Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 10.04.2017

Command before giving a dog a bone 
Finish in the top three, in the Olympics 
Henry L. ___, secretary of war during W.W. II 
Alliance that keeps a wary eye on Russia 
Designer letters on a handbag 
Actress Ryan of "Sleepless in Seattle" 
What the answers to the starred clues share, in two ways 
Roughly 3.8 million square miles, for the United States 
Not domestic, flight-wise: Abbr. 
"__ sera": Italian "Good evening" 
"Hurry up, will ya?" 
Opinion column, for short 
Kitchen cover-up? 
Somewhat, informally 
Luau torch type 
Door-to-door cosmetics seller 
Spot for bargain hunters 
Coffee break time … and a hint to an abbreviation aptly placed in each answer to a starred clue 
"__ it been that long?" 
NBC newsman Roger 
One who scoffs at boxed Merlot, say 
Princess Fiona’s beloved ogre 
Renamed lemon-lime soft drink 
National park in Maine 
Cleaner sold in green canisters 
Tax-sheltered plans: Abbr. 
Baseball’s "Amazins" 
Cavalry sword, in Sussex 
Niña and Pinta’s sister ship 
"SNL" host’s monologue, e.g. 
Yale, for five U.S. presidents 
Rod’s fishing partner 
Surfing at one’s desk, say 
Leader of the pack 
Number of little pigs, in a fable 
Like some rye bread 
Length-times-width calculation 
"Make it snappy," in memos 
"__ Noon": Gary Cooper classic 
Muddy farm home 
Former Toyota model 
Some gymnastic feats 
Suffix meaning "none greater" 
Radiant, in old poetry 
Airs, as personal information 
Rooftop energy producers 
Easy score, in basketball 
It doesn’t take much on a card table 
Fans’ cooperative display 
Sets free from a leash 
Like some raids in the dark 
Horned beast, briefly 
Sharpens, as skills 
David ___ Roth of rock 
Grad student’s exam type 
"Just the ___ thought of you" 
Discharge perspiration, e.g. 
Eliminate from a chalkboard 
"Well, well, well!" 
Feature of this crossword, if you’re good 
Baby’s affliction, sometimes 
Wilt Chamberlain’s nickname 
Sympathetic and then some 
It’s trapped in the laundry 
Approves, in a way 
"48 ___" (Murphy film) 
In inventory 
Much land 
Anchovy holder 
Winery vessel 
Numero ___ (first-rate) 
"We’re number ___!" 
Seedy bar 
Bottiglia ristorante 
Surface extent 
Bow-toting god 
Network that merged with the WB 
Comfy slip-on 
35mm film holders 
Ending for eager 
Machine shop refuse 
Fancy button 
Foxx of "Sanford and Son" 
Roseanne of "Roseanne" 
Sloping passage 
Web surfer’s guide 
Designer Donna 
Totaled, as a bill 
Delta makeup 
___ Moines 
___ Paradiso (Italian Alp) 
Civil War general Doubleday 
Tax-free bond, for short 
Get together (with) 
”Marching Along” autobiographer 
More acute 
Frat letters 
Having left 
Snooty look 
”Jingle Bells” contraction 
___ Doggie (cartoon pooch) 
”No problem for me!” 
Peseta’s replacement 
Dizzy Gillespie’s style 
Yellowish red 
Aussie hoppers, briefly 
TripAdvisor listing 
67-Across, to Indiana 
Video replay technique 
Digital photo format 
Kick out of school 
Dietary fat unit 
Elon Musk’s car company 
Rental-car extra 
IRS staffers 
Flower whose markings resemble a face 
Long-distance athlete 
Abductor in tabloid stories 
First-first link 
"Just do it," to Nike 
Sub ___ (furtively) 
Gets by 
serif typeface 
The Prohibition ___ 
Sodas drunk on "M*A*S*H" 
"No problem" 
100 clams 
The Engineers of college football 
Tina Turner’s ex 
Freshener scent 
Trim to fit, perhaps 
Take back, as one’s words 
Musical with the song "Tomorrow" 
”España en el corazón” poet 
”The Stranger” novelist 
Heavy coat 
Moo ___ pork (Chinese dish) 
Contract endorser 
Flower in bridal bouquets 
The sun does it 
Loud call 
Friend of Fido 
Common locket shape 
Iowa State’s home 
Tennis club figure 
Diploma word of honor 
Meager hand 
Delta’s location 
Catering hall worker 
T. ___ Price (investment firm) 
Some in sties 
Any of the Keys 
Home to California’s Raisin Parade 
Like sardines in a can 
Babbling sort 
Pince-__ glasses 
”Nevermore” squawker 
Lee of comics fame 
Old West scoundrel 
Holiday nicknamed "Lady Day" 
Place to cybershop 
Name on the cover of ”Frankenstein” 
Candidates’ campaign 
The whole ball of wax 
Agree to join 
Assault on the Alamo 
Former poet laureate Van Duyn 
Plays for a fool 
Comparatively clever 
Slice of history 
Ore analyzer 
Realizes, as a profit 
India pale ___ 
Phaser setting on "Star Trek" 
Hang like a walrus mustache 
Twin city of Champaign, Ill. 
Jared of "Suicide Squad" 
Some advanced degs. 
Rafael Nadal’s homeland 
Janitorial tools 
Crowd-scene actors 
Like monsoon season 
Setter of a legal precedent 
Groups of geese, when not airborne 
Prefix with dermal 
Lowly worker 
Total confusion 
Honda’s upscale brand 
Oscar winner Kedrova 
Therefore, to Descartes 
Category for which the nine writers have won a Nobel 
Three-line verse 
”Open Secrets” short-story author 
One-for-one deal 
Buzz Lightyear or Buck Rogers 
Within arm’s length 
$5 bills, so to speak 
Games before finals 
Windmill part 
”I __ out of here!” 
Fashion editor Wintour 
Cassowaries’ cousins 
Not family fare 
Coffee specification 
Costa __ Sol 
”Ah, Wilderness!” playwright 
Beehive State collegian 
Satin’s quality 
Lap dog, for short 
Compete in a regatta 
”The Good Earth” novelist 
911 responding grp. 
Tiara inset 
Trade org. 
Snack with a shell 
Kitchenware collection 
Do a veterinary job 
”Herzog” author 
”The Magic Mountain” novelist 
Gives as a source 
Kardashian sister 
Put back on a blog 
Road-repair material 
Conventional pattern 
Poetic planet 
”Beloved” novelist 
Shakespearean prince 
Raindrops sound 
Avengers of myth 
Part in reserve
Noble exploits
Gets going after a shutdown 
”Piedra de Sol” poet 
Capital on a fjord 
Italian emotion 
Have the nerve 
Syrian leader 

Alcohol variety
Muddy farm home
Former Toyota model
Suffix meaning 'none greater'
Some gymnastic feats
Floral necklace
Makes noncashable
Radiant, in old poetry
'___ unto Caesar …'
Easy job
Masked thief
Waiter's reward
Easy score, in basketball
Drum kit part
It doesn't take much on a card table
Starter for 'sayer'
Fans' cooperative display
Cut deeply, as prices
Page opposite verso
Nocturnal bird
Fighter pilot's mission
Sets free from a leash
Wide, lacy collars
Flower organ
Mortar and ___
Pie part
Chinchilla covering
Rooftop energy producers
Latin eggs
Graph paper features
Horned beast, briefly
Pinch hitter, e.g.
One state's welcome
Sharpens, as skills
Cloud's domain
Young boy
David ___ Roth of rock
Car stat
Grad student's exam type
'Just the ___ thought of you'
Discharge perspiration, e.g.
Commissions generators
Darken all lighting
Like some raids in the dark
As one group
Overbearing arrogance
Eliminate from a chalkboard
'Active' start
Jam or lock up
Baby's affliction, sometimes
Weasel relative
Ill-gotten gains
Feature of this crossword, if you're good
American Hawkeye
Does a farming chore
Wilt Chamberlain's nickname
Airs, as personal information
Tonsils neighbor
Sympathetic and then some
States strongly
Small number
It's trapped in the laundry
'Pitiful me'
More apologetic
Approves, in a way
'Well, well, well!'
'48 ___' (Murphy film) - See more at:

Ewes' mates
Looked at
Mild expletive
Stockholm resident
Hearing organs
Iron or lead
Most rapid
Put into effect
Mother ____
Afternoon affairs
Bible verb
Fall flowers
Southern beauty
Guinness of 'Star Wars'
Care for
Gypsy's card
Went by bus
'Newsweek' rival
Black bird
____ electricity
Country roads
Takes five
Strike lightly
Model Carol ____
Polka ____
Tortoise's opponent
Do again
Vegetarians' taboos
Without company
Carson's successor
Caesar's language
Gymnast's move
Baseball stat
____ of passage
Precious stones
Out of style
Magazine edition
Vouch for
Baby's toy
Run as colors
Personal preference
Coffee flavor
Provide fresh air
Summer coolers
Pinup ____ Hayworth
Golden calf e.g.
Guiding person
Archer's goal
Flower part
Put back to zero
The Devil
Robin's residence
Involved with
Inedible mushroom
Brewery product
Most feeble
Pointed weapon
Butterfly's kin
____ loss (2 wds.)
Tiny opening
____ and fauna - See more at:

Clamorous noise
Dockworker's gp.
Travel guide
Not domestic, flight-wise: Abbr.
Plumbing unit
Proton's place
'__ sera': Italian 'Good evening'
Smashed into
TV network, e.g.
'Hurry up, will ya?'
One who scoffs at boxed Merlot, say
Triple or homer
Hawke of 'Boyhood'
January, in Mexico
Surgical beam
Golfer's goal
*Spot for bargain hunters
NBC newsman Roger
Somewhat, informally
Princess Fiona's beloved ogre
Takes for a sucker
Lipton products
Rose of baseball
Clearasil target
*Renamed lemon-lime soft drink
'O Canada,' e.g.
Division of history
Avignon assent
ATM maker
National park in Maine
Cleaner sold in green canisters
Venomous letters
Heredity unit
Tax-sheltered plans: Abbr.
'__ it been that long?'
Karate award
Bamboo lover
Baseball's 'Amazins'
Director Preminger
Unfamiliar (to)
Opinion column, for short
Coffee break time … and a hint to an abbreviation aptly placed in each answer to a starred clue
Luau torch type
Granola alternative
Kitchen cover-up?
Cavalry sword, in Sussex
Door-to-door cosmetics seller
'SNL' host's monologue, e.g.
*Yale, for five U.S. presidents
Crusty roll
Fashionably smart
Aunt, in Argentina
Like Solomon
'__ you go again!'
Rod's fishing partner
Places for studs
Surfing at one's desk, say
*Leader of the pack
Up to now
Crystal ball reader
Decorative theme
Number of little pigs, in a fable
Like some rye bread
Camper's quarters
*Niña and Pinta's sister ship
Take place
Length-times-width calculation
'Make it snappy,' in memos
Tippy watercraft
'__ Noon': Gary Cooper classic

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