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"Chi-Raq" director Spike
Psychoanalysis topic
Wire thickness measure
Bumped into
Donald who wrote a 1963 "memoir" seen in the first words of 17-, 30-, 46- and 60-Across
Fruit named for its unsightliness
Banks seen on runways
Friends of Tarzan
Sport played by Prince Charles
Like root beer, but not beer
School founded in 1440
Derby entries
Statistic for a bowler or batter
Put the kibosh on
GMs German subsidiary
Give a new handle to
Common sculpture
Strand at a chalet, perhaps
Join forces
Two-thirds of YTD
Mushy fare
Hoi polloi, with "the"
Loud, like a crowd
Dustins role in "Midnight Cowboy"
Like some cartilage piercings
Help in a heist
Cheese in dessert recipes
Companion of crafts
Unit price word
Chemical in insect repellents
Together, as audio and video
Anderson Coopers channel
Feathery neckwear
Guide for a walking tour
Parenthesis shape diagram
"Told you so!"
Subject to chance
Part of a living room set
Any day now
Lady friend of Seinfeld
Bunions spot
Hardly macho
50-Across ingredient
Head for the hills
1932 Spencer Tracy movie
Reaction to a mishap
Beluga or shad yield
"Donut" in a car trunk
Prefix meaning "foreign"
Vague ending to a list
"The way things stand . . ."
California wine valley
Manuscript encl.
Lusitanias undoing
Cpl. or sgt.
Substances banned by MLB
Jockey Eddie with two Triple Crowns
Cookie at a 4:00 social, perhaps
Rough file
Bo Diddley tune covered by the Yardbirds
Tales of Greek gods, e.g.
Big Band ___
Thumbs-down vote
Quakers or Shakers
Bit ground by a barista
Not far away
Harry Potter pal Weasley
Worker with shingles
"The View" network
Hockey or baseball statistic
Elisabeth of 8 Down
Satellite-enabled device
Ivy Leaguer
100-stamp purchase
Tree that sounds like a country
TV host Probst
Source of poi
Loose soil
NFC West team
Dish Network alternative
Sherwood Florist, e.g.
Office lobby piece
Crystal collector, perhaps
Arkin of Argo
Ultimately realizes
Needing cheering
The Nazarene author
Tom Jones author
Western capital
Immediately appealing
Shakespeare title starter
Keeps from advancing
One to hang out with
Pastry-tube filling
Female whale
Now fleeceless
CBS series, 2000-2015
Trim back
Mocked, maybe
Country __ (long way)
Dream period, for short
Company officers
Slips on the road
Insurance ad spokesperson
Going at a crawl
Certain urban apartment
Spider-Man actress
Flat bread
Milans Teatro alla
Boardroom bigwig
Upstaging of stars
Very slim margin
__ Enchanted (Hathaway film)
Charleston-era weapon
Hiked, as prices
Many realty deals
Indoor corridor exercise
Ruhr Valley city
Place for springs
Russian villa
Nero, for one
Sports org. headquartered in Indianapolis
Words meant to hurt
Went to night school, maybe
Vitamin and supplement retailer
The Goddess of Pop
Start of many an Italian pizzeria name
Soul maker
One of a group of 18
Pie chart features
Not forget
Go here and there
Pound on some Mexican food?
Something many Founding Fathers believed in
Sight in Micronesia
Quick trip to pick up white zinfandel and blush?
Property of skim milk
Power and economic development corp. started in 1933
Influence for Enya, historically
Its often rigged
Page 1, 3 or 5, usually
Overindulging sort
Organic jewelry material
One side of China?
Name of five Norwegian kings
Many an insect repellent
Law of ancient times
Lacking a purpose in life
Halfway through a stage routine
Function for a buffalo hide
I didnt know you disliked shiny fabrics!, e.g.?
And thereby hangs ___: As You Like It
Antihero of A Clockwork Orange
Blue note?
Chew toy alternative
Courtly term of address
Erics seafaring son
Emulate a 2-Down
Emergency procedure, briefly
Economy, for one
Designation for U.K. vessels
Corvette feature
Compare, in a way
Columbia, e.g
Certain trank
Beauty in Beauty and the Beast
Back talk
Active volcano feature
1952 Bernard Malamud novel made into a hit 1984 movie
longa, vita brevis

Gunpowder container
Sgt., e.g.
'Marry ___ Little' (Sondheim song)
Follower of 22-Across
Chose as a rendezvous point
Setting for French lessons
Fat cat
Spirited horse
Fathomless chasm
Tot tender
Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael
Beethoven's Symphony No. 3
Description of some political races
Shows signs of waking
Business bigwigs
Singer nicknamed 'The Velvet Fog'
Movie critic, at times
Minimal amount
Clockwork components
Entree add-ons
'Message received'
Nature Valley offering
Present from Santa
Cheyenne enemies
Screech source
One might be thumped at the market
'___ lighter note'
Each gallon holds eight
Journalist Fallaci
Where Lot lived
Summer of music
Smile upon
Rely (on)
Birthplace of Donny and Marie
Legal postponements
Suffix that may indicate bribery
'Forget You' singer Green
Bids first
Autonomous software program
Musical based on the Faust legend
Penthouse adjunct
28-Across's network
Ms. co-founder
'Hiroshima Mon Amour' director Alain
Luxury resort amenity
Bruins legend
Worker who uses CPR
Members of the Cat Nation
Start for angle or athlete
Colorful language (and where you'll discover a helpful question)
Org. offering motel discounts
Peace Nobelist Anwar
Anticipatory night
Vault feature
'Today' rival, initially
Casey in Cooperstown
South Pacific islanders
Start of a Cuban count
Show disdain for
Songwriters' workplace of old
Bring to a close
Certainly not an old pro at
Stellar hunter
Canterbury can
Declaration at a poker game
'Get moving!'
What co. directors sit on- See more at:

Turn back to yellow, e.g.
Cracked food item
Some bean plants (var.)
Poet Dickinson
Understood, to hippies
Any bus patron
Lhasa's land
Great anger
Boston, Chicago and Minneapolis
'At Seventeen' singer Janis
Unhurried walkers
Hired hand
Continually runs off at the mouth
'The Rum ___ Tugger' ('Cats' jam)
Get saggy
Mountains in Chile
Norwegian metropolis
Gold bar
Neutral colors
Many Middle Easterners
Primitive fishing weapon
Noted rope-a-dope boxer
Personal appearance
Wandered away from the flock
Hunter's antlered prey
601, in Roman numerals
What GPS helps you do
Braga of films
English restroom
Getting everything right on a test
Artificial leg extender
Future reaper
Immeasurable pit
Fleur-de-___ (Quebec symbol)
Prefix with 'violet'
Captain's domain, sometimes
Eyelid bump
Difficult to grasp, as an elongated fish
'What am ___?' (auctioneer's question)
Old-school safecracker
DEA word
Nasty, as a remark
Video game brother
Some tablets or laptops
Not early or late
___ Lanka
Cornrow maker
Shish kebab holders
Agenda item
Official emblem
Not an exact number
An American flag color
Interior home unit
High wave caused by tidal flow
Mike and Carol's TV kid
Distinctive and stylish elegance
Computer feed
Prefix with 'dynamic'
Handy banking appliance
Member of the giraffe family
Bread serving
It ruled in the Yellow River valley, second millennium BC
'Takin' Care of Business' group, initially
Northern Iraq, a long time ago
Finishes third in a horse race
Prince of a noted opera
Any outstanding example of its kind
Diamond sock designs
What to do 'unto Caesar'
Remus, to Romulus
Scenes of action
Letters on some fighter jets- See more at:

KLM competitor
'Ambient 1: Music for Airports' artist
The sixth W?
The CSA's eleven
Conan Doyle, for one
Portico for Pericles
Beige cousins
Very cold
Savory taste
Chopper parts
Early online forum
Spanish seashore
Diana's Greek counterpart
__ about
1965 march site
'Drink __': 2014 Luke Bryan #1 country hit
Way to go
It's spotted in Westerns
Put out
Like high-level treason
Infant illness
Lasting marks
Knock 'em dead at the jazz club
'Friends' episode, now
It may be red
It's a stunner
Like a Middle Ages social system
Purim month
Identity thief's target: Abbr.
Sleep inducer
Scorpio mo.
Elephant predator of myth
Terrible time
Smart answer, sometimes
Latin clarifier
The last Mrs. Chaplin
Amos at the piano
Author known for teddy bear stories
Compressed gastric complaints?
Austrian composer Berg
Manuscript marks
Compressed carnivore?
Old anti-Union gp.
Tiebreakers, briefly
'That's awful!'
Compressed Homeland Security role?
Perfumery compound
Home sick, say
Creative singing style
Salinger title character with professional singing aspirations
On the other hand
Nothing, in Nice
Judgment concern
Heat source
Nordic counterpart
Compressed piece of hardware?
Emerson's 'jealous mistress'
Canal locale
Ecol., e.g.
Compressed syntax topic?
Make happen
Compressed 'Blue Suede Shoes' as sung by Elvis?
Noble objective
Heroic poetry
Burnt toast indicator
U.K. equivalent of an Oscar
Tater __
African currency

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