Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 23.04.2017

Video game letters
Reporter’s query
General of culinary fame
Set, as a trap
Enero, por ejemplo
"That being the case … "
Bandit chaser of film
1983-’84 #1 hit "Say Say Say," say
Many a chalet
In a precipitous fashion
Jefferson, theologically
Good "pocket" holding in Hold ’em
Philip of "Kung Fu"
Private nonprofits: Abbr.
Number-picker’s game
Old French coin
"Isn’t that something!"
After-dinner drink
Key above F
Latin 101 word
Last word of Joyce’s "Ulysses"
Greater N.Y. school
Robin Hood foe
Copyists of yore
Peak seen from Grindelwald
Large chamber groups
Jacob’s first wife
One of the original Monopoly tokens still in use
Large chamber group
Admission of deceit
Square dance figure
Pre-1868 Tokyo
Annual Vietnamese celebration
Didn’t get a say
Breaks the rules
Gives the once-over
Zooey’s role in "New Girl"
Prefix with dermal
During contract talks, a fighters’ club __
Common soccer score
Instrument with a flared bell
Runs through a sieve
During contract talks, a divers’ group __
During contract talks, an opera company __
Winner of the first two Super Bowl MVPs
One-handed Norse god
"Canst thou not minister to __ diseased": Macbeth
City north of Des Moines
Not just happen once
Get ready to surf
During contract talks, a cruise ship’s crew __
Unlucky gambler’s wishful words
During contract talks, a postal union 
Part of BC: Abbr.
Shuts up, with "down"
Woody and others
One awarding stars, perhaps
Peter Fonda title role
During contract talks, a marching band 
Diamond family name
"Amarantine" Grammy winner
Numéro avant six
What a dog may do to the last parts of 17- and 51-Across and 11- and 25-Down 
"The soul of wit," in a saying 
"Call it in the air" call 
Compose, as for a print job 
Pitcher Jim who wrote "Ball Four" 
Kind of football with eight-man teams 
Any of the Florida Keys 
Marked wrong, in a way 
Many a "Star Trek" character 
One in a seagoing wolfpack 
Ab ___ (from the start) 
Healthy Naturals pet food brand 
Held in check, with "in" 
Cook at 500 degrees, say 
Like gifts from joke shops 
Any of three semifinalists, eventually 
Ned who composed "Miss Julie" 
Weapon in the game Clue 
Alkali used in soapmaking 
Monogram on pricey handbags 
Ipanema’s locale, for short 
Fills to the gills 
Many "20 Questions" replies 
Lessening of diplomatic tensions 
Like the Badlands’ climate 
Fixes, as a horse 
Plays for a chump 
Boy in TV’s "Lassie" 
Ready-mix construction material brand 
___ Day (Hawaiian celebration) 
B.A. or M.A. part 
Amplifier plug-in, for short 
Lith. or Ukr., once 
Soaks to the skin
Unwelcome winter forecast 
Carry the pigskin 
Emerald Society band wear 
Charlotte ___ (rich dessert) 
Take unfair advantage of 
Menzel of Broadway’s "Wicked" 
Pres. on V-E Day 
___-ray (disc format) 
Circular ___ (wastebasket) 
Relatives of Anjous 
Thin wrapping material 
Vitamin units, often 
Libidinous Greek god 
V-shaped twill pattern 
Disc brake part 
Like Sen. Sanders 
First lady McKinley 
Bridal veil material 
Brass or bronze 
Airline seating option 
Banishes to Siberia 
Poker great Ungar 
Nile waders 
Having the skill 
Sleep stage letters 
Hog’s desire 
"Arrivederci, ___" 
Stadium-smooch capturer 
Sublease, say 
Rams’ attacks 
Watch div. 
Hill-building mammals 
Fortuneteller’s prop 
Parrot or mynah, at times 
Pre-take-home taker 
Dept. inspired by Nightingale’s service 
Eyedropper extremity 
”__ with the love of sacred song”: Milton 
Medicare’s hospital insurance 
Elucidation lead-in 
Abdul-Jabbar, notably 
Policy prohibiting singing 
Not charged 
Turkey’s antithesis 
Croquette of a sort 
Means of avoiding flights 
TLV Airport’s locale 
Article II, Section 1 subject 
Timesavers for birds 
Clears the way for, say 
Traditional balker 
Hands go around it 
Comics character called Olafo in Mexico 
Penguins play there 
It’s big in Italy 
Constant reminder 
Elementary matter 
Short satire 
With 32 Across, Brigham Young rivals 
Maritime menace 
Setting for a wet bar 
African bull or cow 
Wash, to the 10 Down 
Woodshop specialty 
Either of two opposites 
Purveyor of the Toothflix app 
Respond well to a rubdown 
Name derived from a Western French region 
Parent of Odin’s horse 
Up-and-comer’s dream 
Short break 
Maître d’s voice in ”Beauty and the Beast” 
GM predecessor of the Sonic 
Its website has Government Contracting blogs 
Whodunit stock characters 
Designation for early camcorders 
Spain’s ”Doctor of Prayer” 
Faint trace 
Is grammatically correct, in a way 
Division of labor 
Its notes have Arabic and Kurdish text 
Not button-down 
Vests with laces 
Tropical omnivore 
See 63 Across 
Preliminary measures 
”Sink the Bismarck!” setting 
”Your strictest judge,” per ”The Fountainhead” 
50 Across measures 
They might portend citations 
Descriptor for informal reports 
Mini __ cheesecake 
Have trouble with stress? 
Round abodes 
___ the Great of children’s literature 
Went after, in a way 
___ Motors, old Lansing manufacturer 
In a kooky manner 
With wacky irreverence 
What may involve the calf muscles? 
Like many folk songs: Abbr 
Sounds of pity 
Singer with a recurring role on ‘General Hospital’ 
Jam producer 
Skye, the Small Isles, etc 
Psychological mediator 
Reducing to splinters 
Slow sort, informally 
Stood fast 
Put a dent in, say 
Robert of ‘Spenser: For Hire’ 
Slaughter of the Cardinals 
Record of affairs? 
Le Monde material 
Its logo is based on a Pennsylvania Dutch hex sign 
Leo with the 1977 #1 hit ‘When I Need You’ 
Performed beautifully 
Only woman aboard the Argo, it’s said 
Managed, with ‘out’ 
Like an ascot, perhaps 
International treaty subject 
Hit 1959 Broadway play starring Sidney Poitier 
Historic conflict in and around the Yellow Sea 
A little tight 
Book after Proverbs: Abbr 
Guts, in part 
Brown-bag lunch item 
Change one’s tone? 
Faithful pilgrim 
Derisive reply 
Dancer Pavlova and others 
Coastline features 
Bowed with adversity 
Armpit, to a doctor 
Any I, e.g.: Abbr 
Achievements in large-scale topiary 
2002 ‘documentary’ with ‘Don’t try this at home’ contents 
‘Jezebel’ costume 
‘The Sopranos’ actress 
‘No, you don’t want to do that’ 
‘Drop dead, loser’ 
‘Don’t ___ thing’ 
Criticize harshly 
Narcissist’s problem 
Pitchfork prong 
Lifeguards usually have them 
National Zoo houseful 
"A guy walks into a bar . . ." bits 
At a quick rate 
Like a size 0 dress 
Playground time 
Congregation’s response 
See-through material 
Gaming mecca north of Carson City 
Honeycomb makers 
In a fair manner 
Carnivore’s catch 
Word before admiral or guard 
Serenader’s sentiment 
Fruit in tart jellies 
Gateway Arch material 
Word after sing or string 
Not so sharply defined 
Summer setting in NYC 
"Please go on!" 
Freed from liability 
Former TV partner of Strahan 
Judge to be 
Bandit-chasing band 
What a haggler seeks to pay 
February 2017 erupter 
Gig procurer, often 
Scores on serves 
Fix a knight’s outfit? 
One working on sports highlights films? 
Takes a crack at 
Geological span 
Part of a king’s address 
CSI part 
Heaven-sent sustenance 
Scheider of the first two "Jaws" movies 
Come off as 
Went from tween to teen, say 
Garment with a supporting role? 
Heart or trumpet part 
Okefenokee Swamp wader 
Part of a multistory pet shop? 
Like a horse-collar tackle, now 
Batman player of 1960s TV 
Postal division 
Pass on some gossip? 
What "little things mean" 
Stetsons and sombreros 
Window treatment option 
Islands west of Portugal 
What fills some pots 
Emmy winner for acting, directing and writing 
You can’t __ (with 58 Across) 
Big name in horror film history 
Half of a hiker’s duo 
Tourist mover of a sort 

Norman you don't want near your shower
Create an embargo
Sandwich cookie
Bridal path
Not at home
'Why' not hurry, Adrian Peterson?
Mountain-reducing sticks
Turn a cold shoulder to
Surgery aftermaths
Put out again, as a CD
Prepares for a bout
Type of choir voice
Puts at ease
Copied, animal-style
Run off to wed
Certain sib
'When' not in due time, Mr. Science?
It could be ironclad
Opaque gem
Essential trombone part
Walk through low water
Established fact
Common concession drinks
Olympic legend Jesse
'Who' isn't in a Telly Savalas saying?
Parcel of land
Type of cabaret show
Norwegian capital
Any benchwarmer
Prevent progress
Pinch relative, in cookbooks
Column counterpart
Bar bill
Fly or gnat, often
LaBeouf of acting
Cotton on a stick
Group moral attitudes
Like some tables
Russian currency
Formal expression of praise
Neutral middle vowel
Weak ending?
Sky-high homes
Put on store shelves
Feedbag contents
Right-angled shapes
One's last vehicle, often
Hallucinogenic drug
Spike or Brenda
Instance of pretending to be someone else
Invisible energy source
Letter of the Greek alphabet
Expressions of pain
Margarita citrus
Garments under dresses
Pointed remark
Sentry's command
Like lemon juice
Easily heard
Partner of 'beyond'
Titles of respect for some Turks
Far from rural
Minimum wage for an actor
Item on a custodian's ring
Use profanity
Appliance with a mitt
Bank security feature?
Shop without buying
'Pease porridge ___'
Visibly terrified
Use a divining rod - See more at:

Voice range
Tacked on
Flock mothers
Is mistaken
Elk's kin
Actress ____ Winfrey
Bard of ____
Fascinated by
Ceremonial events
____ Cod
Asparagus unit
Japanese e.g.
Sycamore or oak
Kickoff device
Letter opener
Street (abbr.)
Wind dir.
Caustic chemical
Opposite of pos.
Gypsy's card
Solemn fear
Pro-gun org.
Less messy
Trio number
Thick piece
Right away!
Remove wrinkles
Young lady
Artist Salvador ____
Spaghetti e.g.
Cast off
Walked upon
Declare openly
Mister (Sp.)
Camera support
____ of (throw out)
Rice wine
Actress ____ DeGeneres
Water container
Musical group
Singer ____ Williams
Unable to read
Lash thickener
Silversmith e.g.
Type of poplar
Least wild
Long ago - See more at:

'__ who?'
Disney doe
Reporter's query
General of culinary fame
'That being the case … '
Miles away
__ Age
Zoo sights
Modern read
1983-'84 #1 hit 'Say Say Say,' say
Bandit chaser of film
Set, as a trap
Many a chalet
In a precipitous fashion
Summer hrs.
Video game letters
Good 'pocket' holding in Hold 'em
Monastic titles
Lawn invaders
Enero, por ejemplo
Philip of 'Kung Fu'
B&B, e.g.
Jefferson, theologically
Number-picker's game
'Isn't that something!'
Old French coin
After-dinner drink
Private nonprofits: Abbr.
Boring bit
Key above F
Starfleet VIP
Blood relative?
Power connections
'Me too!'
Latin 101 word
Anglican priest
Physics particle
Last word of Joyce's 'Ulysses'
Your of yore
Greater N.Y. school
Peak seen from Grindelwald
__ hour
Jacob's first wife
Bank insurance?
__ box
Robin Hood foe
Large chamber groups
One of the original Monopoly tokens still in use
Webster, notably
Copyists of yore
N.Y. neighbor
Large chamber group
Admission of deceit
Square dance figure
Pre-1868 Tokyo
Annual Vietnamese celebration
__ und Drang
Lotion additive
Didn't get a say
Breaks the rules
Gives the once-over
Prefix with dermal
Zooey's role in 'New Girl'
Fritters away
Oenophile's adjective
Memorable times
Common soccer score
Clog or pump
Jazzman Saunders
During contract talks, a fighters' club __
Avril follower
Part of a cast
Instrument with a flared bell
Runs through a sieve
Winner of the first two Super Bowl MVPs
During contract talks, an opera company __
Most artful
Pierre's st.
Drops off
Spelunkers' haunts
Wash off
Paris divider
During contract talks, a divers' group __
One-handed Norse god
'Canst thou not minister to __ diseased': Macbeth
Mythical hunter
City north of Des Moines
Not just happen once
Get ready to surf
During contract talks, a veterinarians' association __
Unlucky gambler's wishful words
Dental problem
Yogurt topping
Part of BC: Abbr.
Plot twist
Bouncing babies?
Beach letters
During contract talks, a postal union __
Shuts up, with 'down'
Fragrant shrub
Caribou, e.g.
Woody and others
During contract talks, a cruise ship's crew __
Thomas associate
Peter Fonda title role
One awarding stars, perhaps
__ story
All ears
During contract talks, a marching band __
Nile menace
Diamond family name
'Amarantine' Grammy winner
__ speak
Numéro avant six

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