted by climate change
Trey's nominal suffix
Michael of 'Superbad'
Damage from use
Joint producing a lot of smoke?
'Ooh, that smarts!'
It has lots of household items
Penicillin, in the 1940s
It requires extraction
Tidal wave of information
'Rashomon' director Kurosawa
Tupperware piece
Scoped things out?
Org. with an annual 'sweet sixteen'
Featuring a sharp TV picture
Muscovite, e.g.
He came before and after O'Brien
Muscovite's no
Beasts of burden
Victorian and Tudor, e.g.
Vegging out
Adler created by Arthur Conan Doyle
Ratlike feature, and a hint to a feature of the four starred answers
Statement of beliefs
Skye of 'Zodiac'
Wall St. honcho
*Land of giants visited by Gulliver
Highlander's place?
Hunting companion of Orion
'This ain't good'
It's caught on halfpipes
Coder's shortcut
Hip-hop duo ___ Sremmurd
*Appetizer at a Chesapeake restaurant
Cheer for Lionel Messi
Give mace or a mace to, e.g.
Lacking active leads
Knightly attendants
*Paleo adherent's regimen
Some govt. lawyers
Music's McEntire
Revival sights
*Monster of myth who took people for a spin
Cropped up
Collaborative site
Machu Picchu builder
Wooden rod
Ziggy Stardust's rock genre
Dynasty associated with vases- See more at:

Deli sausage
Customs or directions
Uttered 'not guilty' in court
Assists a criminal
Ireland, to natives
___ vera (common lotion ingredient)
'I'll get my high school diploma, DOG GONE it!' is
Drink for Opie Taylor
Santa in California
Indian honorific
'___ you when you're sleeping '
Bewildered 'for words'?
Product taken for mild pain
Precious stone
Escapee who was free as a LOST BIRD?
Use a Singer
Hard-nosed and unbending
Large hawks
Feature of some man caves
Notes from the boss
Historic event of 1944
Poem of tribute
The meaty part of menus?
Type of oven
Like a needy one with NOT EVEN A MOUSE?
They drill through stuff
System with an LP player
Nonoriginal copy
On the waves
FBI agent,slangily
Nonaggressive Asian snake
Not cooked
Female deer
Right-angle bend
Alfred E. Neuman dental feature
See 49-Across
Large continent
Antiwar animals
Mimic's business
Most wise
Approves officially, as legislation
Bring-home-the-bacon person
Certain woodwind
Exhibited a certain speech defect
It can be a main feature
'Treasure Island' author's monogram
Stocking stuffers
Female domestic worker, in Mumbai
Prefix with 'physical'
'That's ___ ya got?'
Legendary Hall-of-Famer Willie
Open horse-drawn carriage with one seat
'Some time ago '
Storm heading, sometimes
When repeated thrice, a court cry
Arizona city
Carpenter's groove
Rope-making material
Second versions of screenplays
Fire residue
Abbr. meaning 'and more'
Manly address
Any excessive drug user
'Good shot!'
One place to love from
Not quite crying, but almost
Gold Coast place
Word with 'little,' 'much' or 'late'
Wrinkle-crushing device
Miniprogram for computers
Make a place one's home
Polish metropolis- See more at:

Shore birds
Snow toy
Kilt fold
Great review
Traveler's stop
Water jug
'____ the Beautiful'
____ Angeles
Rewrite text
Wound remainder
____ snail's pace (2 wds.)
Slightly hot
Wind dir.
Preacher's word
Pedro's 'one'
Fishing aid
Hand part
Neptune's domain
In ____ (late with payment)
Sports figure
Greek letter
Syrup tree
Dog's sounds
Actor ____ Idle
Mete out
Medical 'at once!'
Make ecstatic
Vegetarians' taboos
Adam's partner
____ model
Lacking warmth
Cobbler's tools
Epsom ____
Atlantic or Indian
Metric measure
Graceful bird
Bible book
Astronomer's tool
Future sign
Nutmeglike spice
Roman tyrant
Singer ____ Simon
Yarn craft
Take it easy
Create lace
Recipe units (abbr.)
Bargain events
Actress ____ Johansson
Flat bread
Rise up
More sharply inclined
Turnpike fee
First Greek letter
Papas' partners- See more at:

Denver-to-Des Moines dir.
'Grand' ice cream brand
'La __ aux Folles'
Fictional sleuth Wolfe
Ready for print
One who insists on the spotlight
Triumphant shout
Subtle glow
'Dragnet' star Jack
Deck that's worth a fortune?
You can see right through them
Sharer's word
Arrive by auto
Safari grazer
1988 Motown acquirer
Sue Grafton's '__ for Corpse'
Cut taker
Greek sorceress
Not paying attention
Aerial maneuvers
Special-interest government spending
Writer Zola
Handled clumsily
Alley scavenger
With 43-Across, fraternal order
Be frugal with
Tea preference
Risky purchase, metaphorically
Dry-__ board
Laundry room brand
Cabbage dish
Not in the pink
Sources of morals
Laments loudly
Chop House dog food brand
Freeway sign
Bedtime drink, in totspeak
Water testers
Archibald and Thurmond of the NBA
Cotton bundle
Unrestrained party
Like nocturnally counted critters
Brought up
Far-reaching and a literal feature of the answers to starred clues
Continental coin
Subtle difference
*Many a military spouse
Trapper's trophy
Nonpro sports gp.
Absorb, as a cost
Move more product than
Cotillion girl
Like some buckets
Mane area
See 22-Down
*Electrician's basic knowledge
Compressed video format
Big name in gas
Org. with the staff of Aesculapius in its logo
Set apart from the group
Feathery layer
Proofer's mark
*Manhattan theater district locale
Lacking a key
Like port, usually
*Rain-X auto product
Pilaf base
Kate's sitcom pal
Rod in a hot rod
Huge production
Dukes not among royalty

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