Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 15.04.2017

Certain West Coast NFL pro 
Position of Hitchcock’s window 
"Nothing but ___" (swish!) 
"… and so on"
Culture of an era 
Where to find two random five-letter Across answers (Part 2) 
Bit of fire residue 
Western movie director Sergio 
Turned topsy-turvy 
Defend, as one’s rights 
"Day" or year "header" 
Word with "first" or "foreign" 
1/6 of an ounce (abbr.) 
Mother ___ (famous nun) 
In a very active way 
Yellow-orange colors 
Many Middle Eastern people 
Where to find two random five-letter Across answers (Part 1) 
Any "Animal House" frat guy 
Porch, in Hawaii 
Trooper’s head start? 
Blurts out a secret 
Org. for tall people 
One billion years 
Bard’s "soon" 
Upper air, poetically 
Common forest creature 
Brief stop in the action 
Type of legend or cowboy 
Be a terrible ironer 
Police officer’s club of India 
"30" to editors 
More uncompromising 
Card distribution problem 
Bunch of bees, collectively 
Flightless Australian bird 
Like jugs, rabbits and basset hounds 
Kind of patch or pipe 
Down clue that could relate to poker 
Outlaw hunters of the wild West 
Have the flu, e.g. 
Riser in the oven 
Red blood cell deficiencies 
Trade shows, briefly 
It makes waste 
Down answer that’s an anagram of "pesos" 
Give ‘er the gas in park 
Word of agreement on Sundays 
Assume to be true 
"Well, ___-di-dah!" 
"Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" kid 
Common deli sandwich 
San Diego attraction 
Like the hills, in a simile 
Not many 
Thorny parts of roses 
Kinski title role of 1979 
Opening wager 
Height enhancers 
Its license plates say "Famous Potatoes" 
Liquid component of stew 
Wrestler’s objective 
Pope’s jurisdiction 
Yma Sumac’s homeland 
Actor who said "I pity the fool!" 
Inscribe permanently 
Chocolatier’s vessel 
___ 51 (ufologist’s interest) 
Hutch portrayer of 1970s TV 
Villain in Disney’s "Aladdin" 
Sheriff’s wear 
Sports org. for Clemson and Syracuse 
Internet cafe connection 
In good muscular shape 
Show conclusively 
Costa ___ 
Roadside bomb, briefly 
Produce hen fruit 
Having the proverbial 1,001 uses 
Olympics weapon 
Campus marchers (Abbr.) 
Propeller spinner on a drone 
Like a drone in operation 
Toy in a carriage 
Fashion show’s focus 
Paine’s "Common Sense," e.g. 
Course halves 
Surprise ending 
Places dinnerware on 
Charitable handouts 
Hockey legend Gordie 
Recipients of a pep talk 
Ill-mannered sorts 
At liberty 
Gas in the stratosphere 
Bumbling types 
Piece in Mr. Potato Head 
Provision for an outdoor event 
Check out, in a rude way 
Purple bloomers 
A good bawling-out might be an example of it 
Purple bloomers 
‘When we have shuffled off this mortal ___’: Hamlet 
One begins ‘Thou still unravish’d bride of quietness’ 
Time period that can precede the first parts of 20-, 37- and 44-Across 
Creator of the 1966 underground film ‘Chelsea Girls’ 
World leader who’s a judo master 
Place where people make the rounds? 
Roulette option 
Game in which sevens are low 
MLB Triple Crown stat 
Word after light or fire 
School dance of the 1940s-’50s 
Instrument with a three-sided body 
Work in an air show 
Catch on TV’s ‘Deadliest Catch’ 
Swamp stalk 
Aides at M.I.T. and U.S.C 
16 things in ‘Don Giovanni’ 
Statue at Rockefeller Center 
Leader of the pack 
It may be beaten 
Instrument with octave keys 
Frenzied state 
Arrive on the sly 
‘Napoleon Dynamite’ star Jon 
Give birth, as a whale 
These, in Toulouse 
Take up again? 
Butcher’s trimmings 
Security system sound 
Some long sentences 
Prefix with pad 
Play an ace? 
Order to go 
Footage that’s not animated 
Bud source, perhaps 
Kendrick and Paquin 
"Ali" actress Pinkett Smith 
Drops on the lawn 
Cuba’s Raul 
June honorees: Abbr 
Husband or wife 
Fibonacci, by birth 
Fashion designer Marc 
Family-friendly diner choice 
Screenwriter’s concept 
Unconventional warfare group 
One doing lab work 
Prefix with angle or athlete 
Big data unit 
Ancient mountain climber 
‘The Blacklist’ network 
‘I’m with ___’ 
Yankee fare 
Very conservative 
Bathrobe fabric 
Verona vino 
1000, familiarly 
‘I meant to tell you …’ 
Foreigner’s genre 
Island near Mull 
Spiked punch? 
Show room? 
Seasonal transport 
Kayak alternative 
German ‘never’ 
Floor support? 
Flinched, e.g 
Culture ___ 
Broadway phantom’s haunt 
Cheap shot? 
Big hit 
For whom an anatomical "apple" is named 
Its website has Filing and Payments sections 
It may be felt above you 
Batman between Michael and George 
Word before horse or hero 
More than a little diligence 
”It’s a Wonderful Life” villain 
Part of Jessica Rabbit’s outfit 
Portrayer of Gump, Jr. 
JFK, in the ’50s 
Michel who scored ”Yentl” 
Piece for Italian tenors 
Shrub with olivelike fruit 
Smokey Bear commercial, e.g. 
Order to a projectionist 
35 Across title: Abbr. 
Heaps, to Hamlet 
Don’t mean it 
Reach by air 
Looney Tunes regular 
61 Across success 
Shape of rotini 
Frequent tabloid topic 
Nation on Borneo 
Pole, for example 
Sound of consideration 
Former nutritional std. 
Edison’s industrialist pal 
Frequent tabloid topic 
Trafalgar Square honoree 
County near London 
Looney Tunes regular 
Core muscle group 
In accordance with 
Spherical topper 
Very well hidden 
Planner’s project 
Beefy servings 
Stereo speaker 
VapoRub ingredient 
Baby bottle 
UFO passengers 
Low-wavelength radiation 
Lima ladies 
Active volcanoes 
Sat around 
In flames 
Eight-time Grand Slam champ 
Do wrong 
Floral attractions 
Least spirited 
Some brokers 
Israeli day 
Get well 
Hymn finales 
Insured’s outlays 
Brown-toned photos 
Environmentally sound 
Seascape master 
Obviously little-used 

Sch. in the same system as Berkeley
Currency exchange fee
More than a little unpopular
Fishhook connector
Make bubbly
Sounded displeased
Flies over Africa?
Historical Oder River region
Lab dish subject
Selena and others
Water or gas
Biblical wife of Ahab
Pasta ingredient
Grafton's '__ for Burglar'
Thin coat
V-shaped cut
Campaign pro
Get to
By the book
Candidate for Photoshop
Charmingly rustic
Protective display cover
Coach of Nadia and Mary Lou
Sheikdom of song
Hawthorne's Prynne
Like many candles
Prepare for a new assault
Like some mounts
Dairy line?
Oakland's county
Collector's targets
Janitor's supply
Lily's 'Laugh-In' operator
Business that requires browsing
Carousel riders
River across Quebec, in Quebec
Young would-be 19-Across in 2000 news
Tahari of fashion
Civil War battle site
First date concern
Seriously hurts
Heavy traffic may affect them, briefly
Word heard before a pistol fires
Solar __
'You kiss by the book' speaker
Moonraker, for one
Record flaw
Liftoff sensation
How many TV shows are aired
Calif. NHL team, on scoreboards
Hold 'em holding
'Unfaithful' co-star
'Inferiority complex' coiner
Half of Bennifer
In silence
Rathskeller turndown
Walk quartet
Asylum seeker
'Joyful, __ nations, rise': carol lyric
Becomes ripe
Like some winds
Silver tongue
Yippie Hoffman
Nevada's state flower - See more at:

Train tracks
Wind instrument
Ark patriarch
Buffalo's canal
Author Dr. ____
Actor ____ Guinness
Jail room
'Sesame Street' character
Female Japanese entertainer
Like a fridge decoration
Advertising lights
Time past
Sub store
Kin of PDQ
Dead ____ Scrolls
Kicker's prop
Ship's diary
Easy stride
'We ____ Family'
Hot sauce
Paid notices
Large artery
Part of NBA
Serious play
____ the waters
Salad fish
Ancient Peruvian
Sow's chow
Bakery employee
Oxlike beasts
Eyed flirtatiously
Barnyard fowl
Chinese e.g.
Ray Charles e.g.
Make up for
Oolong server
Tears apart
Actress ____ Winfrey
Lettuce dish
Calcutta's Mother ____
Samples food
Make waterproof
South American capital
Mideast country
Hairspray type
Take to court
Pedro's house
15th of March - See more at:

Aardwolf's kin
Position of Hitchcock's window
'Nothing but ___' (swish!)
Chocolate alternative
Western movie director Sergio
Bit of fire residue
Where to find two random five-letter Across answers (Part 2)
Pesky thing
Culture of an era
Certain West Coast NFL pro
Ambulance ltrs.
'… and so on'
Turned topsy-turvy
Defend, as one's rights
'Day' or year 'header'
Type of muffin
Tel Aviv's country
World record suffix
Unstressed vowel
Word with 'first' or 'foreign'
Plasmalike fluid
1/6 of an ounce (abbr.)
Mother ___ (famous nun)
Carpenter's wedge
In a very active way
Yellow-orange colors
Many Middle Eastern people
Chow down
Bit of butter
Rough shed
Large ale holder
Psychic letters
Where to find two random five-letter Across answers (Part 1)
Candle component
Any 'Animal House' frat guy
Porch, in Hawaii
Everyday article
Trooper's head start?
Blurts out a secret
Org. for tall people
One billion years
Bard's 'soon'
Common forest creature
'Don't go!'
Sicilian volcano 
Upper air, poetically
Brief stop in the action
Type of legend or cowboy
Be a terrible ironer
'30' to editors
Police officer's club of India
More uncompromising
'NCIS' network
Card distribution problem
Bunch of bees, collectively
Like jugs, rabbits and basset hounds
Kind of patch or pipe
Flightless Australian bird
Leather variety
Down clue that could relate to poker 
Exerciser's woes
Outlaw hunters of the wild West
Have the flu, e.g.
Riser in the oven
Red blood cell deficiencies
Trade shows, briefly
It makes waste
Down answer that's an anagram of 'pesos'
Give ‘er the gas in park
Word of agreement on Sundays
Assume to be true
Baby minder
Prison staples
'Star Wars: The Phantom Menace' kid
'Well, ___-di-dah!'
Common deli sandwich - See more at:

___-80 (old Radio Shack computer)
Brian of ambient music
Service closer
Book reviewer, briefly
Was bold
Gradually weaken
River past Arles
Toy store stock
1957 Paul Anka hit
Ryder rival
'SNL' alum Cheri
A river runs through it
Pot holder
Oxford openings
Free of germs
Cries of comprehension
Privileged classes
'Hold it right there!'
Novelist Calvino
Wheat belt machinery
'Toward Freedom' autobiographer
What the despairing have
John or Paul, but not George or Ringo
Parisian pals
Spiritual guide
Goddess of grains
Like some negligees
Sony co-founder Morita
Pointy projectile
Uncultivated expanse
Toughskins seller
Floor cover
Brewer's buy
Gillette brand
Knock over
'___ Smile Be Your Umbrella'
Try for a part
Take testimony from
'Dragonwyck'' writer Seton
Arm, e.g.
Mughal Gardens city
Put forward
Like a freshly made cappuccino
Ireland, poetically
Paris visitor?
Jackie's second husband
Gambling spot near Lake Tahoe
Churchill gesture
Pious poem
Embarrassing outbursts
Hume of 'Cocoon'
'Your point being…?'
Bring to bear
City northwest of Arles
Filled with passion
Spain's third-largest city
It may have chocolate points
Juice box attachment
Place for peas
Floor cover
Went downhill
Question following an insensitive joke
Skater Midori
To boot
Thurber's daydreamer
Mass communication?
Cut a cord, say
Calls for
Onetime JFK landers
Conservative senator of antiquity
Feels poorly
Wrapped up
Take in, say
Privy to
Julianne's all-you-can-eat buffet?
Economical, as prose
Overly enthusiastic
Dangerous bacteria
Djibouti neighbor
Great American Ball Park team
First appearance
Johnny's ice cream parlor?
Chaotic places
Rural parents
Anne's diner?
Avalon and Sienna
Self-serving activity
Vacation destination
Christina of 'Monster'
Mawashi wearer's sport
Tidy up
Remote batteries, often
Rap sheet abbr.
Feature of a May-December romance
Cooler compartment
Tyne's bakery?
Regular patron
Unenviable spot
Bill's restaurant and cocktail lounge?
Reinhard's refusal
Nissan compact
'Case of the Ex' singer
Feeling poorly
Doesn't guzzle
Advertising award
Quebec neighbor
Soccer stadium chant
Stud, e.g.
Noted remover of locks
Sean's fast-food franchise?
Many a bunt, in brief
Bear in mind
Williams of 'Happy Days'
Russell's rooftop restaurant?
Spa worker, at times
Goes downhill
People person?
Ceviche ingredient
Scarlett's home
Naomi's down-home eatery?
In ___ (really stuck)
Pro foe
Small truck maker
Turbine part
Fail to attend
'How sweet ___!'
City in 1965 headlines 

ëì äæëåéåú ìàúø ùîåøåú ìáòì äàúø åìå áìáã ,àí øàéúí çåîø ôåâò àðà ãååçå ìðå åðåøéãå , äàúø ðáðä òì éãé éå-éå áðééú àúøéí áçéðí ëðñå åáðå ìëí àúø áçéðí ùééê ìéå-éå àúø ôðàé ìéìãéí åðåòø äàúø ùéù áå äëì
ãéååç òì àúø
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